(silence) (photo flash) (silence) ♪ It’s hard to imagine the history of the last two centuries without photographs. It’s through the photographer’s lens, we’re able to see another time. Another place. At the turn of the twentieth century, three very different photographers worked and lived in the Inland Northwest: Charles A. Libby. Frank S. Matsura. And Frank Palmer. […]

Travel With Chatura | යුද්ධ හමුදා මුලස්ථානයේ පළමු සංචාරය (Vlog 215) [EN Sub]

Earlier, we travelled to see how Lotus Tower was constructed and how Moregahakanda project was initiated. As such, when massive projects are undertaken by using public funds, it is good to pay a visit to those places. Because so many Sri Lankans live abroad and those who are living in the country get limited opportunities to see them. […]

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