Горный Алтай. Активный отдых на природе (ACT I – горный поход и дикая природа)

Mountain Altai. introduction 2015.06.08 – 19 Altai mountains. Outdoor activities (ACT I – hiking and wildlife). Village of “Tyungur” Chalet “Vysotnik”. Start of route Glade “Tri berozy”. First night Crossing the Akkem River Akkem Lake Crossing Akkemsky glacier Clearing “Tomsk nights” Delaunay Pass Mensu Glacier “Berelsky” Saddle. Camp

Hiking Essentials and Tips – Staying Safe in the Desert – Part Two

when you come to Jordan you can bring your mobile phone – buy a local Sim card very cheaply and have an operational mobile phone before you go into the national parks go to their website and see if you can find some telephone numbers of the rangers, the tourist police always useful to have those already plugged-in […]

top 10 Strange Mysterious Places to visit in the world

Number 10 these two bizarre mystical places are like from the underworld One of them is called a hell gate the view of the flame burning in the desert is bewitching and intriguing But not many have an idea how this wonder appeared in 1971 geologists started to drill for natural gas During the drilling an accident happened […]

Traveling Iran Iraq Mehran Border To Ilam City Road Trip 2019

I am traveling in Iraq and Iran. In this video a Road Trip from Iraq Iran Mehran Border to Ilam City It is evening, I’m entering Iran from Iraq. The border crossing between these two countries is very easy. Tonight, I slept well in a Masjid. I paid 2.5 Million Iranian Rials for 100 Km Road Trip. Almost […]

Wellington Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Kia ora and welcome to Aotearoa, “The Land of the Long White Cloud”, as the native Māori people call New Zealand. The country’s North and South Island are divided by the Cook Strait. Overlooking the Strait is Wellington: the world’s southernmost capital. Trendy Wellington is dubbed the Capital of Cool. It’s as if the fresh ocean winds bring […]

Too Many People Want to Travel

The crowds around the Mona Lisa are so bad that museum workers walked out recently claiming the working conditions were too dangerous. Instagrammers created safety hazards during the poppy super-bloom in California. Historic cities inundated by tourists. Sensitive habitat destroyed. Monuments damaged. This phenomenon is known as over-tourism, and it’s affecting the planet in unprecedented ways. There’s a […]

Traveling Balochistan Pakistan Qilla Saifullah City 2019

I am Traveling in Northwest part of Balochistan In this video, Qilla Saifullah City Tour by Bus My bus is passing through the Killa Saifullah District. On N50 Dera Ismael Khan – Quetta Highway Its population is about 350,000. It is famous for its fertile Soil producing fruits and vegetables. The best production of Apple, Apricot, Tomatoes, Carrot, […]

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