Unbelievable Street Art of MEXICO CITY | CDMX Travel Vlog

Would you like to say welcome to Mexico? Welcome to Mexico Órale güey! Buenos días. Good morning. Day two. Mexico City. Right now we are in Condesa on Calle Amsterdam, and we have an amazing day planned. The whole day we’re going to be exploring Mexico City’s long history of art, but first it’s breakfast time. And there’s […]

What is the Basque Country? | Travel Documentary

Well guys as you can see, we are in yet another incredible place No big whoop you know, what? studying booty, stunning booty, natural booty. Anyways guys hopefully you’re starting to get the picture that the Basque Country is super diverse. It’s got amazing stories, and it’s a place that we’re really passionate about Anyway, dude let’s try […]

Antimatter Rockets: The Future of Interstellar Travel

The Avalon, which is the spacecraft from the movie ‘Passengers’, uses a theoretical type of interstellar propulsion called the Bussard ramjet. It produces electromagnetic fields to collect hydrogen while travelling through space and then fuse the protons to create thrust. The problem is that, with this method, the spacecraft could only achieve around 10% the speed of light. […]


What’s up, guys? We’re Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers And this is the first video in a two-part series about how to book cheap flights. In part two, we’re sharing specific hacks. But in this first video, we’re going to show you some booking sites, which compare flights from dozens of different airlines all around the world. When […]

INDONESIA TRAVEL – BROMO & IJEN VOLCANO – Adventure World travel Vlog#84 – Travel Java Indonesia

Hello lovely peoples! Welcome to Fernweh! I’m Andre and I’m Ramona we are a young couple from Germany and we quit our jobs to travel the world we’re so happy that you are here with us for the adventure of our life After one year Australia we moved further to South-East-Asia Our camera is always with us and […]

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