Ultimate Boy’s Toys: Brothers Build Super Tank And Mobile SWAT Shield

COMM: This whopping £8,000 super tank makes light work of the toughest winter terrain. COMM: Meet the Ripsaw. COMM: The all-terrain track vehicle is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Geoff Howe. MIKE: We were just kind of pushing the envelope on developing off-road capability and extreme with tractor tires and big engines and big suspension and we […]

Traveling Iran Iraq Mehran Border To Ilam City Road Trip 2019

I am traveling in Iraq and Iran. In this video a Road Trip from Iraq Iran Mehran Border to Ilam City It is evening, I’m entering Iran from Iraq. The border crossing between these two countries is very easy. Tonight, I slept well in a Masjid. I paid 2.5 Million Iranian Rials for 100 Km Road Trip. Almost […]

How Labour lost, and the hope that endures | Anywhere but Westminster

It’s raining in England. Nothing changes. This house is like a Labour nerve centre, all other such cliches, ground zero, HQ … Wow, out already. Good morning. I got a message a few days ago on various WhatsApp groups being like, ‘Milton Keynes need people, come on guys, get out of London’, and now just seen like, reams […]

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