Can I Get Pregnant From Sitting on My Boyfriend’s Lap? – Your Worst Fears Confirmed

(gentle music) (keyboard keys clacking) – Can you get pregnant from sitting on your boyfriend’s lap? 100%. And here’s how. You’re sitting on your boyfriend’s lap, face to face. He’s wearing jeans, button fly. The manufacturer of the jeans made an error, put too much space in between the buttons. This leaves a gap wide enough for the […]

Backbench Student Full Movie with Englsih Subtitles | Mahat Raghavendra,Pia Bajpai, Archana Kavi

I’m sorry, Karthik. Please, Karthik. I have already apologized. Haven’t I? Look at this coffee mug. Isn’t it beautiful? Yes. What will happen if I drop this? It will break into pieces. – Exactly. We could still put it together. But would it ever be the same again? That’s the fate of our relationship, Priyanka. Hey Vasu, I’m […]

Can you solve the penniless pilgrim riddle? – Daniel Finkel

After months of travel, you’ve arrived at Duonia, home to the famous temple that’s the destination of your pilgrimage. Entering from the northwest, you pass through the city gates and the welcome center, where you’re given a map and a brochure. The map reveals that the town consists of 16 blocks, formed by five streets that run west […]

Pre-existing Medical Conditions and Travel Insurance

Wondering about pre-existing medical conditions? Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions that exist before departure most of which have been discussed, diagnosed, or treated by a doctor. The plan and rate category you are eligible for is determined by your pre-existing conditions. How do pre-existing conditions affect your travel insurance policy? Getting travel insurance is often based on whether […]

My Great Escape: Explore Medan and Lake Toba with The Travel Intern

Changi Airport sent The Travel Intern on yet another adventure to Indonesia, but this time…We’re going to Medan!Here’s how we explored this hidden gem! Before you hop on the plane, grab a warm breakfast! Check out the Butterfly Garden that is home to over 1000 tropical butterflies. Make your way to the Raffles Long Bar for some drinks […]

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