The Van Allen Belts Are Lethal, This Is How Astronauts Fly Through Them

The Van Allen Belts Are Lethal, This Is How Astronauts Fly Through Them

There’s an invisible, magnetic force field
surrounding our planet, protecting us from harmful solar wind that could annihilate Earth. But, this protective blanket is also a swirling ring full of deadly radiation. And to leave Earth’s atmosphere, astronauts
have to pass through it. The Van Allen belts are rings of energetically
charged particles that have been captured by Earth’s magnetic field. They got their name from this physicist, James
Van Allen. Back in the 1950s, Van Allen launched a rockoon,
a rocket lifted by a balloon above the atmosphere, and it detected the first hint of radiation
at higher altitudes. Then, Explorer 1, the first American satellite
to orbit Earth, launched in January 13, 1958. Explorer 1 confirmed that Earth’s magnetosphere
was trapping the subatomic particles. The Van Allen belts were the first major scientific
discovery of the early Space Age, and they posed a serious challenge for space travel. High speed subatomic particles can tear through
DNA, increasing the risks of cancer and other diseases. So sending astronauts through these particles
is not ideal, and even though they’re flying in a shielded spacecraft, doses of radiation
can still seep through. But there’s no way around the Van Allen
belts. In order to reach space, astronauts have to
travel through the inner belt, which is comprised of protons, and then through the outer belt,
which has mostly high energy-electrons. One solution, proposed by Mr. Van Allen himself,
suggested detonating a nuclear bomb in the inner belt to clear out radiation. While Van Allen’s plan wasn’t executed,
in 1962, the United States did carry out a nuclear test in space, dubbed Starfish Prime. They wanted to see if detonating a 1.4 megaton
bomb in low-Earth orbit could augment and expand the Van Allen Belts, but the explosion
actually ended up adding more radiation around our planet. So, for the Apollo missions, NASA had to create
a radiation barrier within the spacecraft and figure out a trajectory that avoided the
thickest, most radioactive part of the belts while traveling as fast as possible. Scientists determined that if the speed of
the apollo spacecraft was about 25,000 kilometers per hour, it would take a spacecraft about
52.8 minutes to pass through the belts. Scientists found that the radiation dose received
during that amount of time would be, at most, 11.4 rads and that’s without the protection
of a spacecraft. A lethal radiation dosage for a human is 300
rads in one hour, so NASA deemed the missions a go. After all that, it turned out, that during
the Apollo missions, the average radiation doses on the skin of the astronauts came out
to be 0.38 rad which is about the same radiation you would receive getting two CT scans of
your head. So while the Van Allen belts are lethal, they
could really only kill an astronaut if they were to spend several days in their radioactive
vicinity. And despite the challenges the belts create
when leaving Earth, we should actually be thanking them for protecting life on our planet
from utter annihilation.

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  • So many lies, I've watched an Apollo astronaut interview where he was asked if he was affected by the van allen belts when he passed through them, he said I don't know nobody really mentioned it so we weren't concerned. I thought wow this poor old guy still has strong recall of the false memory he was given.

  • Robert Lefebvre says:

    Throughout this video they say the scientists investigated all the dangers associated with going through the belts but provide no references or documentation. In addition, the astronauts themselves seemed ignorant of the belts existence and definitely were kept in the dark of how dangerous they were ("dangerous" as evidenced by the claim this video makes that they were investigated before the missions).

  • Enrico Zanella Sailing Yachts Asia says:

    A lot of propaganda bullshit! Even with the space shuttles they never were able to go near by the lower side of the belt because the radiation were far too high. The limit was 300km from the belt.

  • And it took ALL the Apollo moon trips there how many days plus the return trip through those same belts? And here they said if they went through in a FEW hours no big deal,phff👌

  • Come on people! It was all a huge hoax carried out (not particularly cleverly) in a studio film set, probably the same one Cub's used to film 'Moonraker'. This film shown of the Van Allan belt is contrived by a NASA flunkie, with a smug, self-satisfied attitude with dubious knowledge of the said belts.

  • Lol..of course they can see them and they just avoid them….This is just more damage BS because logical people know we didn't go to the MOON…

  • Henry Shelbyjr says:

    So what they call tha van allen belt, is actually the currents caused by the earths vortex, what they are seeing is the current closest to the earth. The earths vortex actually extends out past the moon. The moons vortex is open on both ends this is why the moon doesn't have an axial rotation, hence the reason we only see one side of the moon. The earths vortex is the reason why the earth seems to be tilted on its axis. So the earths vortex exist inside of the master vortex, of which the sun is at the center, the sun doesn't give of any light, as much as it polarizes needles in the master vortex, so actually the earth is disrupting the polarization of these needles, hence darkness which is the negative side.

  • Rumpelstillskin says:

    Who would have thought Aluminum foil and duct tape could stop that much radiation. Please don't believe their lies.

  • daniel kinney says:


  • Complete bullshit, nothing alive gets thru the van allen belts, moon landing a fake and fraud by our 'trusted' CIA

  • shockabra dakind says:

    Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies!!! No man has ever gone bast the Van Allen belts and survived. Bla, bla, bla! If you think this video is true then well I don't even know what to say… "Sorry folks the parks closed, moose should have informed you out front"

  • wait so the radiation really isn't very harmful but we still tried blowing it up with a nuke??? then the radiation from the nuke just happened to stay there??

  • Astronaughts don't even go close to it… No space launch has exited Earth low orbit except for Apollo. I like how they make it sound like everyone goes though it… But no modern space flight has even been in space. So once any country in the world sends a person above 700km there is no need to try to sell anyone on this. All manned missions have been canceled and delayed so ya forget the moon, let just try to get a person past 700km.

  • So this is why nasa has admitted many times they still can't get to the moon because of the van allen belts.. ohhhhh got it….
    Seriously what a ridiculous video.. its 2019.. the few idiots left still believing we went to the moon should just go away.

  • I like how they say "astronauts" when only the Apollo guys were the only ones to pass 700km in all of earths history among all the countries in the world. Astronauts do not pass though the Van Allen belts and that is why no modern space program has sent anyone past them. This is why all manned moon mission are canceled or delayed they can't even send someone to 1000km and back let alone to the moon. I am sure someone will go directly to insults on me… No need to insult me just let me know whom outside of the Apollo mission has even left low earth orbit? One small step for nothing! One giant leap for nothing!

  • Thomas Cherney says:

    The information about the amount of radiation in this video about varb is complete bs.
    The levels are much much much highet and no human has yet traveled through even the smallest part if varb.

  • Quaalude Charlie says:

    Space is Fake . Too Many bubbles , CGI, Harness , The Earth is Flat , Stop Watching TV , Homeschool your Children 🙂 QC

  • GhostlyOutcast says:

    Blow up a nuke (which is basically a radiation bomb) in space to reduce the radiation from the Van Allen belts.

    Very clever, guys. Makes total sense.

  • Whatdoiknow Smith says:

    So NASA can't get through them but you and all your buddies think we can. Gee who actually sends people to space instead of believing spaced out people. Well done!

  • 2:50 Apollo 7 has the same values as apollo 8 although 7 remained in orbit and 8 surrounded the moon. You are also looking for the amount of X unsuccessfully because through the flight through space comes an amount to. Apollo 11 did not receive more radiation than the pure orbital missions 7 & 9 despite moon stay and return flight.

  • "Let's try blowing a hole in the thing that protects our planet from being wiped out." Thanks for allowing us to vote on that! Oh! WAIT! They didn't.
    Seriously, I missed everything he said after that.

  • I'm not a radiation expert, so I guess I'll just have to believe the explanation that it really is at a low level outside the Van Allen belts. But even if it was at a high level, I reckon they could take it, just like they had no harmful effects from breathing in deadly lunar dust. and

  • This i don't understand… He say van Allen protects life on this planet… Never the less they go though it… I am confused.
    This is like saying I have to walls to protect me inside from solar pure form of radiation… however I go out there with my small capsule that is capable of deflection… Can someone show me the amount of nuclear blast radiation (even small one) compare to space
    By the way this video is wrong…

  • THIS VID IS A LIE THEY EXPLODED TEN NUKES MAY BE MORE "Operation Fishbowl" was a series of high altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger "Operation Dominic" nuclear test program.

  • The radiation is WAY higher than what you say on this video. Several ppl have asked NASA for the data on the belts and it is classified information…. why would it be classified information if levels low as said in this video ?

  • That's such a lie. The whole argument is based on normal radiation levels measured from skin of astronauts but if they never went to the moon and it was all filmed in a studio then obviously they will have normal radiation levels. No human ever crossed them and we still don't have technology to do it. Videos of proof been disappearing from youtube for years!!!

  • Kevin Worldsavior says:

    Van Allen Belts are Lethal, but Astronauts can become Invulnerable to Any Type of Radiation – In less than a month they can become Infinitely Healthy and by that – Radiation-Proof and Immortal (8,500 years guaranteed), so Any Health Risks for them will be Totally Eliminated and they will stay Safe and Sound All The Time – By doing just an exercise for a minute a day, that Cures and Prevents any Diseases, known on Earth, even Aging and Radiation Disease, for every cell of our bodies is shielded 100% from any external/internal (genetic) detrimental impact (any Viruses and any other Pathogens are killed the moment they touch us) – I will describe my Discovery to NASA and to everybody else, who sends me an E-check for $500,000 – Not much to be paid to make the Space Exploration A Reality and to live An Endless Life Without Any Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, Opioid Addictions, Chronic, Heart, Brain and Any Other Diseases and being able to Fly Safely To The Moon, Mars and Beyond, because of being Radiation-Proof – Like the Gods who created us humans.

  • 2:07 WVB said it would take LED 20 inches thick to protect them back in the day. And changed it later to suit the landing lie. And he even stated what it would take to launch such weight into space. And nothing you think you know Or show is truth here. The belts are there. But man's never been through them. And if any of you clowns would like to go through the VAB's, then SIGN A WAIVER,, AND I BET THEY SEND YOU THROUGH THEM. You can see how safe. B'/c no man has ever tried otherwise. B/c nobody has died in space.

  • this information is completely different from the original Apollo packet and flight plan published. Unless I’m missing something but I don’t think I am. Does anyone know what page numbers in either/or document where I can find this information?

  • If the Van Allen radiation belt is real, Man's trip to the Moon is fake.

    If the Van Allen radiation belt is fake, Man's trip to the Moon is fake.

  • kenneth furlong says:

    actually, the van halen belts are the ones saved by female fans during a concert when eddie and david lee roth thru their belts and their underwear into the crowd the reaction was like a nuclear eruption solo!!lol

  • E Sahutske Iza Bear says:

    Uh, nooo?
    To see the MOST accurate map of the flat Earth
    PLEASE see the YT channel
    Stergious Channel 10 upload titled
    “Map of Flat Earth Created by Plasma Moon”

  • An utterly ludicrous article unbelievable by any reasonable person. We did not get through the Van Allan belt , and we could not do so today,

  • Actually it is a film by Stanley Kubrik. The work of thousands was completely compartmentalised, so nobody could see through. You have never seen any of the space craft because you are not allowed to its basically tinfoil apparently. Have a think back to the 1960's and remember all the rocket crashes, think of the 1969 computer technology. If you were around in the sixties the technology was utterly primitive . And then there's that little matter of the Van Allan belt which they did not even know about in 1969.


  • Lol we have never been to the moon it was the biggest hoax of all times thanks to Donald Rumsfeld and Stanley Cubricks set of 2001 space Odyssey.

  • We've already found that atoms are a nucleus surrounded by protons and electrons. And atoms form all matter. Well, I have never in my studies have heard, seen ,or read anyone refer to our own galaxy as maybe being a bigger atom until recently. But i've thought that since i learned the structure of an atom back in 6th grade (late 1980s). The sun being the nucleus and planets being electrons. And maybe our own galaxy along with others around us form a bigger matter: like a huge blanket, or coffee cup, or whatever (maybe MR SLAV's mom's belt). And if people ever doubt that there's other life or even other galaxies, just think about that. What would you want to be part of?

  • What a bunch of garbage, one astronaut didn't even know that he went through the van Allen belts,what does that tell you?liars!

  • The xrays in the van allan belts are not weak radiation. They are so strong its estimated yould need a foot thick bulkhead made of lead to survive a trip through it. As those xrays pass through metal they change to microwaves . Super intense microwaves.
    The crew would have popped the astronaughts open like over cooked hotdogs in a microwave or arnold at the end of total recal. Every bit of liquid in them boiled away in seconds and then the easybake ovenship would have ghost rided right into the moon at crazy speed. It didnt though because the capsule flew around earths low orbit and talked to Houston like they where on the moon…not many knew it was fake because even most in mission control thought they were giuding a real mission….they were giuding at most old simulated training radar images on their screens an watching moon footage that was acually filmed weeks before with mostly items from the training simulation s…even the rover….speed up the motion of the videos of moon walks on youtube… Pretty obvious it is a bad fake…to bad

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