Unbelievable Street Art of MEXICO CITY | CDMX Travel Vlog

Would you like to say welcome to Mexico? Welcome to Mexico Órale güey! Buenos días. Good morning. Day two. Mexico City. Right now we are in Condesa on Calle Amsterdam, and we have an amazing day planned. The whole day we’re going to be exploring Mexico City’s long history of art, but first it’s breakfast time. And there’s […]


And now a 101 lesson on Senpais “Everyone older than you like Sophomores and whatever whatever” Dad: “So I’m your guys’ Senpai?” “You’re our father” “Not family” Dad: “What?” “NOTICE ME SENPAI! Ok so good morning guys.” “We just woke up a while ago and it’s pouring rain” “We are in the Redwoods right now and we were […]

Traveling Iran Iraq Mehran Border To Ilam City Road Trip 2019

I am traveling in Iraq and Iran. In this video a Road Trip from Iraq Iran Mehran Border to Ilam City It is evening, I’m entering Iran from Iraq. The border crossing between these two countries is very easy. Tonight, I slept well in a Masjid. I paid 2.5 Million Iranian Rials for 100 Km Road Trip. Almost […]

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