The RV Life & Recreational Cannabis ~ RVing into Colorado

The RV Life & Recreational Cannabis ~ RVing into Colorado

(mellow acoustic guitar music) – Good afternoon, guys,
from northern new Mexico. We just departed the
Eagle Nest Lake campground and drove through the
little town of Eagle Nest. And now, we’re about to drive
through Cimarron Canyon, which I think is gonna
be a pretty scenic drive. So, I’ve been wanting
to do this for a while. I would like to start talking
about some real life things that you will encounter while traveling. And it’s more like a preparedness
and breaking the taboo that might be associated with
talking about these things, ’cause there’s a lot of
people that are afraid of just addressing certain subjects. – I want the truth! – You can’t handle the truth! – That’s why today we’re
gonna be addressing cannabis. We’re heading to Colorado,
so that’s kinda why and how we’re gonna be talking about this, because Colorado’s kinda like that pioneer state for legalized cannabis. And let’s face it, cannabis is kinda becoming
like the new craft beer. But let’s finish out our
drive through New Mexico and we’ll see you in Colorado. (slow acoustic guitar music) Welcome to Colorado, guys. We are descending a mountain pass now. The purpose of today’s
conversation is not to debate whether something like cannabis
is right or if it’s wrong, it’s more to just educate and inform and break down those taboo barriers. The best way of breaking down barriers is simple communication and
educating oneself on a topic. So, I’m not exactly sure
where these stereotypes start. I’m gonna take a guess that
it starts with our society and television and the media, Madison Avenue, stuff like that. But the people who you think smoke pot and the people who you
don’t think smoke pot, it’s actually staggering nowadays. – Mostly Maui Wowie, man. – [Cheech] Yeah? – But it’s got some Labrador in it. – You know, it’s 2017 and the people who, I shouldn’t even say smoke pot, ’cause that’s like an old-school term, the people who use cannabis, they range, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, how much education you have, what your age is, where you’re from. It truly spans the spectrum of
people in the United States. And I know it’s a global thing, but I’m just referencing
the United States for now. And ultimately, I think you
would be surprised to find out that there’s a lotta people
out there who use cannabis and they are highly contributing, no pun intended, members of society. So, the second taboo to
tackle is why it’s used. Now, there are some extremely
legitimate medicinal purposes, but there are a lotta people that use it in a very similar manner how it’s socially acceptable to come home at the end of the day
and enjoy a cold beer or a nice glass of wine or on a Sunday afternoon
to go to the sports bar and watch the game with your friends. So, if you think about it in those terms, it’s just something that
people use to relax. Taboo number three is how people get it. It’s not a black market
underground thing anymore. There are more and more states legalizing recreational
marijuana every single year. Two years ago, our home
state of Alaska voted it in. And when we get home, I guess this winter, recreational cannabis stores
have opened up in Alaska. So, it’s actually not something that people have to call up
their drug dealer for to get. If you’re in Colorado
or Washington or Oregon I believe are the main
ones here in the West, it’s literally there on
every other street corner. And times truly have changed. I mentioned how cannabis is becoming like the new craft beer and the new fad. Well, okay, I didn’t quite
walk a perfect straight line in my youth. There were some zigs and zags, and no pun intended there either. But back in the day, everybody
has a back in the day, well I know some people would say, “Back in the day, a lid cost this,” and I don’t even think the new generation knows what a lid is. But when you go into these stores, and I’ve gone into ’em just
for the pure sake of curiosity, it is staggering at the selection and how overwhelming it truly can be, because back in the day, you got what you got from your gettin’ guy and it was what it was. But right now, it literally
is like craft beer. There are many kinds and many flavors for many different purposes. And if you happen to find
yourself in one of the states that has legalized recreational shops, I would strongly encourage
you just to go into it for the sake of educating yourself and seeing what it truly is like. Okay guys, the fourth and last
taboo we’re gonna talk about, because Trinidad kinda
literally crept up on us a lot faster than I thought it would, but is how people use it and
what is available nowadays, ’cause it’s 2017 and it
has come a long, long ways from just a good old-fashioned joint. – Is that a joint, man? (laughing) – You will see people with edibles, you’ll see these oils and some other type of fancy concentrated extracts and stuff, and the devices nowadays. They have these electronic
vaporizing things. Okay, we’re pulling into the Safeway now and I’m gonna close this little
segment of the video out. Now, these parking spots
are calling my name. Okay, we’re gonna head in and
do a little grocery shopping. But in closing, try to go
into things with an open mind. If you come across somebody using, whether it’s recreational or medicinal, marijuana around a campfire
in a social situation. Because in the RV life, you
would really be surprised at how many people out here use cannabis for one reason or another. So, I’d also like to apologize for not getting more scenery shots as soon as we crossed into Colorado. Literally, for your record, Trinidad is right at
the bottom of that hill. Can I get a large watermelon slush and– – [Man On Speaker] I’m sorry, sir, our slushy machine’s really watery. We can still do it if you want, but it’s gonna be really watery. – Okay, then a large limeade. Well, that’s a bummer
when the slush machine is broken at a Sonic. What else is Sonic good for? All right guys, we got a late start today and it’s pushing 6 o’clock
so, in my mind at least, there is no sense in finding an RV park or a campground at this time of day when you can park for free
at the good old Walmart. And it should come as no surprise, there’s a cannabis shot right
nextdoor to the Walmart. So, before I sign off for this video, I’m gonna see if I can take
the camera into that store and show you what’s inside. I seriously have no idea what
to expect with this camera. – Hi.
– Hi. – [Woman] How’s it going? – [Ben] Good, how are you today? – [Woman] Good, thank you. Alaska. – [Ben] Yep. – [Woman] Nice. – [Ben] Thank you. Is it cool if I have this? – [Woman] Yeah. – [Ben] All right, well I just
do a YouTube channel, but– – [Woman] Cool. – So, the people that work the counter at these places are called budtenders and they totally just guide people into making the right purchases. Well, thanks for riding with me today. I’m gonna show you a little montage of this store and sign off. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and let me know if you
want me to talk more about some of these kinda
controversial subjects. We’ll see you tomorrow. (mellow acoustic guitar music)

100 thoughts on “The RV Life & Recreational Cannabis ~ RVing into Colorado”

  • Joseph Flowers says:

    I'll be glad when it ok for boat captain to smoke on there days off the only bad thing about my job is it will never be ok for me to smoke on my days off. ;(

  • What kinda card did you have to show..? And how much did it cost?
    Thanks for keeping it real

  • Driving and smoking cannabis doesn't go together. In world's cannabis country Switzerland, they take your drivers license even when it's a week ago you've smoked the last time.

  • Iam 63 and smoked my first joint when I was about 15.
    Never looked back….Only for some more…lol!
    I operated semi-trailer trucks for five , or six years.
    I was high on weed about every day.
    I operated heavy equipment for Haliburton in texas for five years,.. Most of my working career has been involved with equipment ,…cranes heavy trucks , etc.
    I operated a bulldozer for seven years.
    I did field mechanic work in Kansa and Missouri for 10 years , or so… Again,..on all those different jobs I showed up every day , did my job , and had no complaints , to speak of.
    And I was stoned many , many of those days.
    Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not make one stupid .
    Weed helps , (if only psychologically), when you have to be out in super cold temps.
    I am proof of that.
    I was blazed up good most days.
    And nights.
    I like me some canabis.
    The only accident I have had in my entire career was caused by alcohol.
    And I am embarrassed to describe that.
    I was lucky , and got off lightly by lying, and not being tested by the Texas highway patrol.
    No one was injured, and I have had a spotless class A aTexas CDL since I was 18.
    I do not EVER drink alcohol and drive since that accident.
    I just came in from setting concrete forms on a 97 degree central Texas day.
    I turned on youtube and began watching this video.
    And I summarily rolled up my last bit of bud. (And took a few drags…)
    I love Colorado. ..for several reasons.
    Last June , I drove up Pikes Peak,..stopped halfway up and burnt some of Colorado's best .
    At the summit I was really high, and it was simply exhilarating!
    Reading the plaque about our national anthem made me feel very emotional.
    It was great.
    Marijuana is harmless.
    It rates some respect and restraint, but from my rather vast experience, weed should be treated nothing like alcohol.
    I use alcohol for cuts these days…
    Watching this scenery into colorado on your video makes me want to leave this sweltering Texas July and be IN those mountains.
    I bought me a van last week, and I'm getting it ready ….
    Love your video , Bud.
    Hope you enjoyed Colorado as much as I did…And will again , soon.
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  • Bottom line , you play , you pay . If you drive into another state where it isnt legal , you risk getting arrested . Some places would LOVE to seize your RV , after busting you for possession . Same thing with guns , although some of that is protected by the 4th Amendment . When I moved across country . I knew I would have to go through some of the eastern Commie states with my firearms , I packed them deep into the Uhaul , so deep that I couldnt get them without unloading the whole thing . If you need to get high that bad , you have more problems than getting arrested . I like my booze , but I dont need it so bad , that I have to take the risks of driving with it , or crossing state lines with it .

  • What CO did right IMHO vs the Netherlands:
    #1) Made it legal for licensed growers to cultivate it, removing the criminal element
    I will never understand why the pragmatic Dutch never did this.

    What CO is doing wrong IMHO vs the Netherlands:
    #1) Not allowing them to have coffeeshops where you can smoke legally and making it illegal to smoke in parks
    as long as you are well away from children and old people.
    #2) I expect to be flamed for this but I disagree with them making extremely high potency extracts like "shatter" legal.
    The Netherlands considers things like this as hard drugs and they are not allowed.
    I can't back this up with research findings but time and time again we have see where more concentrated versions of
    most drugs are more dangerous than the way nature intended them.

    What they are BOTH doing wrong:
    Forcing it to be a cash only industry and thus posing a potential for crime, esp. in the gun happy US.
    This not a political rant about guns, just about large sums of cash and the danger it can present.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Discuss among yourselves…

  • MARIJUANA ! There I said it! UM people better get use to it being legal too because its going to be nation wide very very soon. So get use to it its here to stay and should have been years ago! Cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco so Im good!

  • In California, the stores are every few blocks and have a bright green cross. In Oregon and Washington, even in small towns, there are at least 2 stores. I am actually allergic but happy to purchase some for my husband.

  • 10:18 Is it illegal or against policy for Active US Military members to have marijuana in there system if tested?? I know it use to but I'm unaware if that's has changed with all these states decriminalizing it, the sigh in the background at my time stamp listed says discount for Military ID. I do know & understand any who is or has been in the military & left in good standings or disabled will always have a military ID, but I was curious about active members.
    I would assume it is still illegal because the military is not state, it's federal & the fed gov't still considers marijuana illegal.

  • Subbed for the realness. I am sure you lost a few subs cause of the topic, but this is real life, like you said. Cant stay under a rock forever. Thanks for the real content.

  • Taurus- Astrobike says:

    My FIRST time on UR SITE.. U have GR8 editing an MUSIC… I like HOW U explain UR video content… An Ur sence of humor😃😄. Please BE SAFE & have FUN Travelling… THANKYOU !!

  • If you use cannibis in your RV, and go to a state where it is still illegal, you might end up with a K9 hit on your vehicle. That would entail a full search once the dog alerts.

  • BOTH Washington State & Colorado, legalized the possession of recreational cannabis on the very same day Nov. 6, 2012
    So, to call Colorado as being first… a bit presumptuous.

  • I definitely want to see more videos of "taboo" topics because I think American society, in general, doesn't really know how to have those kinds of conversations and we need to get better at it. Progress and empathy can only come out of mutual understanding, which requires people to engage with each other and check their judgement at the door. Anyway, great video and interesting topic that rarely gets discussed. If you come across others in your travels that are willing to talk about this or any taboo topic, maybe you could do some interview style videos…just a suggestion.

  • Unfortunately, I can't go to my favorite places anymore, COLORADO, Washington, ECT, because of my extreme allergy to it. Simply put, It can kill me. AND some of the people who partake of the herb, are total jerks. Last summer ended badly ( WITH me in hospital) because my camp neighbor was going to have a get to gather food,drinks and invited us over, Mary Jane showed up with another person and we were in the process of excusing ourselves and explaining why to when (other person) came up and said No one is allergic to this and I'll prove IT! and blew smoke in my face, This stuff affects me like an athsma attack on steroids AND what poison ivy does to your skin is what this does to me internally, then as I'm being loaded into ambulance, I hear (WOW, SUCKS TO BE YOU, DON'T COME BACK PUSSY!
    I know most folks would not have done this, but that was my wake up call, I can't take the chance anymore.

  • thanks for the intro, I'm n AR so we don't have rec yet n even med just passed, so nice to c whats to come. enjoy ur channel

  • I've been to some good dispensaries in my area, I love walking into Dispensaries, it's a very clean cannabis smell and you know exactly what kind of place you're in, awesome menus

  • Thomas Jefferson says:

    Anyone using dope (marijuana) on a regular basis recreationally is a loser. I would stay away from them a great distance and enjoy your life the right way.

  • That was interesting! I'm in MA where it's legal but we have no shops yet. I'd love to see more about the shop, what they offer, what it costs, etc.

  • Thanks for talking about this issue. I tend to bring up subjects that are uncomfortable for folks to talk about, and this is definitely one of them! I'm most concerned about traveling between states while in possession of this herb (and any of its products). Also, National Parks are Federal property. Sticky issue indeed (pardon the pun!).

  • You should tap into the Joe Rogan Experience podcast while you're on the road. He has amazing scientist and all around good people as guests who go deep into many topics and Joe himself is a great example of highly intelligent, motivated cannabis user.

  • it is 100% apparent that recreational cannabis is a positive on the economy and culture everywhere it touches, for this not to be legal nationwide is a crime itself and it's about time the people stand up and tell our "Government" how it is going to be. They work for us, not the other way around, and it's time we reminded them of that or get rid of the system all together.

  • Enjoy Life Journey says:

    Just because pot is permissible does not mean it's beneficial. There is nothing glorious about self medicating yourself. Colorado and other states are nothing more than drug dealers.They are doing this for the same reason not to long ago they put many thousands in prison for… to make money…

  • I think it's very rare a pot store would let you film inside. You should have taken full advantage and walked up to the counter with your camera. Showed us close ups of their products. Ask some questions. Like where exactly does the profit from your business go? Does the federal government take any of this tax money? Still federally illegal in all states. Probably never get that chance again. Washington state here. Great video. Thanks friend.

  • I was in CO. this summer and bought $20. of edibles. It was like gummy bears for adults. Wasn't worth shit! Won't make that mistake again.

  • Either marijuana should be legal or alcohol and tobacco should be illegal. It's a testament of political hypocrisy the way things are.

  • thank you for calling it cannabis… we do need to get past the stigma placed on this useful plant. Thanks for making this video and putting it out there.

  • Thank you for discussing this important issue and great video. As a cancer survivor and chronic pain sufferer who no longer has access to opioid treatment, I'm 100% behind legalization and undoing the criminalization of cannabis usage. Yet in fact, right now I have zero access to cannabis, because I live in Texas where not only is it illegal, but the penalties for being caught are too extreme to take any chances. Just tonight I went to look at the new RV I hope to purchase and make my home. One of the first things I'll do is head west to a safe state and get my medical cannabis card. There's not one good reason why anyone should be forced to suffer unremitting pain in this country, except for religious naysayers who enjoy interfering in other lives.

  • I hope you can take comstructive complaints? I had to fast forward 7 min to get what this video is about? Edit, clip, thumbs up. Long winded music… clip, edit… not here to listen to music choice. Just saying.

  • Queen Recovery says:

    Yes LOL I fell in love with you for both helping me confirm that I could live my life normal while thinking of rving full-time LOL and and even deeper love when you ordered that watermelon slush LOL you will real one who knows the good stuff LOL next time add lime!

  • We live in NM and bought our RV in CO. Going full time soon. We stayed in that Walmart on the way back and stopped there. Very first time in our new RV life. Hopefully we run into you on the road and can partake in some green.

  • 1left2theright 4Jc says:

    Remember guys whatever side your on ..demand fairness and sanity from your political reps on this issue with your least till we get it done

  • Out in Colorado just be careful in your RV it's not legal in any federal parks and make sure you get rid of everything before driving through Kansas…… you have about a 90% chance that they will stop you they will use dogs and if there is anything in there they will find it and Kansas don't pull no punches don't smoke because of my lungs I use edibles and vape

  • all the people just like you who use this stuff and now that it's becoming legal made everybody who ever died who was tortured to protect us and I country from it inow all in vain. go have a good time.

  • oh because the taxpayers voted it in these are the same dumbasses that they use in it and the politicians don't care because it's just a better tax base for them. thanks for making all the people's debts and protection to ourselves and Country all in vain

  • What about cops at the borders. If people would like to take some home in a state where it's not legal. Are pulling everyone over all the time.

  • zane sutherland says:

    I believe that marijuana can be used for good is medicinal ways, but I don't support recreational marijuana. Marijuana is a gateway drug. I know this is the case with some high schoolers. I worked with a guy that smoked weed (he has a dealer) and he acted stupid and didn't work hard. He was sometimes high at work. The kids who I know that barely passed high school and always skipped class would drink and smoke weed and God knows what else. If you look up the side effects of short and long term exposure: they are not good. I indirectly know a few people who have cancer that use cannabis and it helps them.

  • Rocky Mountain Nomad Chris says:

    What is really amazing is the glass blowing industry. Glass bongs and pipes have become a collectors dream of art pieces.

  • Trinidad, Colorado… Nice Bro! That place has more Dispensaries per population than ANY city in the State of Colorado! Plus Trinidad was the last County to go Recreation by Vote… but what’s fucked up is you talking shit about Sonic and my Cousin (the guy who took your order) on your Youtube channel… small world huh shitbag?

    You might want to watch who the fuck you talk shit to, most people in Trinidad that are not management or in the Cannabis business are POOR/BROKE! Way to be a dick. Who knows, maybe someone on your “travels” with recognized what a douche canoe you are and won’t rent you a spot…. just saying, you should watch your mouth.

    And for the record, we all know you still smoke and that’s why you and everyone else out of state stops and parks at Safeway before walking up to the corner. Quit playin…. unless you love Goat Cheese, which by the way… BEST IN THE WORLD GOAT CHEESE (in season)!

  • Hell, I’m a Texan… so that pretty much means that I’m a conservative, Christian, “country boy”. I pay my taxes. I hunt, I fish, I camp… shoot I was a Boy Scout from 1st to 11th grade. I smoke pot. You’d never even suspect it.

  • Just an FYI for viewers……..if you want to jump to the actual info referenced in the title, then start the video at 3:20 into it. That way you'll avoid the annoying music and a bit of blah, blah, blah stuff. And the walk through of the cannibas store starts at the 10:00 mark, although it's very short and not very informative.

  • Amanda Chavez says:

    Thanks for sharing. Good to interview some older 60-70 year olds. Im trying to educate my parents. Its sad that some people are not open minded to cannibus. So- Good job- keep educating the people.

  • Man, the only person I've heard use the slang "lid" was my mom, probably 20 years ago, and it was out of use then lol people should bring that one back

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