AIRPORT RULES – Barbie Pretend Play Airplane Travel | #Vacation #Adventure #MyMissAnand #ToyStar

Hey you became so intelligent Traveled alone from India to America and that also by Aeroplane Let’s surprise Dora Dora… see who is here Oh wow! you came She with you didi? Dora actually we met at airport, So thought of to come together I did not faced any difficulty while travelling Airport staff helped me a lot […]

Top 5 AMAZING DIY Slimes from Instagram!!! Oddly Satisfying ASMR Compilation

Hi everyone! So, I’ve been obsessed with Instagram slime accounts lately and think many of you know exactly what i’m talking about. 😉 I decided to re-create 5 of the most amazing Instagram slimes using a method that doesn’t require any borax, liquid starch or detergent. As always I’m using supplies that can be bought or ordered from […]

Unboxing Mars Sneakers / Обувь Джареда Лето распаковка / MARS STORE

Hello! My name is Tanya, this is my video blog, welcome! And I waited so long for this day and this moment This is a package from Mars Store, in this video we will open it, I will tell you everything and show of course I know what’s inside, you know, if you read the title of this […]