The city where DOGS ARE ILLEGAL | Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

43 thoughts on “The city where DOGS ARE ILLEGAL | Ashgabat, Turkmenistan”

  • Big love to Lupine Travel for the Tour. Check em Out!
    My Adv. Travel Tips:
    Videos too Raw:
    Chase your fears πŸ‰

  • SAMUNDOKO MarRivera says:

    Turkmenistan is oddly interesting. It truly is a little over the top. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the Darvaza door to hell vlog! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰

  • Nuruzzaman Shaon says:

    Absolutely Paradise…. ❀❀❀as a Bangladeshi guy i dont know why I always feels tons of love for Turkmenistan?? also didnt know Ashgabat was a city of Turkmenistan.. Loooovly place.. Will visit someday Insha Allah…
    Thank you so much for introducing us that lovely cultures….

  • I still wonder how people like Turkmenbasy rose to power, and more importantly, STAY in power. I have a feeling a lot of it has got to do with dictators being far far easier to manipulate by other countries. Especially the mentally challenged ones. The people are people though, as always.

  • Minnie Applepie says:

    I think one of the main reasons why dogs are not allowed because of the Islamic rule and mostly arabic speaking people are Muslims just like here in Saudi Arabia you can’t find dogs roaming around or even in houses & everywhere…

  • Just few days ago me and my fren talking about u mikmik…wondering were u been,what happen to u?im a bit worried,ofC im a fan of fighter boysπŸ’–now happy to watch ur vlog..TC always

  • Once again Mike, thanks for sharing this Video. Interesting though β€œ but not my Cup of Tea . Very best wishes β€œ Have A Wonderful Christmas & Joy , Peace & Prosperous New Year. …Cheers πŸ·πŸ·β€οΈπŸ‘

  • Incredible, man. A very strange city, for sure, but also fascinating. So much opulence and interesting architecture. Your confusion and curiosity, mixed with wonder, makes this video even more engaging. Loved the voice-over as well. You really paint a picture of what the city is like with your words. It's mind-blowing that your VPN didn't even work there. The plov looks delicious, and the fermented camel milk certainly sounds unique! And the Wedding Palace of Happiness is beautiful! But the lack of people on the roads or outside in the public spaces seems quite odd. I can't wait to learn more about Turkmenistan from the rest of the series and your Patreon videos! πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰πŸ‰

  • Wow this place is over the top lunacy to the highest level in my opinion. Its a beautiful city but its empty, sad, strange even the best vlogger like you cant bring good vibes to this place. Really good job Mike in showing the real deal.

  • I think you got the title wrong as they got one of the best dogs which called Alabai and dogs are very valuable, you got wrong info and spreading completely wrong

  • Another travel vlogger who went to the new side of the city and made a video like tens or even hundreds of others about how empty Ashgabat is, even the streets and places you went are the same(park with independence monument, wedding palace and indoor ferris wheel) . Yes we don't go to those places (they are boring) and we don't walk on the streets where there is nothing except new houses with huge distance between them. There are so many places that are full of life in my city but for whatever reason crowded places are not interesting for travel shows and vloggers.
    Btw you were cheated by whoever changed your dollars, 1 dollar equals at least to 17 manats.
    And of course dogs were never banned in Ashgabat.

  • Awkward Aquamarine says:

    Hey, Mike. Great vid as always, though it feels weird seeing massive buildings and statues with virtually no other people or tourists walking about. Anyway, can't wait to see your Russian series with Gareth. I'm subscribed to both your channels. I love both of your contents. Cheers!

  • Hello Mike
    It's an honour that you visited Turkmenistan (my Motherland). There is some wrong information in your video. First of all, dogs are not banned. It was a long ago. Not now. Even you can find people who own a dog in thier houses. Secondly, during the day of course there are few people around but in the evenings you can find a lot of people but I guess you didn't visit the right places. Many of places which you visited are mostly touristic places so there are no citizens at all. But if you had visited the places like Berkarar Hypermarket or Ashgabat Ylham (Inspiration) Park or many other such kinda places, you could have found a lot of people.

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