The Famous Seiko Diver Recreation – SLA033 Review

The Famous Seiko Diver Recreation – SLA033 Review

hi welcome to watch wise today we have a
very special piece for you we’re going to be doing a review of the SLA033 this is a very faithful recreation of the 6105 and a very
quintessential Seiko divers piece this was announced at Basel 2019 and is
limited to 2500 pieces picked took the original picked of the nickname as the
Willard and the watch was seen on the wrist of Martin Sheen on Apocalypse Now
it’s a bit got a bit of a cult following and it’s the originals from 1970 so
let’s dive in to this review so it was this watch the 6105 that was thought
to really inspire that iconic turtle case shape that we have now the turtle
wire on the subjects is basically a case shape of watches and Seiko fans gave it
the nickname as the turtle and due to the fact it looks like a turtle’s shell
and with that it’s thought that seeing a turtle during a dive is good look so
that means yes la 0 3 3 is a lucky watch if you happen to be wearing it the case
comes in at 45 millimeter and put is only 13 millimeter in thickness and with
that case shape and that crown at four o’clock it’s it’s very tight against
your wrist and and actually sits really well and could be worn with a suit or
casual the watch is a 200-meter diver and saison that kind of matte black
which looks very deep with that Lumiere bright popping out just say that’s die
200 meter on there for anyone that is familiar with the original it does feel
a little empty does a dial because on the original it did have the sewer logo
on there and it said 150 resist I believe there were earlier versions
which actually said 150 meter proof and I think those are very hard to get your
hands on so a couple other upgrades with this particular watch is the dual curved
sapphire crystal in comparison to the original hard Lex the case also benefits
from the rat sue finishings has that kind of very mirrored finish to it the
movement has also been upgraded it is now an 8 l 3 v movement this boasts a
power reserve of 50 hours and is just kind of a toned-down gram sacral
movement one critique for me really is the although I really like this kind of
waffle style strap and the way it sits nicely on the wrist with this raised
central points is is very long is is a strap I’ve seen many people want to it’s
very similar are the same as the SLA is 0 to 5 and many people wanted to cut
that down but there’s not really an opportunity to do so saying all that
this this does come in with all these upgrades at a higher price point than
the original 6 105 and it’s more a price point of around the 62 mass so less
expensive them the SLA is 0 to 5 with that I actually have seen the prices of
the 6 105 increasing because of the announcement and release of this
particular watch and I’m sure to fans of the original and new fans they will love
this watch and the way it sits on the wrist and the way it has a very kind of
vintage style look to it but a modern take on it
so with there only been 2500 pieces I’m sure they will be snapped up
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19 thoughts on “The Famous Seiko Diver Recreation – SLA033 Review”

  • Are they going to just slap that 8L35 movement in the case unregulated like the marine masters or are they going to regulate these?

  • Craven Raven says:

    Excellent review and presentation – and thanks for this! Now awaiting to see one in person before taking the plunge. It seems as if it will hold its value and be a good investment – as I doubt Seiko will ever release another – I hope they don’t! – that doesn’t mean this will be purchased as an investment – certainly not as there are obviously others out there for this purpose – but it’s an added bonus knowing this – we have all had rainy days. – lovely lovely watch – which wouldn’t look out of place with a suit – cuff links etc – ‘it’s gleaming like the door of a whore house’ – to quote Henry Fonda!

  • Craven Raven says:

    Would love to see a review of an Astron – and it’s for and finish compared to a GS or other higher end watch – and of course The Arnie – a watch people are going crazy over – which would be a more massive hit if Seiko actually paid Arnie to model it!

  • Man I want one so bad! Hard enough to get an original because of my budget and this new one cost too much for me 😢

  • Albert Hyunjae Lee DC DPM says:

    Price is steep but comparing to Swiss counterpart, you can get much more for 4k. It is one of the most iconic Seiko diver that was ever created. For limited edition of 2500 pieces, I believe that the price is justified

  • Miroslav Kubíček says:

    Any idea what is the bezel insert made of? Is it hardlex or sapphire or ceramics? Since Seiko is not bragging about it being made of ceramics (as they are in case of the new prospex line), I am assuming it is still the easy-to-scratch hardlex?

  • Forget it. Get an SRP777 instead. The Turtle re-issue. Much much cheaper, you can beat it up and not baby it.

  • Don't get me wrong the finish and the look of this watch is beautiful. I believe at this price point the bezel insert is a let down – I dont know the rationale as to why they didn't use ceramic or sapphire.

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