Chirutha Telugu Full Movie | Ram Charan, Neha Sharma | Sri Balaji Video

CHIRUTHA stop here. -How much? -20 rupees. Hello sir? How dare you write bad about me in the newspaper? Leave him. call the police. stop it. Leave him. Move on. You’re unnecessarily confronting Mattu Bai. I feel scared dear. What dear? Do you feel scared? Don’t be scared We should be brave and not be scared. Let us […]

7 Crucial Holiday Travel Tips to Avoid Stress

Let’s face it, traveling during the holidays is the most stressful time of year. Everyone’s traveling on the same dates. The airports are packed with people, and winter weather can cause delays and flight cancellations that ripple throughout the whole world. Before you know it, you’re stranded in the airport; they’ve lost your luggage, and your dream vacation […]

Love You Bangaram Telugu Full Movie | Rahul, Shravya | Sri Balaji Video

Human Being! In this world, he has many specialities than other creature, believe me. Happiness, Anger, Affection, Suspicion, Love, Revenge, to name few of his feelings. While few feelings help us to taste success, the others may drag us to failure. The first feeling in the second category is Insecured. How a computer malfunctions while infected with virus, […]

“Indian Tech Support” | Russell Peters – Almost Famous

Anything Indian people can do I can’t do I’m always impressed whenever you do something intelligent like computers. I’m shit on a computer I’m not good… Are you good on a computer, Edward? You’re Chinese, you better be going computer you You f*cking making them all day the least you could do is be good on them. I […]

Sukumarudu Latest Telugu Full Movie || Aadi, Nisha Aggarwal

Lifelong he made us laugh with boredom jokes, he got promotion and left this world, to spread cheer in heaven, this film is dedicated to ‘Suthi’ Velu uncle, wishing him another life of comedian to spread laughter…Film unit Since he’s mother less child and I’m very busy with my work, I couldn’t focus on him, but I wish […]

CASA Safety Video – Travelling safely with lithium batteries

NARRATOR: Batteries are everywhere. They’re a part of everyday life. However, the energy stored inside batteries can make them dangerous. Don’t endanger yourself and fellow passengers by packing batteries incorrectly. -Good morning, sir. How are you? -I’m well, thanks. -How are you doing? -Good. -Where are you off to today? -Heading to Melbourne today. -Do you have anything […]

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