The way to jump out of bed to wake up to every dawn

Greetings, I would like to share a thoughts which came into my mind as now some of my friends use to say me that they always feel laziness when they wake up in the mornings They are worrying about this . Dear friends just think… if you wanted to meet a favorite person in the morning or if you need to participate in an important work at your college or in your work place in the morning or wish to read your favorite news paper or wish to watch favorite show in the TV or you wish to have a chat with your family members in the morning Is it necessary to someone come and wake up you in the morning? or will you wait until the ringing of your alarm clock? Change your thoughts my dear friends every day , If you determine a simple and interesting goal in your life, That goals will help you to jump out of bed to wake up to every dawn if you could follow this will get the victory in your life

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