Things to know BEFORE you go to BARCELONA | Travel Tips 2019

In this video, we’ll cover all you need to know before traveling to Barcelona, including where are all the major attractions, best time to visit, where to stay and for how long, how to get around the city, how much things cost, best apps to use, best views of the city and other practical information. Don’t forget to […]

30 Biggest Alaska RV Travel and Tourism Mistakes

Hello, guys from headquarters in Seward, Alaska… My name’s Ben and this is Rebecca and… Welcome to the biggest RVing and Overlanding mistakes people make when visiting our home state…Of Alaska…Yes! Before we get into the video, we do have to share a few things with you…Uhhmm…If you’re planning on coming to Alaska, be sure to check out […]


Hi and welcome to Fernweh! In the last episode we’ve arrived already in Moalboal, Philippines. We were discovering the underwater world which is fascinating and wonderful! Moalboal is famous for its unique sealife and the perfectly clear and beautiful sea Now it goes further to Oslob where the next big challenge is waiting for us. Good morning, we […]

The Ultimate Denver Travel Guide // What To Know Before You Go: Denver

– This is Denver, Colorado, known for its high elevation, beautiful mountains, Denver omelets, and possibly John Denver. But there’s way more to know about Denver and even more to do, and we’re gonna take you through it all. This is What to Know Before You Go: Denver edition. Once you get into Denver International Airport, you’re probably […]

How to use YouTube TV while traveling in the United States | US only

Did you know you can still watch YouTube TV while traveling within the United States? So if you live in LA and you travel to New York your favorite shows travel with you. In this video, I’ll show you how. One thing to keep in mind even though you can watch YouTube TV while traveling in the US […]

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