The JFK Documents ‘IF’ The Truth is Told?

The JFK Documents ‘IF’ The Truth is Told?

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date. In this video we are going to talk about the
ever controversial assassination of JFK. President elect Donald Trump has issued a
statement saying that he will release all the documents held by the CIA concerning the
murder of JFK. They have however been scheduled for release
since 1992. Probably one of the most defining moments
for the US as a country, if the truth comes out it could have huge ramifications. But this is if! We need a question to continue and that question
is, if the truth has already been told? Everett Howard Hunt Jr better known as E.
Howard Hunt was an American intelligence officer and writer. He had served as an officer in the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA). Hunt was part of the Nixon administrations
fix it team known as the “plumbers. This secret team of operatives fixed white
house leaks – The real or perceived causes of confidential
administration information being leaked to outside parties. I love how obvious these spies and governments
agents are with their given code names! Hunt and a partner planned and carried out
the Watergate burglaries along with other undercover operations for the Nixon administration. On his death bed in January of 2007, The CIA
master spy, Hunt, confessed to being involved in the assassination of President Kennedy,
he also named several other participants in the assassination. His son Saint John had a collection of notes
and recordings. In one of these audiotapes recorded in 2004,
Hunt describes how he had been invited into the “big event” at a Miami safehouse in 1963. He listed the other coconspirators in the
plot. These are the men that could organize and
possibly carry out an act as heinous as killing the president U.S elect. 1. Frank Sturgis, an anti-Castro paramilitary
closely associated with Hunt. Sturgis was also a Watergate burglar. 2. David Morales, Chief of Operations at the
CIA’s JMWAVE station in Miami. 3. David Phillips, a CIA propaganda specialist
and later the Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division. He was also assigned to Mexico City this is
the same time as the recorded trip of Lee Harvey Oswald to the city! 4. Antonio Veciana, a Cuban exile leader of Alpha
66. He was claimed to have singled out Lee Harvey
Oswald to be contacted by Phillips. 5. William Harvey, a CIA officer who ran the
ZR/RIFLE “executive action” program. Harvey sent sabotage teams into Cuba during
the 1962 Missile Crisis and in doing so alienated himself to the Kennedys. 6. Cord Meyer, a high-level CIA officer whose
ex-wife just happened to be having an affair with JFK.
7. The French Gunman on the Grassy Knoll. Hunt included an unnamed French hit man who
he claims shot from infamous grassy knoll. 8. Lyndon Johnson, Vice-President. Is the most shocking name, and there is another
videos worth of content on his goings on when he took power. Hunt says his participation was not active
but he was considered a “benchwarmer “in the plot. Hunt did not make any claims which could be
used to prove his allegations, he did however, name the people that have all been suspects
in the assassination for some time. In the “smoking gun” tape which when played
became a major part in him being removed from office, President Richard Nixon spoke of Hunt:
He then ordered the Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman to give a message to the then CIA Director
Richard Helms. He asked Helms to intervene in Watergate investigation
and stall the FBI’s investigation, because the message said “the President believes
that it is going to open the whole Bay of Pigs thing up again.” Haldeman’s book The Ends of Power described
the’ reaction to the message: “Turmoil in the room. Helms gripping the arms of his chair leaning
forward and shouting, ‘The Bay of Pigs had nothing to do with this. I have no concern about the Bay of Pigs’.” Haldeman later formulated the belief that
the “Bay of Pigs” referred to the assassination of Kennedy. The lack of corroboration has led to Hunt’s
story has been challenged due to Inconsistencies in the claims and the failure of Hunt to provide
any details of his activities in 1963. Is Hunt’s confession the truth? Many people will dismiss the confession choosing
to see the whole thing as a “last laugh” from a man who hated Kennedy with a passion. The old spymaster did however think that he
was dying at the time of the recordings. And it’s at this time his eldest son came
to visit. He was suffering with lupus, pneumonia, cancer
of the jaw and prostate and gangrene from the amputation of his left leg. He was a seasoned man who had long served
his country and sensed the end. He had been instrumental in the violent removal
of elected leftist president in Guatemala and assisted in the subterfuge leading to
the murder of Che Guevara. Pondering his Years of action and dedication
to a cause he had once believed in, and now facing the end maybe he felt he need to validate
his actions by sharing them with his son? So propped up in his sickbed with pen and
paper on his lap, his son next to him, He may have been truthful about the events that
he participated in, and a plot to kill the president. So is there more evidence than this, which
could be released by trump? Maybe a better version of the Zapruder Film? This film could be considered the most important
26 seconds in the history of film Shot in the hot midday sun of Dallas on that
historical day of November 22, 1963. Abraham Zapruder a humble dressmaker could
not have known that the Twenty-six second film would show one of the most historic and
horrific series of images put to celluloid, a full colour documentation of a presidential
assassination. What is not common knowledge, is that a single
frame of this film was kept secret from public viewing for 12 years following the assassination. Frame 313 is the number of the frame that
gave Abraham Zapruder recurring nightmares. This frame withheld from the public at his
request. Errol Morris a noted documentary film maker
said “We like to feel that the world is safe,”
“Safe at least in the sense that we can know about it. The Kennedy assassination is very much an
essay on the unsafety of the world. If a man that powerful, that young, that rich,
that successful, can just be wiped off the face of the earth in an instant, what does
it say about the rest of us?” Most have now seen The Zapruder film with
15 million+ YouTube views alone. The haunting images of a motorcade led by
two open-top limousines driving at a stately pace through a plaza lined with people. The black Lincoln Continental with JFK and
his wife, Jackie. Showing them waving to onlookers as the motorcade
heads for the locally known “the triple underpass”. We see JFK’s car emerge from behind a sign
that had been blocking the view for a short time. Then suddenly, we see JFK grab his throat. Jackie leans over to him. An instant later, in the infamous Frame 313,
a bullet strikes JFK’s head. We see his head explode and be thrown back. Jackie Kennedy then frantically crawls over
the rear seat grasping a piece of her husband’s shattered skull. The impression given is that the gun blast
came from in front of JFK resulting in his head being blown backward. Some experts claim that this is an optical
illusion JFK had actually been hit from behind this,
slamming his chin forward and into his chest, his head was then seen recoiling backwards
in the film making it look like the shot hit from the front. We could get into the ballistic oddities of
the murder but that would make this an extremely long video and take us away from the opening
question. What will Trump release and was Hunt telling
the truth? I believe the Warren Commission finding of
Lee Harvey Oswald, as the lone assassin is wrong. Then if he was not was the lone gunman who
else could it be, do we have that evidence from Hunt? I think so, how about you? Please leave your thoughts in the comments
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  • do you remember seeing 4 passengers or 6? During the 70s, the footage was on the tv frequently as a subject, and it always showed 4 passengers, and it was always in black and white. But since the CERN experiment of sept 2015, it suddenly shows 6 passengers in the footage and it's in color now, and it looks like Jackie might've shot JFK. (watch her hands closely in the new color version) If you are 50 or older, do you remember 4 people or 6 people in the car?

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