EXPLORING EVIA, Day 2 – Chalkida – Eria – Dirfis mountain Cinematic drone shots – Χαλκίδα

Hi babe, how was your shooting? Shooting was fine, no accident! Wow, what amazing views here Look at the trees the birds singing around Hi babe, how was your shooting? Shooting was fine, no accident! That’s great! Yeah, we flew over the river and between the trees and you see the green here’s like a jungle It’s a […]

Listening to Stone: The Art & Life of Isamu Noguchi

>>From the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.>>Anne McLean: Good evening and welcome. Tonight’s lecture by Haden Herrera, Listening to Stone: The Art and Life of Isamu Noguchi, is the kickoff event for our exciting Martha Graham at the Library Festival, a 10-day celebration of dance, music and design. And I know that many of you are already […]

“Why you should study abroad” by Roope Rannisto from Finland – EF Guest Vlog

Hi. My name is Roope. In Finnish, Roope. Today, I’m guest vlogging for EF and I’m telling you why you should study abroad. I was studying in the United… I was studying in the U.S.A! I was studying there for a while and I learned quite a lot of new things there such as the point of view […]

[INDONESIA TRAVEL SERIES] Jalan2Men 2013 – Surabaya & Madura – Episode 8

East java was very awesome man! Today I’m gonna walk down the beautiful Bromo mountain and head for metropolitan city, which was called Surabaya The second largest city in Indonesia Some says that Surabaya means Sura=shark. And Boyo=crocodile The city itself was awesome, besides they were so artistic But there’s local folks riding bicycle like a hipster On […]

Riding and Rating a Downhill MTB Park – Mountain Creek in New Jersey

Bike park is a place where you’ll most certainly be spending money you gas to get there probably pay for tolls and parking and maybe even rent a bike At the very least you’ll be buying lift tickets to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth you can read reviews on a bike park before visiting and often times […]

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