Hey there GRRR Travelers! Today I am here in Taoyuan. I’m here to explore one of the most beautiful
historical town of Daxi. In partnership with the Taoyuan city government
and my two to friends and guides Jeff and Sarah, I’ll be showing you some of the best
things to do, see and eat, when you were in Taxi! Come along. Hey Jeff. I’m excited to take you to my favorite secret
hotspot. OK, let’s go. Christine I’m gonna take you to a coffee
shop, but it’s something really local. It’s one of my favorite coffee shops in
Taipei. This is so cute! I got my own little coffee bag. I suggest you before we go onto the metro,
you take a sip of your coffee. Why? Because on the metro you’re not allowed
to drink. You’re not? We’re not. Hi CHRISTINE- hi Jeff. I’m Sarah, a local of Taoyuan. I’m gonna take you on a tour today. First of all we’re going to get you an Easy
Pass. This is the best pass to get you around in
Taiwan. OK awesome. Then we’re going to transfer it to a bus. How long is it gonna take? I think the bus ride takes around 20 minutes. It’ll drop us off in Daxi, in the heart
of Daxi. We’re on Daxi bridge right now, and Jeff
I did are we here? Well CHRISTINE, this bridge welcomes us into
Daxi. This river that lies underneath is a very
important river to the industry. Why is that? It’s because of the wood industry. Because people use to ship wood from the port
– then they loaded it here and set it off down the river to the port. Why wood? Wood is very important to this town and we’re
going to see why later. So the way to Old Street, we’re going to
cave. Now they have decorated paintings of Daxi. The food, the old street. What’s important about this cave? Well you remember the bridge? The cars go over the bridge and it goes through
the tunnel and then to the old town. The only way into the old town. The only way? The only way into the town. Now it’s turned into a pedestrian walking. On the ancient old trail, so Christine this
is where people used to work on the past. They walk up the old street to the river. Actually they made it really mild and calm.. For example if you are a worker carrying a
very heavy load. Like my back pack your bag right there. Do you wouldn’t feel too stressed because
the steps are quite easy to walk. We are here in does she old market and you
just got a lot of stuff here. Like produce. Look at all this ..seafood, meats, street
food. There’s just so much character here, it’s
still alive! This is what is known as the thousand year
egg. Look at how big the taro is. I got a sweet potato from this vendor back
here and it cost me 35 NT dollars. Wow, it’s really delicious. Right now I’m walking along Daxi old street
or Heping Old street. You notice what’s very characteristic of
this street is it they have these facades. There are over 130 years old and they’re
mostly crafted in a kind of Baroque style. The name plates on this sign our names of
the shops below them. Toys stores, you got wood shops, you got restaurants
and you’ve got some galleries and salons. There’s kind of like the smell come out
of Cedarwood or wood. And it’s because one of the top crafts here
is wood work. The souvenirs that they have are very woodcraft-based. This vendor here is making some kind of herb
for sore throat‘s. It’s definitely like a kind of cough drop
or the herbal version of a cough drop. It’s soft and when you bite into it it’s
like a menthol. That would be a pretty good investment if
you felt like you’re coming down with a cold. I saw a lady on the side of the road selling
ice cream burritos. It’s got Chinese parsley with peanuts and
ice cream wrapped up in a burrito. I would never have thought of putting Chinese
parsley in with ice cream. I’m walking through this place called Maze
Alley, I believe. It’s kind of like a pathway through s residential
area. There are working class people that live here
to used to be working class people that still live in this area. Right off of Daxi Old Street you have this
wonderful brilliant colorful temple. There’s one unusual thing that houses in
inside. There’s just so much going on in this temple. OK so right here in this temple you have fortune
sticks. Do you think about what you want to ask OK
so I’ve got my question right now. I’m gonna mix my sticks and pick one. I’m matching it with the same name and this
is my fortune right here. Becky are you have a collection of the worlds
largest spitting wooden tops. They’re quite large and apparently this
town they also have a top annual top spinning Festival. We’re people come and try and spin those
huge tops. It’s a pretty unusual thing to have in the
temple. We are ZhongZheng park. This park is built by the Japanese. They brought in the concept of parks into
Taiwan. They did? They did. So before the Japanese, the Taiwanese didn’t
have any parks? We didn’t have any parks. There’s even a sumo ring. There is? So we’re entering the word art museum and
it showcases the life of Daxi people and also about the woodcraft. So this chair is actually made from the local
carpenters they do not use a single nail. So this is a wooden toy, the task is to try
to take three pieces separate. Got it out. Hey, what happened to mine? The Dougan is really kind of like this tofu
that is harder than regular tofu. I love tofu and one thing you don’t know
about Daxi it is a tofu town. This is a popular tofu eatery right here. They specialize completely in tofu. They’ve got celebrities up there, or celebrities
. I’ll be coming back later tonight to try some of this. I can’t wait. So I’m at Lai Ma Ma and I have ordered tofu
pudding. Sweet potatoes, taro, and red bean. Along with this soft tofu pudding. I like the tofu, I actually ordered a lemon
type of Sweet water. The taro is really chewy. It’s kind of like boba. The sweet potato is a similar consistency
is the taro. It’s really interesting how they combined
all of these things kind of like a Korean patbingsu or shaved ice. So right now we’re going to go into a shop
which used to be A grocery store. Kind of retains its own old vintage vibe. Come along. Nice to meet you. So this old house is over 130 years old. So recently the government sponsored to repair
this house and it was only recently finished. So these plates and cups were used in the
past, either for their own collections. Another put on display for what they used
in the past. So this is also shared with another local
who has his café here. It’s a way for the old world to merge with
the New World and to still remain relevant in this work in society. It’s all of this is tofu? All tofu products? Tofu paste. Usually we eat it with porridge. This is like a snack. you’d
eat it with a drink, and watch TV. You can hit on these snacks. Really good ones. So many things that can go with tofu. Like at home I just add soy sauce to my tofu. Well, it’s hard like jerky. Like tofu jerky Beef jerky, but tofu. Tofu flavored. So glad he shops or tofu shops and I guess
they make them in all different ways. It doesn’t look like to food because it’s
brown. This is the regular dougan. This is the what? The vegetarian chicken. ..Intestines. Oh yeah? And stomach. Oh my God and what’s that one? That is the tofu. We ordered this order right here and this
is a combination of all of those. Oh wow this is a huge plate of tofu. We are now having the representative of Dashi,
the dried been curd. Delcon. Here we kind of phrase the tofu. Braised the tofu, so that’s why the dark
color. And it’s usually brown. Yeah it looked kind a looks like sausage. It’s not sausage, it’s always sauce. The quality of the tofu is what creates the
flavor not the sauce. The church sauces of these vendors signature
sauces of these calendars. What is a good tofu? A good tofu should be soft, fluffy,
the time they braise it is the most important element of making the tofu. This was like a darker color it’s harder. And when it’s white or not fairly dark,
it’s softer. It means it wasn’t bridge braised that much. Well I’m going to try it first plane and
then I’m going to go in for the spicy. The tofu feels kind of fluffy. Soft fluffy Exactly. I can’t believe this is tofu. Look this even jiggles. It’s like Jell-O. Spicy? I feel like my eyes are going to start watering. I don’t eat spicy food so I never tried
that. How spicy do you get Jeff? I could get a bunch of it. Cool calm collected? I’m good. The spice hits you and it kind of subsides. Maybe it’s because of the tofu? The top is all the magic. Cheers! Super good I got a chewy one Mine is nice and fluffy. So, let me know what you think about Daxi
would you like to visit? Let me know in the complex but low. Also check out my links. I’ll shoot you out to say we can learn a
little bit more about Daxi. To then travel safe smart and fun I will see
you in Daxi. May the GRRR with you. This is like the Dougan dog. Check back for more GRRRLTRAVELER videos to
take you inside my solo travel adventures. As always links in the description box below. Until then travel safe smart and fun and made
the GRRR be with you

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  • thanks for another great tour in another part of the world Christine. You are so inspiring and hope to meet ya some day. Grrrl, safe travels 🙂

  • GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa says:

    REMEMBER TO LIKE & COMMENT ~ Let me know what you thought of this video! This Tofu town is one of #Taiwan's best kept secrets! Move OVER Stinky Tofu– there's a unique house specialty this town is known for!

    In partnership with the Taoyuan City Goverment, I filmed a travel guide, exploring Daxi for two days– on my own and through their Daxi Free Walking Tour. Yes, FREE TOUR!!! They even shuttle you from Taipei! Links in description box

  • Joseph Bergeron says:

    You're in TAIWAN?!?!?!?!!!! Awesome! Hope you love it here. Check out Xiaowulai waterfall, Daxi Tea Factory and Sankeng Old Street if you're staying in that area!

  • Daxi looks like a beautiful, quaint little town! Taipei was definitely one of my favorite places to visit, and it looks like next time I head there I will have to check this place out. So many places in Daxi to see. I love how they also have the exercise equipment here in their parks like they have in Thailand and Vietnam. I also was never a big fan of tofu until having it cooked right in Phuket, and now I am excited to try it here, too! I also just love all of the older homes and businesses, and the beautiful art and sculpture everywhere, I can't wait to get back here. I have several friends I want to see in this area and it's been too long since my last visit. You definitely have me motivated to head to Taipei again. Thanks for another great video!!! 💓

  • David Crowle-Groves says:

    AS usual an excellent video,but I think it is fake,every video you are eating and eating but still manage to keep your figure,do you have a clone that does the eating for you? LOL

  • Another insightful video. Can't wait to see bring out more of your travels. I have been following on and off instagram and some were really exciting.
    btw, what was your fortune? Did you get good news?

  • No way! I just just there 2 weeks ago. Taipei is such an amazing city, I miss it so much!

    Love your vids Christine. Can't wait to see more of your Taiwan travels

  • Man i wish we went here too! There was so much we couldnt do on our 7 days in taiwan – tofu pudding eh 🤔 at first I thought it be like yumcha/dimsum style but texture wise kinda like ricey or maybe youve broken it apart..

  • My wife who grew up in Daxi tells me 4 things Daxi known for:
    1. soy beans, bean curds
    2. wood carvings
    3. good water
    4. beautiful women

  • Can't really describe it precisely but your videos and narrations somehow makes you different from the rests. That's your edge. Keep up the great work.

  • Shawna Staggenborg says:

    This is one area I want to travel with my children. We homeschool, and plan to travel to different areas to learn the culture and everything else we can

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