Talking About Your Vacation in English – Spoken English Lesson

Talking About Your Vacation in English – Spoken English Lesson

Hi, I’m Gina. Welcome to Oxford Online English. In this lesson, you can learn how to talk
about your vacation in English. Where did you go for your last holiday? What did you do there? Did you have a good time? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to answer
these questions and more in clear, natural English. Did you notice how Jack says ‘holiday’, but
I said ‘vacation’? This is a difference between British and American
English. Both words have the same meaning. Let’s start with some simple language you
can use to start your answer. Begin your answer by saying where you went,
who with and how long for. For example: I went to the countryside with my family for
a couple of weeks. I went to Thailand with a group of friends
for ten days. My girlfriend and I went to Rome for a long
weekend. A long weekend means you go for three or four
days, usually Friday-Monday or Saturday-Monday, maybe because there’s a public holiday on
the Monday. What about you? Where did you go for your last vacation? Who did you go with, and how long for? Pause the video and make your own sentence. If you want extra practice, write your sentence
down. If you really want extra practice, write down
three different sentences! Okay? Next, let’s see how you can talk about what
you did on your holiday. What do you like doing on holiday? Do you prefer a more active holiday, maybe
with lots of adventure sports and activities, or would you rather do something more cultural? Or, maybe you just like relaxing on the beach. Whatever you prefer, it’s good if you can
say something about how you spent your time on holiday. Let’s look at some examples and some good
vocabulary for you to use: I went to the countryside with my family for
a couple of weeks. Mostly, we went hiking in the hills and mountains
nearby. We also just hung out in the village, playing
cards and eating. Do you like hiking? Hiking means going for longer walks, often
in the hills or the mountains. If you hang out, you spend time without having
any particular goal. If you say we just hung out in the village,
you mean that you spent time there in a relaxed way. Let’s look at our second example: I went to Thailand with a group of friends
for ten days. We did some sightseeing in Bangkok: the Grand
Palace, Wat Pho and so on. Then we hit the beaches in Krabi for some
sun, swimming and cocktails! Sightseeing means visiting the famous places
in a city. You can go sightseeing or do sightseeing. For example, if you go sightseeing in Paris,
you’d probably visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and so on. Saying we hit the beaches is a very informal
way of saying we went to the beaches. You could also say we hit the bars or we hit
the clubs. Using hit suggests you’re going somewhere
to party and have a good time, so you probably wouldn’t use it with other places. Let’s do one more example together: My boyfriend and I went to Rome for a long
weekend. We went on a walking tour of the centre and
the Vatican. Mostly, we went to restaurants and cafes and
sampled as much of the local cuisine as we could fit in our stomachs! If you go on a tour, for example a walking
tour, you pay for a guide. Often, tours are in big groups. Do you prefer to go on a tour with a guide,
or do you like to explore by yourself? Sample means to try many different things. We sampled as much of the local cuisine as
we could means that we tried many different dishes. Alright, over to you! What did you do on your last holiday? Did you go hiking in the mountains, go sightseeing,
or sample lots of delicious food? Try to make two or three sentences. Use the language from this section if you
can. Pause the video now and make your answer. Next, let’s see how you can describe the
place you visited in more detail. Can you think of three adjectives to describe
where you went for your last vacation? Here, try to avoid general adjectives like
nice or good. Try to find specific adjectives. Your answer will be more interesting! Let’s look at an example: I went to the countryside with my family for
a couple of weeks. We stayed in a very nice village surrounded
by nice mountain scenery. Do you see what we mean? Saying nice doesn’t say much. This isn’t a very good example. How could you make it better? Here’s one way to improve it: I went to the countryside with my family for
a couple of weeks. We stayed in a very picturesque, sleepy village
surrounded by some dramatic mountain scenery. What do you think dramatic scenery means? It means the mountains were very impressive
and beautiful. Picturesque is another way to say ‘beautiful’. If something is picturesque, it’s beautiful
like a painting. So you can use picturesque to talk about scenery
and places. Sleepy means that the village was very quiet
and peaceful. You can see that using more specific adjectives
like picturesque, sleepy or dramatic makes your answer more interesting and expressive. Of course, you’ll need different language
to talk about different places. Let’s look at another example: I went to Thailand with a group of friends
for ten days. Bangkok is a very cosmopolitan place but it
could be a little overwhelming because there was so much going on! Then we went to Krabi, which has some stunning
beaches. Do you know the meaning of the key words in
this answer? Cosmopolitan describes a city which has many
different people and cultures mixed together. Overwhelming describes something which is
very intense. For example, a city can be overwhelming if
there are lots of people, noises, sights and smells all around you. There’s so much to take in that you don’t
know where to look! Stunning means ‘very beautiful’. Let’s do one more example together: My girlfriend and I went to Rome for a long
weekend. It’s a fascinating place but it’s quite
touristy, too. The best thing was the food, which was out
of this world. Here, we used the adjectives fascinating,
touristy and out of this world. Could you explain what these mean? Fascinating means ‘very interesting’. Touristy describes a place where tourism has
grown too much. Often, if you describe a place as touristy,
you mean that it’s lost some of its original atmosphere. Finally, if you describe something as out
of this world, you mean it’s really good and you enjoyed it very much. Now, it’s your turn. Can you describe the place you visited on
your last vacation? You can use the adjectives and language from
this section, or you can find your own words and phrases. Try to use at least three interesting adjectives
in your answer. Pause the video and do it now, either speaking
or writing. How was that? Remember that you can always review a section
if you found something difficult. Next, how can you talk about what you liked
or disliked on your vacation? What’s the best vacation you’ve ever had? What about the worst vacation you’ve ever
been on? What made these holidays so good or so bad? Let’s see how you can talk about the positives
and negatives of your holiday. Here’s our first example: I went to the countryside with my family for
a couple of weeks. It was relaxing but by the end I was getting
quite bored. This is good, but it’s always better to
add a reason if you can: I went to the countryside with my family for
a couple of weeks. It was relaxing but by the end I was getting
quite bored, because each day was pretty similar. What does that mean, each day was pretty similar? Do you know? It means that you did the same kind of things
each day, so there wasn’t much variety from one day to the next. Let’s look at our next example: I went to Thailand with a group of friends
for ten days. I loved Krabi, because it was like nowhere
I’d ever been before. I wasn’t so keen on Bangkok. It’s a cool place but it’s a bit big and
noisy for my tastes. Saying it was like nowhere I’d ever been
before means that the place you went to was really unique. You can use I wasn’t so keen on… to talk
about something you didn’t like very much in the past. For example: I wasn’t so keen on the food in the hotel. I wasn’t so keen on the museums—I didn’t
think they were very interesting. Adding for my tastes after you give your opinion
shows that this is just your perspective. You would use it after you give a negative
opinion, to soften your idea slightly. For example: It’s a nice area, but it’s too developed
and touristy for my tastes. Adding for my tastes makes this sound slightly
softer and less direct. Okay, let’s do one more example together: My girlfriend and I went to Rome for a long
weekend. I think I liked the general atmosphere most
of all. Walking around the little streets in the centre
felt like being in an old film. I wish it had been less crowded, though. Here, you can use the phrase I liked … most
of all to talk about your favourite thing from your vacation. Use I wish plus the past perfect (had done)
to talk about something in the past which you would change if you could. For example: I wish we’d had more time to explore the
city. I wish we hadn’t stayed in that awful hotel. Okay, your turn again! What did you like and dislike about your last
holiday? Make at least two or three sentences, and
say them out loud. Remember to give reasons to support your ideas. Now, you should be ready to put everything
together into a longer answer. To make a longer answer, you need to: Say where you went, who with, and for how
long. Say what you did. Describe the place. Talk about what you liked and disliked. Let’s do an example using language from
the lesson: I went to Thailand with a group of friends
for ten days. We did some sightseeing in Bangkok: the Grand
Palace, Wat Pho and so on. Then we hit the beaches in Krabi for some
sun, swimming and cocktails! Bangkok is a very cosmopolitan place but it
could be a little overwhelming because there was so much going on! Krabi has some stunning beaches, and I loved
it there, because it was like nowhere I’d ever been before. On the other hand, I wasn’t so keen on Bangkok. It’s a cool place but it’s a bit big and
noisy for my tastes. Do you see how using simple phrases and ideas,
you can build a full, clear, detailed answer? We’ve added some linking words, but otherwise
this is only using language you’ve seen in this lesson. Let’s do one more example. This time, we’ll use original ideas: I went to Siberia by myself for three weeks. I travelled around, did some hiking and camping,
and explored the countryside. I was near Lake Baikal, which is a huge lake
with mountains and villages dotted around the sides. It was beautiful in a wild way, and the emptiness
gave me a real feeling of isolation and solitude. I liked the people I met—everyone was so
open and welcoming. On the other hand, even though it was summer,
the nights were so cold! I wish I’d taken a warmer sleeping bag. This time, I’m using different ideas and
some different language, but I’m still following the same structure. Now, can you make a longer answer like these? Try it! If it’s difficult, review the video or use
a dictionary to get the vocabulary you need. Practise your answer several times, until
you can do it fluently and comfortably. You could also talk about other vacations
you had, not just the last one. If you want feedback on your answer, put it
in the comments. We’ll give you feedback and show you how
you can improve. And remember, you can find many more free
English lessons on our website Oxford Online Thanks for watching! See you next time!

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    I went to Phu Quoc Island with my family with my wife and my son for three days. I really enjoyed my holiday because the weather was very good for picnic, travel to long sea beach and sightseeing. We were surprised by amount of people on the beach. They usually gathered a crowd. after that, we went up to the boat and went to among the sea looking for corals. We were met a lot of local people and tried seafoods. This is interest experience. I think we will be comeback this place as soon as posibile.

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    I went to Bulgaria with my 7 years old daughter for a one week. We back today. We rented a car in Varna and travelled along the Black sea coast. We explored different beaches between Kranevo and Sozopol. We don't like to lie on the beaches and do same things every day. We did sightseeng, visited different cities, swam, played golf, visited a waterpark. The local cuisine is delicious. There are a lot of seafood (but we don't like seafood and we didn't taste it 🙂 ) We tasted salads, meat, potato, pancakes and so on. I liked Sozopol. There are a lot of restaurants, different beaches(we liked Gold Fish beach and Harmanite beach), waterpark, old town and so on. The best hotel we stayed in is a Cristiani hotel: it's very clean and fresh, yummy breakfasts and dinners, lovely staff.

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    I had unforgettable three-days vacation at the end of July. I went to the seaside in Bulgaria with a couple of friends. We stayed in a small village called Kranevo near Varna. Even though it was very short holiday, we spend a great time together. It is obvious that we hit the beaches every day for some sun and swimming. We also played volleyball and board games such as chess and backgammon. For the first time in my life I had octopus but it is not for my taste at all. I like Kranevo but during the summer season this place become very touristy and overwhelming. I wish it had been less crowded, though. From the other hand there was so much to do there. It is really outgoing and you can not get bored. I will definitely go back there one day 🙂

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    At the end of the second semester, our group at university was invited to pay a 5- days visit of both cities. firstly, we stayed two days in Aleppo. we did some sightseeing in some popular touristic destinations like the great castle .. National Park and old mosque and so on. The castle offered an introductory video and free guided tours, but we prefer to use a map provided by the castle to explore the place. then we hit beaches in Ras AL-baseet in Latakia for some sun, swimming and cocktail!
    Aleppo is a very cosmopolitan place but it could be a little overwhelming because there was so much going on! Ras Al-baseet has some stunning beaches, and I love it so much because it was like nowhere I had ever seen before. in addition due to its historical value …. i wasn't so keen on Aleppo. It is a place that has a great historical values but it is a bit big and noisy for my tastes.

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    I went I with my family last week to Birmingham we stayed there for 5 days we visited our friends there ,it's the another family we met them in Egypt we spent a fun time with them ,we did some sightseeing there and we did some hiking around the city and we hit the gardens there we met with the another families ,I like this city it is a very big and international ,global everyone desire to go there and the people very interesting and welcoming ,the lake is very stunning place so that you enjoy with picturesque view ,we sampled there ,I love it pretty much and I wish that everyone to travelled to there

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  • Part 1 Practise
    I went to Cox'sbazar with some of my friends for a half week.
    my classmates and I visited Cox'sbazar in our last summer vacation.
    I was in Delhi with my girlfriend for 2 days of my vacation.

  • I went to a noisy beach surrounded by sea boats. but the place was awesome. Besides the beaches, there were plenty of tribes locality where I hung out and did some stuff in their culture.

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  • Circassian Eagle says:

    Last vacation, I went to Istanbul with my family for a couple of weeks.

    I can tell you that it was the greatest vacation that we ever had before.

    Although Istanbul would seem a bit touristy at first, It still has so many attractive locations where you can experience the beauty of Istanbul.

    Enjoying the warm sunbathe on its beach was the first thing we did when we arrived. After that, we took a walking tour of the old city where we saw these fascinating historical landmarks like Aya Sofia and Al Fatih Mosque.

    Despite the location of our hotel was noisy for my tastes, it was easy to move around the whole city using public transportation. I liked the Turkish cuisine most of all. The taste and flavour were incredible. I wish I hadn't had on a strict diet to enjoy tasting all kinds of Turkish food.

    Genuinely, Istanbul was like nowhere I had ever been before.

  • I went to Malaysia by myself for a couple of weeks. Kuala Lumpur is a huge city, bustling and international city. Besides, it's famous for its landmark such as Kuala Lumpur Tower, Petronas Twin Towers as a twin skyscarpers. It is a real 24 hour city and i can meet fabulous people from over the world. Furthermore, i hit all the restaurants and cafes and sampled as much as local cuisine such as nasi lemak and roti canai. Mostly, local cuisine were fit in my stomach. However, the place were not suit with me due of the crowded and noisy. Therefore, i travelled to other states in Malaysia and i found that Terangganu was the best place ever. I did some hiking in Gunung Gajah Terom and camping in there for a few days. After that, i went to exquisite island which is Perhentian Island. This island was superb with a stunning sandy beach and have an awesome activities such as snorkeling and fishing. I liked the people i met because everyone was friendly, welcoming and have a sense of community. At the same time, even though it was summer but the night were so cold and i can heard crikets was chirping. At morning, i can hear rooster crows and watching sunshine from my hostel. Hence, i fall in love with this marvelous island because it was like nowhere i had ever been before. I wish i could stayed in Perhentian Island for a long time but my financial was not allow that.

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    But, why did not we use present perfect when we said: I went to the countryside with my family for a couple of weeks

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  • TBH My whole family n' I went to Cancun We hit the beaches I'm from Mexicos It was the first time in there, Furthermore, We got some tours on a boat as well. Good Times

  • I went to taiwan with my family last month for a couple of weeks. We did some sightseeing in Taipei. Taipei is the Capital city of Taiwan and it is a cosmopolitan place but it could be a little overwhelming there was so much going on? I think I like the general atmosphere most of all. Walking the little street in the centre felt like being in old firm. I wish it had been crowded, though.

    We went to the SunMoonLake which is located in the middle of Taiwan. SunMoonLake is a huge lake with mountains and villages dotted around the sides. It was beautiful in a wild way like a picturesque and dramatic mountain scenery. We took many pictures there and bicycling. We went to the southern of Taiwan which is Kending. Kending is a stunning beaches and we like the Sunshine therefore we hit the beaches for some sun and swimming We just hung out in Kending town and felt relaxed.

    We stayed in a sleepy homestayed and sampled as much of the local cuisine as we could fit in our stomach.

    Our family enjoyed a lot of this vacation and feel happiness out of this world. I loved Taiwan it was like nowhere and I’d ever been before. I wish we’d could have one more time to go Taiwan again and have more time to explore.

  • Hi Gina and Jack. Thanks for the lession, it was useful. English is the official language of 53 countries. I want to study more than everyday. Best regards form Vietnam

  • In my vacation, i went to the some museums, sightseeing in the around of Bangkok. I went hiking and hit a bar. I had a goodtimes

  • Vy Trần Lê Nhật says:

    Tourist traps
    Off the beaten track

    Tourists of interest
    Package tourist
    Tourist resorts
    Guided tourists

    Long weekend
    Out of season
    Local crafts
    Picturesque village
    Horbes of tourist

  • Shraddha Manandhar says:

    I went to Mustang with my family for a week. Mostly, we did a Jeep tour driving through the rugged trails in the mountains with a spectacular view of deserted landscapes and light Tibetan settlements. We also did some sightseeing in the famous Dumba lake and local monasteries around and tasted the local apples and the famous Brandy in Marpha. It provided us with best ever experience to explore the unique Tibetan culture and lifestyles. We really liked the people over there, they were so open and welcoming. On the other hand, though it was not winter, the mornings were quite chilling and we wished we had taken warmer jackets.

  • I went to amesterdam with my family for a week . We visited many nice and famous place there, we really had incredible time there

  • I went to an island resort with my family for a couple of days. We stayed in a bungalow hut fronting the pacific. The view from there was breathtaking that my family wished we could stay longer. It's a laid back island with no bars and sea of tourists on the beach. We spent most of the time swimming, kayaking, and just hanging out on the beach while broiling freshly caught fishes and simply reminiscing our childhood days. It was quite an expensive trip but it was definitely worth it.

  • Few days ago I visited Dhaka city with a group of friends. We enjoyed the time with hung out in different historical places like Shaeed Minar, old Dhaka. Ancient Dhaka is a part of Dhaka city, which has a great historical heritage for building, mosque and famous Mughal foods like Briyani, Lassi etc. Though this place is fabulous it was also a disgusting matter were traffic jam, confined roads,a huge numbers of vehicle, noisy environment also.

  • I went to Spain with my family on our vacation for couple of weeks. We did some sightseeing in Madrid: Main square, opera house and so on. Then we hit the beaches for some sun, swimming and cocktails.

  • Pankaj Khobragade says:

    I went to Andaman Island with my family in last December. It was a long vacation lasted for a complete week. We visited all the beautiful beaches across many small islands of Andaman and also did some water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling etc. Besides this we explored the deep sea through glasswater boat and enjoyed the stunning beauty of the Marine life including the varieties of fishes and others aquatic animals and beautiful and colourful corals. We also sampled the various local cuisine of the island.
    Andaman is a favorite tourist destination for many india people due to it's magnificent beaches, Cristal clear water, healthy ecosystem and flourishing marine life. Beside this it is a sleepy place where you can just relax along the beach enjoying the pleasing sound of water waves.
    The most I liked in Andaman are the different varieties of corals… Picturesque beaches and it's crystal clear water.
    This was all in all a good vacation but I found the place was bit secluded, primitive and sleepy for my taste.

  • Thank you so much for the lesson! Here is my answer
    My husband and I went to Switzerland for a week. It's a wonderful place. We did some sightseeing in Zurich and Bern. Then we went to Interlaken which is very picturesque. Then we went to Murren village surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery. We went hiking in the hills and mountains nearby. I like sitting in trains and watching scenery along the way most of all. I wish we had had more time to explore the country.
    Thank you again for your helping 🙂

  • Saghar Babaheydari says:

    Hi Gina &Jack. Thanks a lot for the lesson.It was very usefull.🙏
    I went to Raamsar( a city in north of IRAN) with my family for one week. We steyed in the cottage at the top of mountains coverd by stunning trees. The best thing was dramatic scenery include sea, trees and mountains. sleepy place. We did sightseeing in Raamsar: the old hotel and the king palace. We also hing out in the city and jungle and hit the beaches for boat riding. I liked Raamsar but I wish I could stay more.
    Thanks for your help.

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