FORTNITE SHIELD POTION DIY | Cooking with Marshmello

What’s going on guys I’m Ninja and you’re watching-AHH STATIC Cooking with Marshmello. Enjoying the new season of Fortnite Mello?(yes) Well, just wait until you hear what we’ve got planned for today (WHAT?!) We’ll be making a Fortnite shield potion. Let’s get started (Yeah making a useless potion in real life) For today’s recipe we’ll need Ice cream […]

A Super Fun Detour & Hangout With Lady-Friend in Phoenix

yep same old pricks here in Arizona what’s going on everybody that’s right we got saguaro cactus here don’t get triggered but uh I’ve taken a little detour about a hundred and forty miles south of route 66 here we are in Mesa Phoenix area of Arizona I’m utilizing another one of my thousand trails benefits here at […]

How Safe Is Air Travel?

Unless you’ve avoided television and the Internet entirely over the past few years, it has been almost impossible not to be aware of the recent dramatic and tragic airplane crashes. It’s enough to make even seasoned travelers wonder if flying is getting steadily less safe. Although the past few years have featured a few high-profile crashes, if you […]