Gold Coast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Australia’s Gold Coast is situated in subtropical Queensland, just an hours drive from the state capital, Brisbane. The Gold Coast is a fast-growing city of a half million people, drawn by the miles of perfect coastline, and a sun-drenched lifestyle. The central Gold Coast skyline looks like a gathering of giants wriggling their toes in the warm Pacific. […]

Worst Stereotypes About Americans When They Travel

American tourists are rude! German tourists like to hog seats. Chinese tourists only travel in packs. Visiting a foriegn country or even a different region within your own country can be fraught with cringeworthy moments. Tourists and locals often hold stereotypical beliefs about each other, which while not the full truth, often hold an element of truth. While […]

Transitioning from the Military to Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Careers

Monique served in the Air Force and wanted to get a position in event management. So she did a little research to learn how to earn her bachelor’s degree in event management. She then scheduled a meeting with her Goodwill career counselor. Monique looked into her Joint Services Transcript … … which provides college credit recommendations for military […]

Cancun Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The Mexican resort city of Cancun is situated in the Yucatan Peninsula a peninsula bathed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Once the center of the flourishing Mayan Empire, the Yucatan Peninsula is renowned for tropical forests, incredible coastlines, and its proximity to one of the world’s greatest reef systems. The ancient Mayans worshiped the sun […]

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