A Super Fun Detour & Hangout With Lady-Friend in Phoenix

yep same old pricks here in Arizona what’s going on everybody that’s right we got saguaro cactus here don’t get triggered but uh I’ve taken a little detour about a hundred and forty miles south of route 66 here we are in Mesa Phoenix area of Arizona I’m utilizing another one of my thousand trails benefits here at […]

Las Vegas Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Las Vegas

(acapella music) – [Narrator] Yelloww Productions presents: – 10 things to know before you go to Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m Chris. This is Topher. Together, we make Yelloww Productions. We do travel guides that are fun, informative, and entertaining. And in this video, we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know before you come to this place. […]

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