The Nimitz Encounters

The Nimitz Encounters

(low rumbling) – The vast expanse of
Nevada’s badlands stretches endlessly to the horizon. Hidden within these mountain strongholds are some of America’s
deepest and darkest secrets. Secret aircraft and the
other legends of Area 51. Among these sandstone canyons today there’s a new glimmer of truth. Shrouded in mystery it’s a
story that demands to be told. These are the witnesses of
one of America’s most unusual UFO encounters in history. Navy veterans and a band of brothers that want you to know that
what they witnessed is real. This is their story. Petty Officer Jason Turner server aboard the USS Princeton in 2004. His personal conviction for
democracy and patriotism guides him in his search for the truth. – This is an actual event that happened and I witnessed it. Aviation tech Patrick Hughes, a USS Nimitz veteran, he
speaks for his shipmates who choose to remain silent. – I’m one of those who
has to see to believe and obviously I’ve seen
the evidence of this so it exists. – Top Gun Air Intercept
Controller Kevin Day and Fire Controlman Gary
Voorhis, both from the Princeton, served together in the ship’s
Combat Information Center. They saw them first. Whatever it is they are. – They wanted to show
themselves, whatever they were. I don’t think they wanted
anything really to do with us. – They were literally
breaking the laws of physics in my eyes. These sailors are here
for truth and vindication. And their story goes back over
a decade to a time and place that marked a departure for all of them, both in their Navy careers,
but also in their knowledge of the limits of man’s technological understanding of our world. (dramatic instrumental) Looking out over the
ocean towards the horizon, sun, sea, and sky form an endless vista. A never-ending cycle of
tide, wind, and waves. Here, far from shore strange
events have unfolded. These stories stretch the
boundaries of our imagination and challenge our beliefs. This is a true story of such
events from the accounts of the sailors and naval
aviators who experienced them, professional military service
members who want the world to know that what they
encountered is real. Even more troubling, our
military has no explanation. The answers seem to elude everyone, like reflections on the waves. Yet, they are out there. (jets blasting) November 10th, 2004. 90 miles Southwest of San Diego California in the Naval Operations Area, the Nimitz Carrier Strike
Group and her compliment of warships and the
aircraft of Air Wing 11, are conducting a routine,
two-week training exercise. Nearby, the guided missile cruiser, USS Princeton has been
tracking unknown aircraft that appear and disappear
from her sophisticated AEGIS radar screens. The SPY1 Bravo radar is
one of the most advanced sensors ever deployed. Princeton’s main role is air
defense of the Strike Group and Operations Specialist Senior Chief Day is in charge of protecting the
airspace around the Nimitz. – And my job was to man the
radars and ID everything that flew in the skies. And I also sat a position
called anti air warfare coordinator where if we
ever had to go to war, I was the guy who was going to launch the missiles and kill shit. In addition to that, I was
an air intercept controller when the Super Hornet is
taking off the carrier, I’m the guy that takes control and takes them to the fight
and get ’em some home safe. There was a lot of
experience in that room. The captain had 28 years, I had 18 years, and the AEGIS ship is our
newest weapons system afloat. And it’s got the spy one radar system, a phased array radar system. And I was an expert on that. – Inside the Combat Information Center Chief Day’s attention is
focused on a group of unknown aircraft on the Spy 1 screen. He’s trying to identify them. – I was on watch and we
were probably 100 miles, I forget how far exactly that day we were off the coast of
San Diego, south southwest. Kind of off the coast of Mexico, Baja. And I started to notice,
these weird tracks that were popping under my
radar coverage right around San Clemente island. And the reason why I say there
are weird because they were appearing in groups of
five to 10 at a time and they were pretty closely
spaced to each other. And they were 28,000 feet going a hundred knots tracking south. And in the back of my mind
I’m thinking, you know, that’s Kinda odd. I mean, what, I don’t know
anything that flies like that. They weren’t on the COMAIR routes, the commercial airline routes. I wasn’t really that concerned about it and I didn’t consider them them hostile for any reason at all. Another watcher too as I’m
watching the same formation appeared again and over the
course of three, four days probably counted up to that
point groups of five to 10 at a time, there were probably
50, 60 tracks by then. – Today Kevin and Gary are
still looking for answers. They’ve known each other for over a decade since their Navy days. Gary was a 3rd Class Petty Officer and Fire Controlman back then. – I worked on the AEGIS computer system on a CG 59 guided missile
cruiser at USS Princeton. I’m in charge of CEC and a
data recording and maintaining and operating all the
mainframes that run the system. – They’re both becoming
increasingly frustrated in their attempts to ID
the strange aerial objects, which have no transponders, and fit no known flight profiles. – The guys that work
on Spy one Bravo radar, they had come across and said
they needed to take the system down for recalibration cause
they were getting a clutter or ghost tracks and they
needed to recalibrate to get rid of them. And then once they did finish
all that recalibration, bring it the tracks didn’t disappear. They were still there,
but they were actually sharper and clearer. – They were doing diagnostic
tests on everything we had to make sure it was
not a system malfunction and it turned out that it wasn’t, these were actually real objects. I had the highest SPY
track quality possible on these contacts. – In this situation I
actually started recording on all four tapes at the same time. That way it was at one
continuous loop and I was just replacing them as they were becoming full. – We failed utterly to
identify these things. It didn’t meet any of the
parameters for anything that was known. – In some cases, they seem
to descend from space, and then suddenly plunge to
near sea level in seconds. Coupled with the unidentified
nature of the craft and lack of clearance, these
extreme flight observations are very troubling to the
crew assigned to protect the carrier group from aerial threats. Sunday Nov 14th, morning. The Nimitz deck crew is busy launching F/A-18F Super Hornets, helicopters and E2-Hawekeye Electronic Warfare Planes. The mission? Simulated air defense, or ADEX
training over the Pacific. The winds are calm, the skies are clear, a near perfect day for flying. As they launch, the Black Aces Squadron has no knowledge of
events happening nearby. – In the back of my mind,
that’s when I determined I was going to become
concerned about these objects. We were getting ready to launch
a whole bunch of aircraft in that same piece of sky. – Fast Eagle climbs
out to 20 thousand feet and heads to the CAP station, about 40 miles south of the carrier. The CAP is a rendezvous
point used to form up with the other airplanes. – There’s 25 miles separation. – The commander of Fast
Eagle has over a decade in the Air Wing. His wingman for the day is a new pilot, a young officer on her
first carrier deployment. She’s paired with a senior pilot, her backseat weapon’s system
officer for the mission. He will manage navigation
and the advanced radar and targeting pods on the aircraft. (jets blasting) Overhead, an E2 Hawkeye from
the Wall Bangers squadron is on station directing the aircraft. Banger provides eye in the
sky command and control during carrier flight operations. Back in the Combat Information
Center on Princeton the mysterious objects are back
and today is the first time Senior Chief Day has jets in the air that can intercept the
mysterious aircraft. – I’m seeing these contacts. Captain Smith orders me
to intercept one of them so I just want back to the console, I pick the closest one that was to us, and I had intended to let
the Hawkeye do the intercept because they already had control. It’s just easier. – Day briefs the Captain and they agree to send the Hornets. The Air Intercept
Controller aboard Princeton, Callsign Charlie radios the Hawkeye and takes control of Fast Eagle. – Banger, it’s Charlie. – Charlie this is Banger, go ahead. – Banger to Charlie, do you
hold unknown air contact BRA 270 48 28,000 feet at Bogey. – Charlie to Banger, negative. Radar picture’s clean. – The E-2 radar operators
have been frustrated in their attempts to get a
radar return on the unknown aerial target that Princeton is tracking. Even with their 24-foot radar dish, they can’t get a lock on the object. – Banger to Charlie, transfer Fast Eagles flight
to Charlie control, button 13. – We have a Real World Tasking for them. – Charlie to Banger, Roger. – Fast Eagle Charlie, stand
by For Real World Tasking. – Charlie Fast Eagle, send it. – We vector towards
that position in the sky and real quiet on the radio, I’m just giving him, BRA calls, which is bearing, range, altitude to these unknown bogey
groups and basically I’m just telling the air
crew where the object is, the bearing from them
and the range from them and the altitudes so they
can drive towards it. – Contact BRA 270 41 20,000 feet Bogey Snap 270. Over. – Roger Bearing 270 41 miles. – 100 go trail. – 100. – Say state? – State 12,000 pounds. Clean, do you have it? – I’m trying to get a track on it now. They sent LINK 16, but my
radar picture is clean. – The next radio call
takes everyone by surprise. – Fast Eagle 110, say load out. 110 what’s you weapons load out? – The tactical action officer, the TAO, jumps on the radio, her
name was Lieutenant Elders and she just point blank
asked the Fast Eagle flight if they were carrying any type of weapons and there was a stunned
pause on the radio. – Wings clean Princeton. We just have CATM training missiles and they’re not coming off the rail. – We’re in an exercise environment and the last thing we wanted
to do is start shooting stuff. – Now the controllers have the
pilot’s undivided attention. Normally, the squadron doesn’t carry live ordinance when training. – What do you guys think that was about? – What, about the load out? I have no idea. Maybe it’s drug runners or something? – Man it could be, or a
lost Cessna out of So-cal. – I don’t like this. – Fast Eagle Charlie, contact BRA 160 34. At 8,000 feet, Bogey. (dramatic music)
(jets blasting) – Roger, 34 miles at 8,000. Committed, your call, continuing. – As Fast Eagle approaches the target, they see nothing unusual. Their onboard radars can’t
get a lock on the object. – Fast Eagle Charlie
BRA 160 10 8,000 feet. – Roger. (dramatic music) – Fast Eagle Charlie. Merge plot. – Basically what the merge
plot means on the radar. You got two objects in the
same vertical piece of sky. So when I’m looking at the 2D display, it looks like one radar blob now. – The object appears to be stationary. – I had it at 17.7k – Showing there’s basically
no air speed on it. – Hey, you guys seeing this? – What is that? – As the Super Hornets
approach the target, they see a disturbance
on the ocean surface; it’s about the size of a 737, and it looks like something
could be just below the surface. – 100 Anchor here. Angels 24. – Roger. – Charlie Fast Eagle. – We’re observing something in the water. Possibly aircraft in the
water at the merge plot just north of our
position about two miles. – Charlie, Roger. – I’m descending to
angels 14 to take a look. – Do you think that’s our unknown? – Not sure. Radar’s clean. – As soon as he got to
the merge plot position, the object that he was intercepting
dropped from 28,000 feet down to 50 feet above
the water in 0.78 seconds as I found out later the next day. – As the Super Hornets get
closer to the ocean disturbance he suddenly spots another craft above it. A much smaller white object
with an oblong shape, hovering then darting
just above the waves. The object is moving around erratically, seemingly focused on the white water. The shape is similar to a Tic Tac. It’s smooth like porcelain. It’s not an airplane. Suddenly the object begins
to rise into the air. (dramatic music) – Hey this thing just turned on my nose. It’s Coming up! 2 miles. – The strange craft begins mirroring the turn rate of Fast Eagle. – Tally one bogey 287 two miles. Angels 5. – The object is now at
his three o’clock position as he continues to turn with it. – He’s turning hard at 3000 meters. – We had the external
communications in the speaker in combat so everyone can listen to it. And the next thing I
hear on the radio going, oh my god, oh my god,
I’m engaged, I’m engaged! – 1000 meters he’s southbound. We need to avoid it. (dramatic music) – The commander is now about a mile away as he maneuvers his hornet to
get behind the unknown craft. It’s about the size of an F-18, about 47 feet long and it has no wings. As the dogfight unfolds, he quickly turns and dives
to bring his jet’s nose ahead of the object to close the distance. – Holy! – It jumped! – 1000 meters he’s… (dramatic intense music) I lost him! Two do you see it? – Suddenly the Tic Tac rockets past. It’s gone beyond the horizon
in the blink of an eye. – I saw it go 137. No tally. – That didn’t just happen. – Say again. – Fast Eagle Charlie, sir
you’re not going to believe this but the bogey group is now
back at your cap station, over. – As Fast Eagle returns to the area of the ocean disturbance, the
object is gone and the sea is once again calm. Soon they land on the ship. (jet engines) Back onboard Banger, the
flight crew has been listening to the radio transmissions
from Fast Eagle. The crew has been tracking the intercepts on their advanced display
systems, called the CEC. One of the radar operators
who wishes to remain anonymous describes hearing the fear
in the pilot’s voices, and he knows this is no drill. – I had a good friend
who flew on the Hawkeyes. We’ve been calling him Roger, to protect his identity
because he didn’t want to come forward at this time but
he wanted to contribute to the story to verify
that it actually happened. So there are five people in the airplane. Roger would’ve been sitting
in the radar officer’s seat which is toward the
back middle of the plane to the side of each one of
them or behind them depending how the chairs rotating as a window. – Suddenly, his attention
is drawn to something outside the Hawkeye. He and the entire crew watch in disbelief as a Tic Tac object suddenly
forms up on their E2 and then just as quickly
shoots away from sight. The crew is left in disbelief. As Banger returns to the
ship, the crew is shaken. The highly unusual events are troubling, but what happens next has
haunted them to this day. US Navy officers quickly
arrive and escort the air crew to a secure space on the ship. As the crewmen begin to
take off their flight gear, an officer begins the
debriefing by telling them, this event did not happen and they are given non-disclosure
agreements to sign. They are warned to never
discuss this event again. (dramatic music) – Again we we’re preparing
air defense exercise so now we got all the squadrons
launching off the carrier ’cause they’re all up getting
to do their functional check flights. – Senior Chief Day watched in
disbelief as the Tic Tac UFOs reacted to the incoming fighter jets. – All the objects in the
sky, they all dropped out of the sky from 28,000
feet down to 50 feet. – Based on the SPY1 Bravo Radar system the object descended at
over 24,000 miles an hour. – It was unbelievable because
normally what would happen if a normal aircraft
did that, first of all it would fly apart, it
wouldn’t be able to withstand the G forces and there would
be multiple sonic booms. So it would be boom boom,
boom boom boom boom boom boom. This did not make any sonic booms. – From what I observed, I saw
that it went from, you know, right around between 25 and
30,000 feet down to sea level and below sea level. – Contact. Tag number 042– – Below sea level was
confirmed to me by the actual sonar techs that were in
combat in communications with other techs that had
said they had an active track on it under the water. – They’re talking with
their sonar guys on the sub that was with us, you
know, and I mean I was told directly that it did go
underwater, you know, I mean it went from being
in the air to underwater. From what they were
saying it was averaging about 500 knots under the water, you know, so it did slow down when it hit that water but it didn’t affect it inertially. – After the intercepts,
both Kevin and Gary climbed up to the ships
bridge wing to get a better view of the objects
through the binoculars. – We go up to the bridge
wing and look at them through the big eyes, which is a
heavily magnified binoculars that are out on the
bridge wing of the ship. – Even when I was off watch
I was usually up in combat anyway and I was sitting at
the console, I just picked the closest object to us
and I got the relative bearing from the ship. Slave over to the
relative bearing of about the right altitude and then saw
this white light in the sky. – The movements were
smooth to erratic, yeah. They just moved from one point to another. It was always a very
sharp and clean movement. It always felt like a constant
speed, not like speeding up. Just, it needed to go to
that point and it decided to do it at this speed
and then it would just go from nothing to the speed
they were going to go and then stop at the next point. – Meanwhile, back on the Nimitz, aviation tech Patrick Hughes is working to secure the classified data
recorders from the Hawkeye that encountered the Tic Tac. – We pull out the hard drives. We call them RMCs. We call them bricks ’cause
they’re physically heavy like a brick but they
contain the software to run the airplane and they also record a lot of the data that the air
crew sees during the flight. So we take the removable
stuff, we take it out, we go downstairs, back to our shop. – Patrick’s job involves
tracking the chain of custody of the hard drives. – Then we open up the
safe, put them in a safe, we’ve got tracking sheets so we know what RMCs or what airplane. We know who signed them out,
who put them in the airplane, who took him out of the airplane. – As he gets ready to wrap up the mission, there is a knock on the door. – Our commanding officer’s there. Two other guys in flight
suits who I’m assuming were air force officers ’cause pretty sure that’s the insigma they had on, but they were not on the ship earlier. I did not seem them come on the ship, so I’m not sure how they got there. But the skipper basically
said I need the bricks off the flight. We open the safe, we put them
in the bags, he took them, he took his two anonymous
officers and left. – The officers, with the
classified hard drives in hand, soon board an SH-60 Seahawk
Helicopter and leave Nimitz. (helicopter propellers spinning) Soon thereafter, Petty Officer Voorhis has his own visit by unknown
officials on the Princeton. – Once they landed and everybody
got off then about maybe 20 minutes later I got
called in to have all my data recording tapes turned over and
then also told that I needed to reload CEC ’cause it had been wiped. So I turned over all the
tapes and then they also said if there’s any even blank
tapes to erase anything else that’s in the shop. Well they were plain-clothes
people that came on board on the helicopter. It was my chain of command, that took control of the tapes from me. The Helo left with them after that. So, cause we went right
back to flight ops. – The link between the Tic
Tacs and these men is unknown. How they became aware
of the UFO encounters and how they arrived so quickly onboard after the event is also a mystery. – The video you are now watching
is the actual gun camera FLIR footage of the Tic Tac
taken by a later flight. This is the first video ever
released by the US Government showing military planes engaging UFO’s. The advanced targeting
pod, known as ATFLIR, works in both TV mode and infrared mode. The film reveals no control
surfaces, no exhaust plume, a uniform heat signature and
no visible means of propulsion. Gary and his shipmates saw the
FLIR film on their consoles and on the secret LAN
aboard the Princeton. – It was a much clearer video. You could see the shape of
the ship, you could see it, you know, moving. I tried to go and get a disc
to come make a copy of it and by the time I got
back it was already off of our hard drive, off the secret LAN. Yeah, no access to it whatsoever. – Petty Officer Jason Turner
also saw a much higher resolution version of the
FLIR film showing strange appendages extending from the object. – But it did have some
protruding at the bottom of it. I couldn’t tell if they were
curled back or straight down. – Jason says the video was
approximately 10 minutes in length and much longer than the video that has been released. – I saw this video
playing and I’d ask him, is this what we’re training
or was this part of this training that we’re going
through and he said, no, this is real life and when I saw it, it was a very clear
image, a very clear video, and this thing was going
berserk, like making turns like it’s incredible. The amount of G forces that
it would put on a human that this thing was doing. The jets were like trying
to trail this thing and it would just run off and leave them. It would just pfft gone
and then it would come back and then you would see it. And then it, I mean, it
was, it made a maneuver, like they were chasing it straight on. It was going with them. This thing stopped
turning, just pew, gone. I mean, that’s the only way to
describe what it looked like. – This is a fucking droilet bro. – There’s a whole fleet of them. – My gosh. – Just 11 years later, fighter
jets from USS Roosevelt filmed this anomalous object in 2015. – Look at that thing! It’s levitating. – Like the Nimitz Encounter, they too were conducting routine training when fleets of UFO’s were
encountered by the pilots. The Nimitz encounter
remained cloaked secrecy for over 13 years. The first hand testimony
about UFO sightings is practically unheard of
from military service members. Thanks to the brave and
honest accounts of the sailors and naval aviators who
have come forward to relate their experiences, and
of the remarkable videos they filmed that day, the
silence has been broken. – I dealt with this all on
my own for many, many years. And it was not a very pleasant
journey to go through. ‘Cause no one really believes you. But now things have changed
and anyone out there that’s struggling with this
and wants to reach out, there is now a group
that you can reach out to and get help and support and vindication. – It’s honestly been a
little relieving to be able to talk about it and how
important that event really was and not just keep blowing it off. There’s people out here that, you know, really need to know and want to know and you have the support
of, you know, me and Kevin and my other shipmates
that have come forward and decided to talk about it. – My role is to describe the
story and convince people that yes, this event really
happened and these objects were really real, but what
they are, I have no idea. – It is something, I
want to know what it is. That’s the whole reason
I chose to come forward to contribute to this story
because there is a story here, there is more information here and more of us that talk
about it, the better chance of the full story coming together. And it’s almost, it’s vindication for us that other people are
looking into it and you know, we finally tell our
story and people listen. – If you need to get ahold of us or would like to talk to any of us, Kevin, me or any of the other
guys that have come forward there’ll be an email address
at the end of this video that you can contact them
and they can get ahold of us. – If you or someone you
know has witnessed unknown objects from military ships or planes, please contact us at the
address on your screen. You can remain anonymous. As we strive to understand
these encounters and come to terms with what they mean, there’s something far beyond
the horizon and the limits of our comprehension waiting,
waiting for all of us. (dramatic music)

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  • myyou tubeaccount says:

    I remember 2 stealth bombers flying over us in the UK when I was a kid in the early 80's, we all thought they were spaceships, not until years after we knew what they were. same thing here I guess, US secret craft probably.

  • The crews of these ships have no access to black projects. Those re run on a need to know, basis. Everything is compartmentalized so that the big picture is known only on the highest level. This is likely being used to deflect through disinformation. I just hope they are ours, and our guys are having some fun with it.

  • Why else did the unidentified, non-crew members show up so soon, unless they had foreknowledge? This was most likely an exercise to see how our forces would respond to and interact with the advanced project crafts. It is also useful for disinformation. the least likely alternative is that this was an alien encounter.

  • White Knights of the Round Table says:

    So they update video with the new information that no sonar readings were detected by the ship or the submarine and disable comments lol. Is this story falling apart already?


  • We had the same problem when i was in uscg we had 7 contacts going at impossible speeds the look out was so scared he left his look out post the od said its the navy messing with us so go back up there when the od reported to the capt he said there is no navy near here then the objects took off the capt ask radar how fast are they traveling away radar said i think you should come to cic sir and that was that we were near nova Scotia in 1977 i talked about this for years with my shipmates when i asked the od what they were he said i don't [email protected]

  • It is so great to see these brave people coming forward with their stories and also I love that they are offering anyone else in these situations what have been or are still feeling trapped and alone and unable to talk and tell their experiences too a contact and offer of help and support, it really fills my heart with hope and love. Thank you so much you brave, brave people. xx

  • Jeramiah Gainey says:

    Its understandable for people who have never seen a UFO to not believe in them, however when so many people come forward telling of UFO'S they've been fortunate enough to witness the nay sayers should consider the fact that just because everyone hasn't witnessed UFO'S doesn't mean they don't exist. My self and my best friend witnessed a UFO up close back in 1985 on a bridge between New Orleans and Hammond Louisiana. It was about 1am and we were on our way home from an event we had attended in New Orleans. As we were driving along the bridge we both spotted a huge ship off to the right just above tree level. We pulled to the side and stopped. Their was no traffic at that time of the morning, just the two of us. My friend Mark and I stood there looking at this huge ship moving slowly past us. It was the size of an aircraft carrier and looked like something out of Battle Star Galactica. It had flashing lights on both sides and in the rear was a rectangle shaped outlet that was glowing red and emitting a light roaring noise. That must have been the exhaust. We looked at each other and back at the ship in disbelief. Now neither of us seen who was inside the ship but it couldn't have been flying itself. Now think about this for a moment. A ship the size of an aircraft carrier moving slowly across the sky at just above treetop level. We have nothing on this earth that can do that. Anything we have that big moving that slow would fall like a rock out of the sky. It looked like something you would see out of Battlestar Galactica. We stood there for probably 5 min or so watching it ease by until it was out of sight. The next day we told people what we seen and naturally no one believed us. But Mark and I both know what we witnessed and we both know that we are not alone in this universe. People if you don't believe nothing else sight unseen believe UFO'S are real and they obviously come in different shapes and sizes. I can only wish that whoever was inside that ship had been willing to show themselves. They were close enough to us to definitely see us. That's my story and I'm willing to take a lie detector test and be put under hypnosis to see if I can remember in more detail the encounter. Its 2019 so that happened 34 yrs ago but I still remember it as clear as the night it happened. Even tho the encounter took place at approximately 1am their was a full moon that night so we were able to see the ship clearly. That's the only time in my life that I've had an encounter of such but once was enough to know first hand that we are not alone.

  • People think this is "so cool"..this is your tax dollars at work to deliberately keep something this huge from you…its not cool,its disgusting how many people have been kept in the dark and how many others have been discredited

  • Knowing this is an ATFLIR sensor and that the resolution is only about 512 by 512 pixels and that the temperature sensitive gradients wasn't all that great in 2004, the black Halo surrounding the tic-tac UFo ALREADY tells me it's LIKELY propulsion systems which is very very human made!

    it looks like, in my opinion, that one specific type of propulsion is possible here.

    a) Superheated air coming out of MANY small holes drilled into the hull at specific angles. I am guessing a PULSED air jet style engine which is computer controlled to send pressurized heated air (or other gas) in multiple directions to ensure stability and directionality of flight. Some holes would be closed and some open during the impulse phase to ensure such high pressure jets would fly the craft in a stable and controlled manner. Simple stainless steel ball-valves controlled by simple gearing would open and close the jets according to a specific timing schedule done by a common 32 bit microcontroller.

    If you look at the vehicle I THINK i can see the tiny single pixel streams coming from various "ports" which would act as attitude control and general altitude-keeping systems. That single pixel "jets" looks very controlled to me! I am guessing carbon composite body with drilled stainless steel ports attached to ball valves attached to MCUs controlled remotely via spread spectrum communications and video-based flight control system similar to what MQ/Reaper drone pilots use.
    In fact, I am going to guess it is a CLASSIFIED General Atomics project aircraft drone. Fuel can be anything from all-electric to hydrogen fuel cell to propane to JET-x type fuels to super heat the air jets via direct combustion OR via powering an electrical generator attached to a microwave or RF-based air heating system.

    Since there were TWO incidents where ONE was in or near Japan and the other off of California, I am suggesting the test "UFO" is a new type of drone operating out of China Lake, CA or MAYBE Whidbey island, WA simply because LOTS of test squadrons operate there!

    I am pretty sure THIS video is NOT a true alien spacecraft because its movements and air speeds correspond to current all-attitude flight system control configurations and today's possible remotely-operated aircraft flight envelopes! When you start seeing BALL-like or disc-like craft THEN you know it's an ET spacecraft! This one is merely a modern pulsed-air jet drone!


  • 'Black Military' AI orchestrated complex Psyop, utilising advanced experimental drones.
    Mission to test forces equipment/personnel responses and subsequent 'cover-up' procedures.

  • I am more concerned about the plain clothed men who showed up . Who are they ? Are they part of military , civilian etc….

  • No doubt the world is being setup for deception . These UFO are not from outter space they are from the spirit realm . This world has become a Godless place people looking for meaning to universe but mocking the only book that gives answers BIBLE .

  • Yes, these are "UFO"s. They're Objects, certainly, although we can't know if they were in the atmosphere or in the camera, or introduced in processing. They do indeed appear to be Flying (unless they were introduced during processing), And, without a doubt, they are Unidentified. The music, and the dire tone of the narrator convince me that these things are either (1) from somewhere else in the universe, or (2) a conspiracy involving someone in the government, or (3) a practical joke on us by a band of drinking buddies with access to some stock footage and skill in image processing.

    Take your pick, whichever your imagination is happiest with.

  • Looked to me like some water tankers to stock up the mother ship,maybe they had to look around for some water suitable to use or maybe taking some shrimp back to the wife and kids. Looks like they had some fun with with our Navy,someone up there forgot to turn on clokeing.

  • Good video man I already know the back story and evidence of the real video not the re-creation and the other video released with this one from the other aircraft carrier training mission for people to still believe we are alone in the universe when every star has a planet is rediculous it just shows they know nothing of the subject or there so closed minded they choose to follow one side or the other fact or fiction rather than studying the subject and realizing theres real facts out there from highly trained individuals that can only be seen as true

  • FOR 14 days they assume its technical system errrors for the armada of unknown radar detections ????? No wonder.

    AND days later fighters fly out from ship ..NOT KNOWING what happened around them…..Hahaha

  • My family and neighbors saw these in the 70s at night between krum and bolivar Tx out in the middle of the country and they were really high up. They moved at unbelievable speeds exactly like he described stopping instantly from one point to another and making 90 degree turns that looked like there was no curve to their turns like a jet would turn. A fighter jet compared to these in speed would be like a snail racing a dragster. We watched them for about 10 minutes before they shot out of sight like a falling star. There wasn't s cloud in the sky that night. Im a very sceptical person and for many years I've questioned what we saw that night. Seems impossible something can travel that far across space. I think whatever they are they're not piloted by a living being inside them. Their speeds are too fast and stopping instantly would kill whatevers inside them. They moved like a flash of light from one spot to the next all of them zig zagging and not flying in formation with each other. They were so high up they looked just like stars.

  • It's ALL Bin Laden… He's still alive with a Nintendo & a burner phone in a cave in the high Himalaya Mountains! He has a goose down Turban!!!

  • embarrassing. Preposterous. just come out with the truth please. the secret keepers should be ashamed. no confidence. no accountability

  • Those that degrade the truth are in denial and weak. It amazes me that hardworking Americans in the military that speak what they saw with their own eyes are ridiculed here.

  • Well guys…it was a test for you all…
    To see how best them secret things can perform..
    Those who came after the events to collect all the evidence it is a prove of that..

  • The Brotherhood of the Sun 🌞 do not like to share much information..
    Of course the secrecy of all this is for multiple uses…
    Well better not go to the bottom of all this..
    Is out of your league..

  • The World is not really what you all think it is..
    Have multiple speeds..
    And you all are on the lowest one..for the amusement of some who I Know..

  • Yes I know …I speak in riddles ..well I must…I have no choice in all this …
    They lie too much and from a very huge time ago…
    I cannot fix this alone…even I know how…
    It is a matter of Choice and Free Will…
    And I cannot brake the Old Law and the Prime Directive..

  • Don’t Have time For People who want to Talk Trash or Junk About our Brave Men & Women Of Our Military..The Same Military Tht keep U Safe an say Nasty things on here…(Look Up WEAPON HARP.. We. Can Control Weather, we were doing far back as Vietnam .. Watch Eisenhower Farewell Speech to the Nation..Here is Guy Tht COULDVE Talked About A Lot Of Things BUT He Didn’t Talk About Being President Of USA Or Being a 4 Star Gen. Tht lead the Alies Past the Nazis or the Threat Of Communism..With Korea War Just starting & USSR..No he talked about Military Industrial Complex.!!) Yea. With the Help Of U.K. & ISRAEL TECHNICALLY ALL PUT TOGETHER something going on an Now We Have SPACE MILITARY (that NEVER Gets Talked About..& He’s the Perfect President to Start it Cause half the Nation thinks he’s Racist so they don’t pay attention to it..) What do U Need a Gun for in SPACE.??

  • If you look at the comments below, you will understand why they don't want to make contact with us…. We are hostile and very uneducated.

  • Strange, even when using high powered bios the dot does not become enlarged stays same small shape. TREAT AS FAKE! SUSPECT !

  • the government does not allow anyone to shoot down any UFOs because that would bring proof that they are UFOs and make the government liars

  • They would never shoot them down because of religion it would prove that God would no exist they would be that advanced anyway we're missiles would miss or there signal jammed

  • They were just flying above the ship you seen the ship and the jets above and what ever was in the water so they was not flying 22 thousand mile an hour big lies

  • Flat Earth Frank says:

    Yes, demons exist. This is biblical. There are cylinder shaped objects mentioned in the bible. Earth is flat, and space is fake. This is all just alien propaganda. Also, why do they need an Eagle Eye if they have thousands of satellites orbiting a ball earth? Satellites in space is a hoax.

  • Once you've witnessed something split across the sky and do crazy maneuvers 90 degree turns WITHOUT A SOUND You'll then believe in UFO's. Look up, you never know what you'll see, although you may not like it and it may terrify and amaze you at the same time. Witnessing such an event is a blessing and a curse. I seen 2 Orange molten steel coloured discs at night here in Australia along the coast back in March of 2004. They looked as though they were following the coast joined together magnetically until one broke off and split across the sky around 1 km away in milliseconds! It then flew back and they continued along the coast. I thought I was going to see Army/Airforce choppers, boy was I wrong! Still freaks me out all these years later.

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