The John Muir Trail—One Man’s Walk

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  • Tim, Well done! It looks like you had an amazing time despite the fires that year. Do you mind my asking how old you were when you did this trip? I am looking at turning 60 in June and in my youth I did a lot of Sierra backpacking and finding I am drifting back towards it again! Again, Nice work!

  • Pushkar Pandit says:

    Brilliant video. Just curious, on occasions you took detours like the clouds rest one and camped at those places. Don't they need permits?

  • You got some absolutely great pics and video on this trip. Ill be going Northbound out of Cottonwood lakes this Aug, so I really enjoyed this video, its very close to the itinerary I have planned, with many of the same campsites and just about the same time frame of trip +/- 22 days total. Thanks very much for sharing, if I have half as good a time as you seem to have had, Ill call it a huge success.

  • What bus transportation did you take from Reno to Lone Pine? I'm finding it hard to find any type of transportation into Lone Pine

  • This Corner of the World says:

    So glad I discovered this beautiful videography. Thanks for sharing your work. Spectacular views and photography to match!

  • Really good job! Very informative and you got some great shots, but then that's not hard to do given the location!

    I've done the Mist Trail, Clouds Rest, and Cathedral Lakes…maybe someday I'll tackle the JMT

  • Bryan Stewart says:

    Nice!! love the images! I'm a photographer by trade…. what camera were you using. I'm not thrilled to take my huge DSLR out on the trail..

  • THIS is one of my FAVORITE JMT vids on YouTube…no obnoxious music and unecessary chatter to spoil the peaceful visual beauty and serenity of the hiking discovery…YEA!!! Thank You for sharing…subscribed. I've yet to go, but I hope to do my own NOBO in 2018.

  • Carolyn's RV Life says:

    Hey, I know you!!!! Great video but it's hard to watch. My heart aches to be back on the trail. This was so well done, I felt like I was there again… almost!!
    Hope you're well!

  • Anthony Bruno says:

    Wow I believe if our itineraries were just a few days differently we would have crossed paths around Tuolumne Meadows and the cathedral lakes. Great video thats got me wishing I was dealing with smoke all over again. Some of those helicopters were actually filling buckets over at May Lake and made for quite the morning wake up.

  • Hi Tim, and thank you so much for posting your amazing video. I found it when my husband and I first starting researching doing the JMT over a year ago now and your video was both inspiring and gave us a great idea of what the trail was like. As we were coming from the UK we had little idea of what to expect before watching. We completed the trail this summer NOBO and will be watching the video again when we feel nostalgic for the Sierras:)

  • Mountain Fisher says:

    I hiked the JMT twice, 1971, 1st time in early June and I needed crampons and ice ax. Second time was in August, '72 and it was fairly easy, but bears were a bigger problem, but l learned from my first hike to carry firecrackers and that scared them off, but firecrackers are illegal in CA as are so many things.

  • I’m planning my hike for 2018. Not only was your film informative but also beautifully done. Thank you so much for creating this movie!

  • Nice to see a Moss tent. Almost looks like he chose the colour to blend in to the JMT. Some years ago his widow was looking for pictures of Moss tents in site – for a book, I think.

  • Great video! I like the information you provided….a big help in planning a hike! If you get a chance, check out my Youtube channel!

  • This is the way I want to go. Great video and I love the way you include the google earth part. I was straining my eyes on my computer zooming in and out on the trail! lol It's much easier just to watch your video. I really hope I get a permit for this August and September 2018! Forester Pass looks so scary. I hope I don't get vertigo. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  • Great video. I plan to make this trip, south to north in early July 2018. One question, was your permit applied for through the lottery, or did you pick up on sight? I would appreciate any insight you have on this. Thank you, Dave

  • Good video! I plan on doing this exact route last 3 weeks of 
    September – can I ask you, in your itinerary, you listed some sites twice. Were these zero days or just entered twice to fill up the itinerary list? Thanks.

  • Hey Tim. Great video. Enjoyed your insights, photography and the music. Too bad you encountered all the smoke, but glad to see you took it in stride.

  • Thorvaldur Thorsson says:

    Great to see this. I am from Iceland and I have gotten my solo permit from Cottonwood to Yosemite and am planing the whole trip. It was great to see your video specially the Google earth thing. That was very well done and gives your a kind of feel for the land. My permit is for August 9. 2018.  Thank a lot. Olli Thorsson

  • Thanks Tim for an outstanding video, very usefu land informative for possible NoBo permit hunters. Super music as well. You imply that you spent two nights at Cottonwood pass trailhead campground. I understood that one was limited to one night? I am a bit concerned about dealing with the altitude, I've never been at such elevations, let alone hiked at them. So, if doable I'd like to spend a couple of nights at the trailhead to get a few more red blood cells.

    Thanks again, Teribus

  • Nirmal Vuppuluri says:

    Hi Tim, Congratulations on your hike and the wonderful video journal. I'll be doing the JMT NoBo this year in August/September. I have a rather mundane question – I noted from your video that you used public transportation from Reno to Lone Pine (I plan to do that as well). I'm wondering how you handled your transportation from Yosemite Valley to Reno Airport. I know YARTS runs buses from the Valley to Mammoth Lakes via Lee Vining on weekends only in September. Since you finished your hike on September 11, 2015, which was a Friday, I'm wondering if you waited until the next day to catch that bus out of the Valley. Or perhaps, you have other suggestions. Thanks for your time & Happy Trails!

  • Amazing!! So beautiful. I plan on doing the same route as you. How many miles was it from the trailhead to rock creek?

  • Wonderful documentary! Excellent videography! This is exactly how I envisioned my hiking videos would look like. Wow, I'm glad you created this! Any info you can share about how you did the Google Earth animation and overlaid tracks would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thank you for making this video and helping me better remember my own JMT hike. What an unbelievable experience! Happy trails!

  • William Fraser says:

    Terrific , infomative and enjoyable to watch. THANK YOU for sharing your adventure with me. It helped me plan my NOBO JMT for Sept 2018.

  • Stephen Accomando says:

    I hiked the JMT in June '83 as a high school kid with two buddies. I'm about to try it again in a week or two. I do have a question that I couldn't find asked in the comments…

    Where did you stash your pack in Crabtree Meadows, while summit'ing Whitney? And, were the bear boxes hard to locate and use?? Much obliged and GREAT work on the video… top notch.

  • This is one of my favorite JMT videos. Thank you for sharing! Question: your permit was easier to get going northbound than south? Don’t you still have to make reservations for camps like little Yosemite valley? Also, do you think late August is the best time of year to hike the trail? I’m thinking of doing it in 2019

  • That was amazing Tim. I’m inspired d to one day follow your footsteps and complete this Hike. It looks shamazing…. I’m going to research it to death. Planning begins for me to undertake this in 2 years time. 2020.🔔🙏🏿💪🏿👣🌲🌎🧗🏿‍♀️🇬🇧🇯🇲 Any advice referencing?

  • Excellent job of documenting your trail hike. Good tip to exit for clouds rest.
    I got block from my JMT THIS YEAR. 3 days of heavy snow 10.5 thru 10.7. Exited trail. If you are still checking this site, give me a shout back. I'm going to restart 9.1.19 for 21 days. I was going to due sobo but after watching your nobo hike.

  • Hi Tim, I just stumbled upon your video about your hike. I love it. I have hiked around Yosemite 3 times in the last 10 years and I really want to do the John Muir Trail. This video has inspired me. I made a video of my 2010 trip but it is by no means of the quality of yours. I loved seeing the same views of your trip when you got to Yosemite. As a fellow east coaster I appreciate the time you took to accomplish the journey. I hope to do this hike in the next 5 years. Can I ask if you would be willing to share some of your planning notes. In your video you said you had planned it for 6 months. my email is [email protected] It would be great to pick your mind. Thanks again for sharing this video. Rob

  • Wow, beautiful! I walked the trail southbound in 2010 the very same time of year. No smoke on my journey, but I several days of challenging weather including summiting Mount Whitney at about 5am in a sideways snow at 12 degrees F! I liked the view up there during your hike better. : – D While any video or photos of the JMT is breathtaking, I was so impressed with the video you put together. It reminded me of public broadcasting documentaries! Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. PS – I walked up Half Dome on my hike, but I hear it became much more highly restricted shortly after the year I went. Seeing your video of Clouds Rest however has me really excited to take that same detour next summer when I walk it again with my husband this time! I'll be bringing a fishing line as well. Thanks again.

  • Jungle D Backpacking Wanderer says:

    Hey Tim,
    I’ve watched many JMT videos and yours is by far my favorite. Listening to your voice as you are overcome by the beauty of clouds rest is unmistakable and my favorite part of the video. With that said, I am inspired to attempt it. I have a novice experience level but the planning is intimidating. Although I am relatively young, my body is beginning to fail me so, time is of the essence. Thank you again for the inspiration. ✌️

  • You know? I've seen that photo of TR and John Muir a thousand times and for some reason I never noticed you. With all the equipment and supplies you carried you are one spry gentleman. Outstanding work. Everything about your video is wonderful. Thanks.

  • Unreal video Tim. Such a great perspective to see the wilderness without the snow. Now I don't know weather to go sobo or continue on with my nobo plans. Lot's to think about. Thank you.

  • Tim, absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Oh, Teddy & John, thanks also for all you did oh so long ago.

  • Hey Tim,
    One of the best compilation’s of the JMT that I’ve seen. Well done! So cool to see some of the places I’ve trek through. (PS horsemeadow start was a good call).

  • Gary Greenfield says:

    Your is my favorite JMT video. Your video production is a lot of work in itself Great mix of trail paths with Google Earth, camp sites, and photography. Easily the most helpful hike planning video I've come across yet. I appreciate your gratitude of the historical effort that went into planning and blazing and maintaining the JMT, and your respect for nature and the environment. Well done!

  • EXCELLENT photography, great narration. The BEST video I have seen of the JMT. I am saving as a guide for my hike September 2019. I too will be a solo NOBO hiker. 21 days looks like a safe pace.
    Thank you for your work!!!

  • Beautiful trip through an outstanding area. Excellent cutting. And with the best quote ever at the end 😉
    Thx for sharing your great experience!

  • Jim Kanzelmeyer says:

    Tim what an outstanding presentation of your journey! Thank you so much for sharing your experience on the awesome JMT with us!

  • Fantastic video!! One of the best I’ve seen of a JMT thru-hike! I intend to do this hike in 2020, and I will study your camping choices, which I like the look of. How did you make the gps visual overlays on the Google Maps images? Very impressive video – I found it very entertaining!! Thanks for making it!!

  • John Simpson says:

    That was a beautiful video. Amazing pics and videos, very well edited and thoughtful narration. And you filled it with such valuable information for those planning a tip to the JMT. And the Google Earth screen shots were awesome. Thanks for your labor of love! Happy trails.

  • Halffastcyclist says:

    Good trip — thanks for pointing out Fin Dome. If you had taken the opportunity to climb a couple of the side peaks (e.g. Ritter. Dana, Lyell, Cathedral Peak) when you found your self ahead of schedule, the ridge up to Clouds Rest wouldn't have been so intimidating.

  • Thanks for posting, amazing video. Pity about the smoke. It is always nice to see a quality video like this with great narration and footage that is not full of selfies !!

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