Why Cities Are Where They Are

This is a Wendover Productions video made possible by Squarespace. Make your next move with a beautiful website from Squarespace. The Cumberland valley is home to six towns lying between Hagerstown, Maryland and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania— Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Newville, Carlisle, and Mecanicsburg. What’s exceptional about these small Pennsylvania towns is that they’re each almost exactly 10 miles from […]

National Liaison Committee Meeting: Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

Alright folks I figure we might as well get going. There’ll probably some stragglers as there usually is for these sorts of affairs. So for those of you that don’t know me I tried to get around and introduce myself. I’m Gary Rowe with the USGS. I’m the program coordinator for the National Water-Quality Program. I sit in […]

Recreation at Sunnyhill Restoration Area

The Sunnyhill Restoration Area is a forty-two hundred acre wetland preserve located in Marion County, east of Lake Weir and the town of Weirsdale. The St Johns River Water Management District purchased the land to restore the wetlands near the base of the Ocklawaha River. Water control structures manage the water levels, which help to improve wildlife habitats […]

How To Catch BIGGEST Lake Michigan Perch Fishing Fish Instruction Video Demonstration

We’re out here Lake Michigan its April 29 in the Perch are finally here good friend the Hewkinator is going to show us how exactly it is that he catches so many of these fish, so follow along, pay attention and he’s gonna show you just exactly how it’s done not only that we got Rosco P here […]

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