Who owns Berlin? “F*** off Google” (trailer)

To speculate with our destinies. with our houses, with our lives… There is someone buying this house to speculate with us, A-Anti-Anti-Capitalista! Our attempt is to highlight this whole capitalist shit. and to achieve something for them. We fight together with the people affected they are looking at everybody. Well it’s the same with Google this is what […]

Amazing Vehicles That Will Take You To Another Level ▶9

The Quadski ushers in a new era of thrilling, go-anywhere recreation. You no longer have to choose between trail and water, opening up opportunities to explore like never before. Climb on, feel the freedom and leave the boundaries behind! A true amphibian, the Quadski is equally agile on land and water. A simple touch of a switch retracts […]

Troy Glover – Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canada. More than 530 Canadians are diagnosed with this disease each day. For people living with cancer finding places of support is crucial to their recovery. My name is Troy Glover, and I’m a researcher in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies. My research focuses on the therapeutic value […]

What is dyslexia? – Kelli Sandman-Hurley

Take a moment to read the following. How was that? Frustrating? Slow? What were those sentences about? They’re actually a simulation of the experience of dyslexia, designed to make you decode each word. Those with dyslexia experience that laborious pace every time they read. When most people think of dyslexia, they think of seeing letters and words backwards, […]


– [Reacher] From micro to mini campers and maybe just a bit bigger. Sometimes, it’s the lack of size that matters. This is Reacher and here are 10 mini campers and camper vans for those summer getaways. (bouncy, bass thumping beat) – [Cassie] Number 10. (exciting paino music) – [Reacher] The days of needing a big vehicle to […]

2 creative Imagination Life Hacks | DIY Plastic Materials and Broken Mug Life Hacks

Cutting Bottle cover with sharp cutter Making holes in the centre after heating the hook. Making holes in the centre after heating the hook. Align with paper scale, mark with pencil and cut with sharp cutter as you wish. Align with paper scale, mark with pencil and cut with sharp cutter as you wish. Align with paper scale, […]

Growing Partnerships and Conserving The Land

Hello, my name is Graylen Hall. I’m a district conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service working in Dooly county, which is located in southwest Georgia. I’d like to emphasize that NRCS is not a regulatory agency. We are an agency of technical assistance where we come out and assist the landowner in developing a conservation plan. Each […]

Visit North Fork Payette River, Cascade and Warm Lake Recreation Area in Idaho

Today we will be traveling north from Boise, Idaho along Highway 55 to the town of Cascade. Our 75-mile drive to Cascade takes approximately 2 hours, first traveling along grassy slopes and then through a scenic river canyon. At the north end of Cascade, we will take Highway 22 a little over 20 miles northeast to Warm Lake […]

Recreation Management Program at AHC 60s B.mov

My immediate career goal is to get an Associate in Recreation Management. I’ll get training here to teach me how to effectively run and manage a gym. I chose the Recreation Management Program here because I mean every day there’s something different, every week there’s something different. I like the experience of working with kids that are young […]

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