CASA Safety Video – Travelling safely with lithium batteries

NARRATOR: Batteries are everywhere. They’re a part of everyday life. However, the energy stored inside batteries can make them dangerous. Don’t endanger yourself and fellow passengers by packing batteries incorrectly. -Good morning, sir. How are you? -I’m well, thanks. -How are you doing? -Good. -Where are you off to today? -Heading to Melbourne today. -Do you have anything […]

Worst Stereotypes About Americans When They Travel

American tourists are rude! German tourists like to hog seats. Chinese tourists only travel in packs. Visiting a foriegn country or even a different region within your own country can be fraught with cringeworthy moments. Tourists and locals often hold stereotypical beliefs about each other, which while not the full truth, often hold an element of truth. While […]

RYLA Youth Leadership Award – Rotary Outdoor Leadership Course – Outdoor Camp Abernethy Ardeonaig

Mysterious drumming music An Alan Taylor Film Crate Building Exercise RYLA, Rotary Young Leadership Award, August 2007, Abernethy Trust Ardeonaig Loch Tay Perthshire African sounding drum music in background Absailing Experience Rope Skills Survival Tent Hillwalking Experience Loud wind noise Uptempo drumming and guitar background music Gorge Walking Experience Kayaking Experience Okay, when you jump off, if you […]

HPD investigates local travel company scam

investigating a local travel company that allegedly took money for plane tickets but never delivered the tickets. The Better Business Bureau says it has received several complaints about Archipelago travel, some saying they lost tens of thousands of dollars to the company. KITV 4 found two addresses for the company, one a unit in a condo tower in […]

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