The Lion King Official Trailer

The Lion King Official Trailer

♪♪ SCAR:
Life’s not fair, is it my
little friend? While some are
born to feast, others spend their
lives in the dark… begging for scraps. ♪♪ MUFASA:
Everything you see… exists together in
a delicate balance. While others search for
what they can take… a true king searches
for what he can give. SCAR:
Run away Simba… and NEVER return! MUFASA:
You must take your place… in the
circle of life. [Roar] ♪♪ TIMON and PUBA:
[Singing] [Singing]

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  • Srividhya Jayaraman says:

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    Never Return
    Jungle Ungulafelis
    Male Lion
    Lioness Idle1
    The Lion Place
    Disney’s Aladdin [Music]
    Ungulafelis Idle1
    Circle [Roar]

  • Srividhya Jayaraman says:

    Flamingo Disney
    Gazelle Run
    Run Away Simba Wildebeests
    Never Return
    Jungle Ungulafelis Movies
    Male Lion
    Disney Lion Place
    Disney’s Aladdin [Music]
    Lion King [Roar]

  • When I saw the trailer of the remake Lion King I was so excited to see it. After all, it was one of my favorite Disney's movies I saw as a kid. On that day when I went to see it hoping to see if this movie would be any better than the original, but oh boy was I dead fucking wrong! Reason simple, none of the characters that we know and love didn't fit like original. When it comes with live action or CGI that's base on real life there's nothing I could say about it, but the problem with these characters were animal specially there were base on real life animals?! How's anyone suppose to tell their expression when they literally no different than the real animals in real life. That right there no one especially the fans wouldn't able to tell unless they were zoo keepers, train professional or at least have the knowledge of animal behavior otherwise no one can understand these characters feelings at all.

    Granted thou, I do like some characters when they give some wisdom to young viewers specially children whom they have yet know the meaning of life and death. Reach is stand able, but it can't be just that, we need a good comedy scene what's funny like rafiki hitting simba with his walking stick to get his point, responsibility to show a proper discipline when Mufasa told Simba not go in the out lands which he knew he did wrong which he was ashamed of, a good romantic scene with Simba and Nala when at first they just flocking round the grasslands, playfully teasing one another and then just a slight incident they got to close while without realize one another how beatiful or handsome in one's eyes and the most importantly Simba express what he learn to reflect what he learn and experience of his journey to help him to get where he is now.

    Scar in the remake if I am honest fits perfectly as the true villain unlike his animation counterpart. He show us how ruthless , cruel and no sympathy for everyone but his own. The fact he came to the out lands to meet lion enemy hyenas and have them to join him for his cause which is a good treachery. Exchange for their services, he would provide them a place in the pride lands and allow them to hunt for food wherever they want despite without realizing this would damage the ecosystem. He was very deceitful to fool everyone to hide his crime he committed while making it seems Mufasa death was an incident and trick Simba to make himself for the blame of his father death. The best part was Scar actual fight for once instead run away unlike his counterpart. If there is one thing I'm disappoint with the remake Scar is when he sang the song Be Prepare it sucked bad while his animated counterpart song was the real deal that I like.

    For the critics out there who saw or yet to see it, I share my option with you too how god awful it is especially it lack being joyful, artful and having a soul at all like the original Lion King. For people who makes movie should not just do it for the money, but for the fun spirit of it and after all that's how the previous movies who made that way.

  • Not even near as good as the cartoon was…dont go and see it in movie. Wait for download or rent it. I really meen it when i say the carton from 1994 was much more good in action drama and the evil song fron scar who was the real actor sound and we all know him from die hard 3… was really disappointed how they did not do the real disney deal…i mean a uncle who killed his brother and then wanted to kill his brothers son to rule. Can you get more evil drama then that. Even the Aladdin did rhey get much of the cartoon. But this lion king movie i give it a rate 1 of 5

  • Srividhya Jayaraman says:

    Hyena Walk
    Gazelle Run
    Run Away Simba
    Hakunna Matata
    Male Lion
    Lions Kings Drinks
    Ungulafelis Idled

  • Just watched this yesterday, although the obvious is that it is no way as good as the cartoon however I will definitely buy it on DVD/Blu Ray and will watch it again so yes thank you for the remake, nostalgia was deep whilst watching this movie.

  • Everthing in this movie is like real. But all male lions don't hav testis prove that this is not complete real . 😂😂😂

  • Srividhya Jayaraman says:

    Life’s not fair
    My little
    Other lion speed
    Run away simba
    Mufasa task your place
    Zebra music
    In the circle of life
    Lion roar

  • Mohamed AL mahfood says:

    Great movie .. The best film for Disney Live Action in my opinion and the same level of the original anmation movie

  • i saw this yesterday,but…nothing beats the original. one positive note, they did use some of the original's music in this version. But it just didn't have that same touch.I think even kids of today, are still likely to prefer original over this ' remake '.

  • Honestly I haven't seen the movie yet or this trailer completely but i would be really excited if Simba's dad would have Liam Neesons Voice.

  • Let me start by saying I love The Lion King whether it be part 1 Timon and Pumbaa or Simba's Pride I'm enjoying the movie so far I just wish they would have used the voices for the characters from the first one that's the only constructive criticism I have for the movie I'm a sucker for a movie with talking animals any way anyways I definitely hope they make a sequel

  • لؤي حاصوفي says:

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  • Mufasa: as king the one thing I was most proud of: having you as my son
    Simba: that was a long time ago
    Mufasa: no simba that is forever

  • This was the worst thing I've ever seen. Worse than the cartoon in every single way. It's like watching a nature documentary with bad voice-over. No facial expressions, no funny and silly scenes, worse script, worse voices.. The only thing that's amazing is the technical achievement. Now I'm gonna go and re-watch the cartoon so I can love and appreciate it even more.

  • Fultonfalcons86 says:

    First off who ever cast these voice actors needs to be fired it absolutely was not correct Nathan Lane and all of the original cast should have had the chance to reprise their roles especially Jeremy Irons as Scar ………And I really do not care if it offends anyone or not………..

  • This movie lacked all the heart from the original. And that shitty "spirit" song from beyonce fucked up an emotional scene, that bitch pluged that trash song as a requirement to do the voice for Nala and still managed to butcher the character. Simba's voice by that other retard Glover sucked ass, it was like he had a carrot in his ass during his performance. Scar voice was terrible. In general all the voice acting was bad, Erl Jones sounds like he doesn't want to be there. Movie starts frame by frame and then near the end starts doing it's own thing with that, yet again, shitty song from beyonce. If you are going to do a movie frame by frame, then do it frame by frame.

  • This adaptation SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!
    first beyonce is fucking singing and the voice actors is no where NEAR as good as the original cast.
    where the 1994 lion kind was about emotions and acting through a childs movie it's the 2019 movie out for money and bad acting.
    It's sound like the actors just doing it for a work not for something that will live on for a very long time.
    final verdict: 1994 was one of my favorite movies I was born 1980 total was the movie 9/10
    2019 whit the bad singing and actting 3/10 this movie should have never been realsed in my OPINION.

  • I will watch the old lion king over the new one any day n many times .. just couldn’t feel the same emotions in the new one

  • i wanted to see a better feeling in their faces, it was very real and their faces didn`t make me feel good, it was just wonderful special effects!

  • How is this not a complete RIP- OFF of Dinah Maria Mulock Craiks' "The little lame Prince"? Please someone tell me that this storyline is derived from the 1928 classic and she got the credits bc the"screenwriter" is somebody else.

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  • This movie was great except for a few things, beyonce as Nala is one. I love beyonce but the whole point of musicals is to make your voice fit the character and that wasn't Nala, It was straight up Beyonce. Unnecessary runs and all. We all know Beyonce can sing like a goddess but musicals are about voice control. That spirit song ruined a classic moment too.

    The two male hyenas were lacking.

    And scar's major song with the hyenas (my favorite song) was the biggest let down of all.

    Also Rafiki singing that nonsense in the field? Huge let down not adding it in.

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