Thailand Travel Guide: Vacation Trip Things to do in Tour Vlog Places Visit See Best Tip Video Top 5

Thailand Travel Guide: Vacation Trip Things to do in Tour Vlog Places Visit See Best Tip Video Top 5

Welcome to Thailand Travel Guide where all
your vaction dreams come true. I’m on an elephant. This is Bangkok Thailand where we start a
vacation of a lifetime that will change the way you see the world. An hour outside Bangkok is the Damnoen floating
market. The floating market was electrifying and kind
of organized chaos. They had tons of fresh food and spices and
other things to keep you entertained. One thing is for sure I will probably never
get to shop like this again. This was awesome and every day just gets better
and better. Since we planned to do a whole bunch of shopping
later we got our tour guide to take us behind the scenes. Yeah there is a whole floating village behind
the market. At one point we got off the canoe and visited
some of the locals and their pets, btut these arent like any American pets. Oh my gosh. It got your finger. Ah. Tricky little gibbon. There is no shortage of animal to play with
here in Thailand and this snake was the biggest one I vlog so I had to carry it. We got to walk around their house and taste
test the sweets they sold. I recommend a private custom tour guide for
the inexperienced traveller. Ours is George. He showed us to some amazing thai food and
got us the detour to the rest of the floating city. Dang that is some good thai food. Just outside the floating market is the Damnoen
Tiger Zoo. Hanging with Tigers is exhilerating and yet
just feels nice to relax with them. While for some this might be frightening to
me I felt a little closer to my earthly counterpart. Now there are plenty of Tiger exhibits in
Thailand. Most of them places are set up for touristy
photoshoots. I enjoyed the Damnoen Tiger Zoo because there
is a little more focus on interacting and feeding the Tigers yet it isn’t as pictureque
which was fine by me. But yes, they still take plenty of pictures. We fed them milk but you can also feed them
meat one of my biggest regrets from the trip was not paying more to feed them meat. Any way you do it, it is awesome. Now it was back to Bangkok for the Chatuchak
Weekend Market. There are 1000’s of vendors here ready to
bargain shop. Shop anything your heart desires from food
to knock off apparel, to anything.. its all here and on the cheap. Those shoes were like 3 bucks. If you are here on the weekend it is a must
do. The Chatuchak weekend market is awesome. I will put everything I recommend in the description
below with links. My wife loved this specialty shop and why
not its kinda cool your wife will probably like it too. In all Thailand there are plenty of night
places to party it up but my wife and I aren’t partiers so we finished almost every night
with a massage. And why not? This place was 15 bucks for a 2 hour massage. The next morning we started off at Wat Pho. Yes it really sparkles that much. This is the beautiful temple of the reclining
buddha. It is massively impressive and pictures don’t
do it Justice. Just behind the Buddha is a place where people
make offerings by dropping money into pots. Each pot comes with a different blessing but
also helps feed monks. And the grounds are beautiful at this temple,
and kinda fun, and rich with history. Lucky for us we got to witness the annointing
of a monk that day which goes to show this Temple still functions and is not just a tourist
spectacle. As a side note becoming a monk in the buddhist
culture brings a blessing and honor on your whole family. A hop skip and a jump away is the Grand Royal
Palace of Thailand. Once closed off to public decades ago, now
is open and packed with Tourists. None-the-less it is stunning. The palaces beauty and grandeur are enhanced
by its intricate design. With careful planning you can get some amazing
pictures here using the rich variety of colors on the building as a backdrop. Women wear your best dress for this palace
and you might get asked to be in pictures… lots and lots of pictures. Aferall, who wouldn’t want a picture with
a princess in her palace. That afternoon we caught a plane to Chaing
Mai in Northern Thailand. And that night we booked a Thai cooking class
that started with a tour through a local fresh food market. We got to try many of the flavors and got
explanations of the food we would be using that night in our cooking. We also got to see many of the foods we would
not be using… thankfully. I will link to this cooking school as well as
everything in this video below. During this cooking class the instructor teaches
how to make the food then you taste it. Then you prepare it yourself. You do this for 4 dishes then my favorite
part you get to eat at the end of the night or in the middle of the day if you took the
morning class. One of the things I love most about Thailand
is its unique and flavorful food. It seemed like everywhere we went we got such
flavorful food. And once again it is so inexpensive. So I am definitely glad we are learning how
to cook it. I recommend this cooking class over others
for a few reasons. First The facility is beautiful and serene. Second They offer night classes if you want
to do stuff during the day. And third They helped even me cook a masterpiece. Look how proud I am. Remember Thai food can be spicy but they are
aware of that and will help you get through it. Look how proud I am. That night we rested in my favorite travel
hotel I have ever stayed at the Thannatee Hotel. But Luxury Hotels arent my thing. I felt as though an artist captured the essense
of Chaing Mai and made it into this quaint little hotel. I have linked to it below. There is this zen waterfall peaceful waterfall
in the middle of the hotel. You can hear it from your room. And now the elephants! Spending a day with the elephants was the
coolest thing we have ever done and alone is worth the trip to Thailand. Sitting atop the elephants you go for a days
journey crossing rivers, passing through small villages, and climbing forest mountains with
some of the most majestic views you will ever see. And this video is nothing in comparison to
the beauty you will experience in real life. Once again I chose this company amongst other
because of their focus on interacting with the elephants. It doesnt just stop with the Elephant ride. You start by building trust and feeding your
elephant. And boy they love to eat. If you want more time with the elephants they
have two day, week or even month packages to spend a ton of time with the elephants. Around midday you give yourself and the elephant
a mud bath. And they love it. Then hours later you give the elephants a
water bath in the river. And of course a water fight is bound to break
out. The magic is that you make this playful connection
with an animal that just yesterday was a stranger. The next morning we woke up early to catch
the sunrise from Doi Suthep, A buddhist temple in the forrest mountaintops. This travel works out best if you wake up
early for 3 reasons. First, you avoid the huge tourist crowds later. Second, this sunrise ranks with the best of
them. And third, You get to hear the monks chant
their diary rituals early in the morning. Today was a buddhist holiday so I didn’t get
to capture the monks chanting. However, since it was a holiday we went and
made an offering to a monk who gave us a bracelet with some sort of words of a blessing. It seemed very small since we arent of their
faith. Once again our customized tour guide was able
to make this all work out. And I loved our Tour Guide Arnan because he
was a former monk and gave us insight to the monk lifestyle. In fact he also recommended that we stop by
the hidden temple on our way back. This tranquil temple makes it ideal for meditation
and self reflection. And for us it provided vista like we had never
seen. I will link to his Arnan’s company below-
ask for him. Following the hidden temple we made our way
to Long Neck Village. This is one of a few very small villages of
Kayan refugee’s that fled Burma and are now confined to their village. Making the most of their situation they now
gladly show off their style in exchange for an entrance fee. They are happy to take pictures too. So win-win. Also you can purchase any of their hand crafted
goods. And don’t forget to bring treats if you want
the kids to be happy thailand travel guide pictures too We had some time to kill so we hit up this
little tourist area where they make Paper out of Elephant Poo. I included this because it was actually pretty
fun and makes for some great gifts. They take you through the process of sterilizing,
filtering and forming the paper out of poo… and let you Doo it yourself. Lastly before catching our plane to Phuket
we go see a little snake farm. And of course there are all sorts of slithering
and crawling things they want you to play with. But the main feature is their Snake show. Pretty impressive. I wonder how many times they’ve been bitten. The show was so small and personal we were
able to get a few pictures with the snakes. Now what to do in Phuket you need to grab
a Tuk Tuk or ride a scooter around Patong the party city. In Patong there are plenty of shops we found
a knock off shoe vendor that took us back to their storage of a plentiful selection. We also found the Hello Kitty mecca and tons
of other places to spend your money. There is one thing that is time sensitive
that I highly recommend in Patong. It is a specific custom tailor suit shop. They work with your timing to tailor make
a suit for you over the course of a few days and are done by the time you leave. Here you pick your own material and they take
your measurements in one day and then you come back with a template jacket they refine
over the next couple days and so on until your suit is custom fit and you look devonaire. My wife pointed out: this is awesome because
normal shopping is geared toward women. I specifically like this shop linked to below
because they will keep your measurements and if you ever want another they will ship it
to you. There are tons of custom tailor suit shops
some less expensive some better this one is my preference. Just a quick tip: that lower back dip in the
jacket is very important for sex appeal. Pretty awesome for about 230 bucks eh? Since you have time to spend in Patong you
might as well Check Out their Muay Thai fighting. Just a warning this video gets a little violent
if you want to skip go to 14:10. I wanted to put this in the video because
there is something unique for everyone in Thailand. Even for sports lovers. In Patong there are 2 Muay Thai stadiums each
hosting fights on different nights. This was intense. I was loving it. Unlike a lot of american boxing these fighters
actually fight. Which leads to some great action. Aggresive punching and heavy knock outs. Some fights seemed onesided.. which was awesome
and others were even and strategic… which was awesome. Some fighters were technical and some very
flashy. Even the girls gotta dance for that. Speaking of girls. My favorite fight of the night was the women. Check this girl just wail on the other. She didn’t stand a chance but she just kept
fighting. Almost like Rocky… except she loses bad. Well okay actually nothing like Rocky. But either way it’s awesome. If you have any curiosity you should go check
out Muay Thai if for no other reason its just an intense fun night. There are 2 things in my opinion you have
what to do in Thailand. First is the day with the Elephants but just
as important is the Two Sea Tour to James Bond Island. It is nature at its finest. This was my favorite moment in the trip. We were the first to get in our canoe and
what we rowed into was a breathtaking lagoon open up to the morning sky. And as others with us caught up the guide
had us do a minute of silence and you could just hear the noises of wildlife communicating
with each other. Birds and monkeys chattering the water moving
the stillness of the morning. This felt like Nirvana. If you do Phang Nga use the Two Sea Tour and
wake up early but do NOT go by speed boat. The charm of this tour is the kayaks and you
cant use by speed boat and you could see the jealousy of other tourists as we rowed through
caves they couldnt access or we got close to a monkey that they couldnt see. A couple of recommendations. Most people choose between the Phi Phi Islands
and the Phang Nga Bay. Phi Phi is amazing but it gets 3 times the
amount of tourists. If you go Phi Phi go by speed boat and pick
an early tour. I don’t know how but each cave opening seemed
to be a new window to paradise. Next we took the boat to Hong. Its eminence provided us view that… well
just take a look. A vlog turn was an overload of nature to the
senses. Now just take a minute to enjoy the scenery
for a moment. The reason to wake up early isnt just to beat
the tourists (which is important) but some of these caves like the one to the lagoon
can only be accessed at low tide in the morning. To finish the tour of Phang Nga Bay we took
pictures at James Bond Island then made our way to Lawa to play on swings and just chill. Dont let rainy season deter you from going
to Thailand. It normally rains only a couple 30 minute
sessions a day. I even enjoyed the ride home just looking
out at the Islands. Its like the hills of Ireland just sitting
on the Bahama Shores. Our last day in Phuket we spent at our Luxury
hotel Point Yamu by COMO just relaxing. My wife loved this resort. Where else are you going to get such a luxury
hotel overlooking the beach for so little cost. All my recomendations for hotels, things to
do and for filming I have linked in the description below. And more things we didn’t even get around
to. Like this video and Subscribe.

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