The Future of Farming

Over the next two decades, a technological wave will revolutionize the efficiency of farms all over the world. It can’t come soon enough. By the year 2050 the human population will be nearly 10 billion—which means we’ll need to have doubled the amount of food we now produce. This is an examination of the agricultural innovations coming down […]

Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Full Length)

[MUSIC PLAYING] AGAFIA LYKOV: [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] JOHN MARTIN: Agafia Lykov is one of Russia’s Old Believers, an ultra-orthodox sect of Christianity that still exists in small communities around the world today. Fearing oppression and death at the hands of Stalin, Agafia’s father Karp fled with his family into the Sayan Mountains of Siberia in 1936. Agafia was born […]


– Check it out, guys. It’s Trevor James. We are in Amritsar, North India, at the Golden Temple, the world’s largest Sikh temple. It’s absolutely stunning, made of gold. And here, it also has the world’s largest community kitchen, and that’s what we came for. It is just breathtaking. I can’t believe we’re here. We’re gonna go check […]

MUNCHIES Presents: The Home of Hot Sauce with Matty Matheson

Sponsored by: I’m Matty Matheson and I’m here on Avery Island in Louisiana. Chili pepper fields. Why am I here? Let me tell you why. Spicy food is getting very popular nowadays. A whole store just on hot sauce. Everyone wants hot sauce, spice up your life. We came down to Louisiana to the breeding ground… of one […]

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

facts first presents most dangerous tourist destinations in the world number one the Danakil desert Eritrea the dimensional desert is a brutal destination that attracts hordes of thrill-seekers the area welcomes visitors with temperatures they reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius it’s also home to a number of fuming geysers that emit toxic gases […]