So you’re going to Dublin, are you? Well that’s just grand. You’re in luck. You found the right place. We’re Marko and Alex. You’re watching Vagabrothers, and these are our top ten tips to doing Dublin like a local. I don’t know why I just did that. That’s so lame. Hey. Number 1: the Guinness Storehouse. Now, we […]

Storm Surge Like You’ve Never Experienced it Before

Extremely dangerous hurricane Florence continues to close in on the southeastern United States and it will carry with it significant storm surge and life-threatening inundation Let’s look at these maps for example created by the National Hurricane Center to give us almost a block-by-block Assessment of how much water lies you can expect above normally dry ground this […]

The Magic of Making Sound

(soft whimsical music) (quiet pattering) – [Narrator] In Hollywood, everything is magic and make-believe… – [Woman] Gloves with paper clips are dog paws. – [Narrator] Even what you hear. – We are storytellers with sound. Over here we have a feather duster we use for bird– (feathers fluttering) bird wings. We bring sound into the story, and we […]

How to Find Flight Information

How to Find Flight Information. Get the up-to-the-minute updates on your flight’s status with these tips. You will need and internet access. Step 1. Consult the Air Traffic Control System Command Center at This website gives weather conditions affecting flights at all major airports. Step 2. Search internet travel sites such as Expedia and Travelocity. These give […]