America’s Most CRAZY Hike? Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

Don’t do this unless you’re crazy… and we’re crazy Gotta fuel up for our hike today with a ho-made pie Hey everybody and welcome to Zion National Park We are here at the trailhead for Angel’s Landing. This place is called the Grotto Now we’re here in winter and the shuttles for this park are not running. So […]

A 15th Century Princess Gown Part II || Historical Sewing

Hello there and welcome back to part 2 of this 15th century adventure, in which I am attempting to recreate this gown from ‘Saint George Slaying the Dragon’ by Jost Haller, dated c 1450. If you missed part 1, you may wish to go back and give that a quick watch—unless of course you’re only interested in sleeves […]

Rick Steves: Choosing the Right Travel Gear

Hi, I’m Rick Steves. I’m really committed to helping people travel smartly. Getting the information and skills you need from a good guidebook – that’s important. And so is traveling with the right gear. Here are four kinds of carry-on-the-airplane-sized bags, all pretty much the same size – 9 by 21 by 14 inches. I really believe that […]

Samarkand | Travel to Uzbekistan’s Silk Road Treasure

You’re watching Vagabrothers, and this is Uzbekistan. I’m Alex. I’m Marko, and you are watching Vagabrothers, and this is Samarkand, jewel of the Silk Road. When you think of the great capitals of ancient civilizations, what do you think about? maybe Rome, ancient Egypt, or Cusco. But you probably don’t think of Samarkand, and yet this city is […]

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