Ep6. Touring Adelaide & Homebuilt Flying World Records – RV7 Flying Travel VLOG

On the last episode of our Australian Adventure We visited the beautiful Clare Valley and cycled the Riesling Trail We then flew the next leg of our journey to Adelaide and experienced one of our roughest flights so far. The train station happens to be right next to Parrafield Airport which makes getting around Adelaide really easy and […]

Northern VANCOUVER ISLAND travel vlog | Driving to PORT ALICE, BC

well guys hello good afternoon from Comox Airport here on Vancouver Island we weren’t really planning to start the video here or even come to the airport but um George has to go back home due to personal reasons there’s been a little emergency so we are one man down woman down unfortunately that we he can’t join […]

Traveling the Arctic | North Pole Travel Vlog | Vivienne Gucwa | Generator Arctic Travel Video

Right now we’re at the furthest point North that we’re going to go. We’re actually at, I think it’s, 81 latitude and we’re in Tanquary Fiord It’s maybe one of the most intensely beautiful landscapes. I keep using the terms otherworldly and that I feel like I’m on another planet but this is our planet. I think it’s […]

Northern Cyprus – The country that doesn’t exist | Travel VLOG Episode 40

Good everyone welcome to Cyprus Today we’re going to Nicosia which is the capital of Cyprus it is divided between two entities Southern Cyprus or the Republic of Cyprus, which is the EU member and An internationally recognized state and then there is the *Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the north which is not recognized and we […]

TRAVEL VLOG – Phuket : พักห้องใหญ่ วิลล่า เดอะราชา เกาะราชาใหญ่ ภูเก็ต

Get experience – Grand Pool Suite at the Racha resort, Racha Yai, Phuket CHECK-IN AREA AT HOTEL LOUNGE NEAR CHALONG PIER. WAITING FOR BOAT DEPARTURE TIME M: Hello, today Muse and Fuu will go to Racha Island. M: Picture of Racha Island, so excited. M: This is the lounge, waiting for boat departure time. TAKE THE HOTEL CAR […]

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