The Outrage Over The New Mulan Movie

The Outrage Over The New Mulan Movie

You can’t please everyone, and that goes double
for people who consider themselves to be hardcore Disney fans. More than a few Disney die-hards are up in
arms on Twitter over the trailer for the upcoming live-action remake of Mulan, which will not
be a musical and will exclude a couple of key characters. The beloved 1998 animated original centered
on Fa Mulan, a peasant girl who disguises herself as a man so that she can enlist in
the Chinese army, in place of her ailing father, to help defend her country against the marauding
Huns. At her side on her journey is Mushu, a tiny,
wisecracking dragon who hopes to restore his tarnished honor by helping Mulan succeed — a
task made more difficult by General Li Shang, who serves as an antagonist for much of the
film before being won over by Mulan’s bravery and cleverness. Shang and Mushu are the characters at the
center of the Twitter uproar, as it’s been revealed that neither will appear in the live-action
film — a revelation that didn’t sit well with legions of passionate fans of the original. “They’ll be begging me to come back to work!” This isn’t to say that many of these fans
are going to refrain from buying a ticket. Disgruntled fans still rage-attending movies
is a common theme among the outpouring of angry tweets, as illustrated by a tweet from
user @_dearwallflower, who acknowledged that the version of Mulan featured in the trailer
looks remarkably badass, saying, “This is the Mulan we obviously wanted, but
Mushu? Li-Shang? Music? I mean, imma go see it regardless, but imma
also be sad.” The sentiment was echoed by user @GoodyButts,
who ran down her complete list of reactions to the trailer in her tweet: “Cries watching the #Mulan trailer… listens
to “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”… remembers there won’t be musical numbers or Mushu…
cries some more… REMAINS EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE.” One user even flat-out stated that they were
predisposed to rage at the idea of a non-musical version of Mulan, but that the trailer pretty
much won them over, saying, “I wanna HATE the Mulan remake but the way
she twiddles her sword with her hair flowing in the wind? It looks god tier.” Meanwhile, user @MikeMcdonaldii pointed out
that it’s unrealistic to expect the same movie. “So y’all mad that Disney live-action remakes
are just shot 4 shot w/ the animated movies but y’all mad that this #Mulan has it own
vision from its animated counterpart.” He has a heck of a point. This May’s live-action version of Aladdin,
although it raked in nearly a billion dollars in worldwide box office receipts, has been
called out by fans and critics alike for being a by-the-numbers recreation of the original
that doesn’t bother to carve out its own unique vision. The same complaints have been leveled preemptively
at The Lion King, which uses CGI to render its characters in live action. Of course, The Lion King has been blowing
away preview audiences, so it may prove to be the film that pokes king-sized holes in
those way-too-early criticisms. Conversely, Tim Burton’s recent remake of
Dumbo drew fire for deviating too much from the original’s story. Ultimately, that film was among the least
successful of the Mouse House’s live-action reimaginings of their classic library. It’s almost as if the Disney faithful simply
have no idea what exactly they want from these remakes, before or after they’ve been released,
although that doesn’t seem to stop them from purchasing tickets. With only the one teaser trailer to go on,
Mulan’s creative team appears to be on the right track. Actress Yifei Liu looks awesome in the title
role, and the original movie based on an ancient Chinese legend tells a complex story with
themes relevant to our times, one that will lend itself well to a more serious treatment
without singing, dancing, and talking dragons. “You just say the word and I’m there. Mushu… And let me say something. Anyone who’s foolish enough to threaten our
family, vengeance will be mine.” The flick hits theaters on March 27th, 2020. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about upcoming
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100 thoughts on “The Outrage Over The New Mulan Movie”

  • Disney should at least try to compromise a little with the the people who are upset about it not being a musical and there being no Mushu (i.e. Leave Mushu in but not make it a musical, leave Mushu out vut make it a musical, etc).

  • TheNightcoreGuy says:

    i can understand everything. Really. But no Mushu? The Dragon that makes Mulan Recognizable? Sorry but Disney is Stupid!

  • TheNightcoreGuy says:

    the problem with the remakes is, that they dont need remakes! These movies were so good on their own and disney should focus on new movies! It doesnt have to be 3D or CGI It can be classical like Kiss the Frog. I miss those movies

  • 1. Mulan was never a peasant she is actually one of the richest in her town and have Milan’s family has a lot of honor

    2. The live action is based on the ancient folktale of FA Mulan

  • No music, OK. No Mushu hard to except but, OK. No Li Shang that i cant except he is not only her love interest in the film but also integral for her character growth throughout the film. His absence from the film will leave a portion of her character not only unshown but also may cause a down play or lose of her character development in the film.

  • Before there used to be a kid version of mulan (chinese ft english subs) it was really good sadly now there's only parts of it ;_; I really Wana watch it again rip

  • I feel so conflicted rite now cuz the trailer of mulan looked so badass but like no mushu and Li Shang they like basically took away the most important characters that makes it funny and lovable like I get it girl power but like at least mushu shld still try to be thr

  • I’m not angry or anything but without Shang , Mushu , the cricket or the music… it kinda disappointing and pointless… the movie looks like some type of ancient Chinese play.

  • I was thinking something… I know it's weird but… doesn't it cool if Cristal Liu YiFei play/cast as masked mysterious light side sith marauder on the mandalorian series, and the one sith that going said "it's better if sith empire fall, they got what they deserve, I wish next sith empire is better" and help the mandolorian on dire situation, and tell story how she and her master was betray by emperor kinda stuff, and becoming one oh his crew, well just some crazy idea I need put it on word…

    anyway I'm so excited of Mulan movie and definitely watching, I mean we're all absolutely watching this movie because it's look so fr*cking epic, and I believe everyone think so…

    thank you Disney for perfect cast on this mulan remake。。。
    also thanks to make the mandalorian series。。。
    and keep making movies with YiFei on it へ へ 。。。

  • Gianna Di Biase Castro says:

    you know whats "a heck of a point."?…China Market, so no sexual confusion or musicals on this film…Disney is at its worse now days.

  • You cant please everyone. I love the idea behind making it live action without making it a musical or comical. Awesome trailer

  • Blaze Productions says:

    2:20 well that’s just not fair. The reason why people even go to see these live action movies is because of the old ones, with all the characters and music and the same plot that everyone enjoys. Like in Aladdin and the Lion King, those were so good because they had the elements that all of us enjoyed from the originals. But now that Mulan has no music and none of our favorite characters, you can see why were all so disappointed. What are they gonna do next, make stitch into a dog instead of an alien?

  • I usually "ugh!" at money wasting remakes,

    but the gutwrenching themes of Mulan are just worth the live action tone with intensenning components.

    I resonate with there being a sorceress for a key antagonist as well.. woman on woman drama recently just wasn't portrayed with enough … drama!…

    For my astrology lovers, Mulan is a great story to reassure people while something in their chart is progressing from Pisces into Aries. .. 'though some of y'all may have already known that.

  • Historical accuracy = 0 never trust a westerner in particularly americans for making a movie about asian culture : see what's happened with last samurai

  • V ‘Yes V is actually my name’ says:

    I’m not angry over them removing the characters, sure I’d love to see the grandmother, little brother, mushu, Shang, the cricket, Lao, Po And ling but that’s not why I’m refusing to see this movie.

    The real reason I’m refusing is because the leading actress, Liu Yifei, posted on twitter saying she supported the Hong Kong police force…

    which if you aren’t aware, have been using brutality against peaceful protesters, including firing rubber rounds into the crowds, tear gassing the protesters, they shot a protester (with proper bullets) they arrested protesters as they tried to get away and it just spirals downhill from there. That is why I’m angry.

    The actress may be beautiful and from what I’ve seen in the trailer does a brilliant job of acting but she will never be mulan, mulan fought for honor and loyalty against those who threatened China, she did not and would never have supported inhumane violence against innocent civilians! That is why no matter how good an actress she is, she cannot just re act out a legendary warrior who stood for everything just and true when she is neither of those things!!!

    Her behavior ruined the film for me and I was actually looking forward to going to see it, because I really adore Chinese culture and history and seeing a more historical take on the original Disney film was interesting but now I just can’t. The film forever will be ruined to me.

    I stand with the people of Hong Kong against their corrupt police force.


    Dāng bùxìng de shíkè dàolái shí, yuàn shàngdì zài nǐ de jiǎoluò lǐ.

  • Thank goodness it’s not a musical. I guess mushu is not there because the movie is not a comedy. The reason also that it’s not a musical cause it’s really a serious action movie. But I do loved the animation Mulan. I know all the songs as well. 😀

  • hold on people, what if they are doing what they did for the sonic movie? creating rage and unhappy people, and then they will "listen" to us just to boost their box office numbers. what if its all a marketing scheme?

  • BigRedThunderDragon says:

    Hey…if it wasn't for the Chinese Government literally threatening Disney to not screw up this Mulan remake. This is why this is the Mulan remake you guys get. So that China won't get too saly and all.

  • "Hardcore Disney fans don't exactly know what they want for these remakes."

    "Hardcore Disney fans" want the movies to be left ALONE, with NO REMAKES.

  • HAMnugget1201 [*][*][*][*] says:

    Idrc I quite like the fact they’ve done it differently to the other remakes so I’d still quite like to watch it still

  • The animated version was aimed more towards kids. The live action looks for badass and accurate to the legend I think this is going to be a movie that may be way better than the original.

  • Politically correct speech isn't my thing, fk off says:

    finally an asian main protagonist, after the ghost in the shell fuck up this is quite relieving, maybe people will cut the race-change bullshit and keep characters the way they originally were

  • KacheenasVariety says:

    Mulan without Mushu is like Aladdin without genie! 😒Dishonor on Disney production team, dishonor on the film producers, dishonor on the directors that okayed this crouching tiger hidden dragon like movie!

  • There will also be no love story between Li-shang and Mullan
    Oh and some other girl that will fight in a war becouse girl power…yea …😒

  • Lol they add a lady who can turn into a bird but not a Chinese dragon that’s tiny as fuck. Not a big big dragon but would offer JUST A SLIGHT bit of comedy. “Wants to be more mature and realistic” CMON ITS A LADY WHO TURNS INTO A MF BIRD CAW CAW WHAT

  • I don't think that this movie couldn't be serious if it had Mushu. He dosn't have to be as wacky as he was in the original.

  • So generally most of the world (as expected) thinks the Disney classic is the original movie. Get a read of the original mates. The Disney classic is WRONG in most ways, know why? Cos we were KIDS when we watched it. The Ballad of Hua Mulan was NOT written for KIDS. so this is the real movie in actuality. ♥

  • I’m not expecting it to be exactly the same but taking out major characters and not even adding songs is to much with the lion king it was the same things they just changed it up a little I won’t be first in line to see it

  • KYOKU曲神GAMI says:

    I’m actually… glad.. mushu isn’t in this iteration.
    He served only as silly comedic relief and wouldn’t fit in a realistic setting like this

  • This is not a silly kids' movie. Rather this 'Mulan' is made to tell the somewhat real story of the Mulan legend. The Chinese will love this movie.

  • Mulan, Made by Greedy Disney ….. PAID FOR, Written by and Censored by
    the Chinese Communist Party …. really. Disney kisses the Asses of the

  • Mulan, Made by Greedy Disney ….. PAID FOR, Written by and Censored by
    the Chinese Communist Party …. really. Disney kisses the Asses of the

  • Miguel Martinez II says:

    Umm no mushu but they add a random witch woman who can turn into a bird? Way to make the movie more realistic hahaha

  • Sometimes the die hard fans are the worst fans, I liked the animated original and I am looking forward to this live action movie too, simple as that

  • i think it's looks like a last ditch effort performed by the disney feminazi's who ruined The Last Jedi as a final try to make us as men look like the bad guys because they'll never get a date, to take them to see it in theatres let alone EVER finding a good man to love them after they themselves killed love. i could care less about the musical numbers and it's nice that they're using an actual all-Asian cast… But no Mushu or Crickee for comic relief means I'm not interested. No thanks to feminism there's enough violence in the real world so i don't need to watch another "epic" action movie.

  • Loved the animated version. Mostly the seriousness of the story, Jerry Goldsmiths music and the songs. Eddies character was cute as well. Didn't care for the production of the the last Live action version. Am hoping to see this new version soon. It looks like Disney put a good effort into this one. I hope some historical accuracy is done as well. 2/7/2020

  • All feminists and soy boys like this move. No Moshu I'm out! Dishonor! Dishonor on you! dishonor on your studio! Dishonor on Kathleen Kennedy! Dishonor on your cow! Dishonor on your two daughters you're proud of! Dishonor on this movie!

  • The "people" causing the "outrage" are uncultured, ignorant little children who have not a single clue what the original story is about.

  • watch_me_lay_lay says:

    This is so dumb. The original movie is like the best disney princess movie ever, why’s they have to get rid of mushy and Shang? Wtf

  • It’s sad how some people just can’t appreciate some films for being realistic and don’t realize how sometimes it’s better to make remakes realistic. Do you guys think singing randomly during a war is realistic or a dragon who is friends with a bug??? I feel like if they added music and “kid like” stuff to the remake it wouldn’t be fun to watch for the older audiences. And I believe the remake should be for all age. Of course over 9-10 😅😅🤯

  • This is why good movies don't exist anymore. People think all it takes is action pack theme and special effects. No one knows how to tell a good story anymore.

    Removing the general is removing an important love hate them in in the movie. Removing the song I'll Make a Man Out of You is removing a woman overcome the sexual dimorphism with ingenuity.

    This isn't a movie. This is virtue signaling and female empowerment in you're doing it wrong

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