KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Terre`e Williams

Off- Camera: “How do you like the weather in Ohio?” Terre`e: “Compared to right now?” Off-Camera: “Yea.” Terre`e: “I’m from Texas… It’s 103º today, it was 105º yesterday Up here I heard someone say ‘oh, it’s kinda warm today,’ oh, Iook at – it’s 87 degrees – awesome. You tell me which one you would prefer.” [Laughter] Terre`e: […]

Irish Travel Industry Road Show – February 2018 – TTR

(energetic music) – I think it’s an ideal platform because you have so many suppliers all together in one room which makes it so much easier for the travel trade to go around and meet and greet all their suppliers. One stop shop, rather than each of the suppliers going into each individual agents, so it’s an ideal […]

Careers on Vacation Review: Travel Agency Owner Se’Error

Hey guys, Cyndi Williams here. I am your host from Careers on I have the most amazing guest today Se’Error Minor from Lucid Dreams Vacations Se’Error, how are you this morning? I’m doing really well, I’m doing great! I’m so glad I spent some time with you Se’Error, recently went through our Mastermind in Careers on Vacation […]