Linden Schaffer: “Living Well on the Road: Business Travel” | Talks at Google

JILLIAN: Linden Schaffer is a wellness travel expert and consultant. Early on in her fashion career, she realized the way she worked was turning her into a tightly wound ball of stress and tension, which I’m sure many of us can relate to. So before every business trip, she conducted hours of research planning her own self-care in […]

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Travel The World (For Entrepreneurs)

Hey guys my name is Matt, and I am in Chiang Mai Thailand right now the lantern festival just finished But I’m sure you’ve seen pictures before where they light the lanterns of paper lanterns and just literally Thousands of them in the sky, it was such an amazing experience which Kind of motivated me to do this […]

Camping With Friends @ Kansas Cimarron Grasslands

and good morning everybody from Kansas that’s right just inside Kansas and Elkhart Kansas I got here before Jason and Candace got here so I’m kind of scoping it out nothing going on yet this is the Cottonwood picnic area in the Cimarron recreation area Simran Kimmy run shimmer oon no idea but it’s a National Grassland area […]