Solo Travel vs Traveling With Friends | ZULA ChickChats | EP 81

His, his room inside right, Came out this red light. Then i was like wait wait wait, who in the world would have a red light in their room? Honestly think about it, red light looks very dubious right? Hi, I’m Rainier! Hi, I’m Mars! Hi, I’m Adria! Hi, I’m Leah! And this is ZULA ChickChats! Okay, so […]

Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 4K

I’m feeling kinda strange Feeling kinda off Don’t know what’s really going on I feel like something’s up and I can only guess the cause It doesn’t matter when, doesn’t matter where always hits when I’m unprepared I just feel like it’s something new everyday Where did I go wrong? I hate having to worry but I’m so […]