Cluventure Travel

My name is Desi Taylor, I’m a Spanish major here at Western Michigan University. I joined the Starting Gate program because it’s a really great opportunity for student entrepreneurs to grow and develop their business. They provide lots of great resources and mentorship opportunities. My company is called Cluventure Travel. We are an interactive travel game in which […]

Ben Blodgett of the Recreation Center on the Campus Climate Survey

I can see our students working on their physical fitness here, but I can’t always read their minds. I don’t know what they really think or feel, but I’d like to know because it can help me in my own job. I’m doing the survey because every voice on campus is important, including yours. So you should take […]

Dance Activity Class for Older Adults

This project, which is called Dance Activity for Older Adults, is funded by the Government of Ontario, so we come under the Healthy Communities Fund, and it is administered by the Ministry for Health Promotion and Sport. This is primarily a training program where we train dance majors from York University’s Dance Department in how to teach classes […]

Therapeutic Recreation at Center for Life Skills – Ithaca College

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s so rewarding to work with people who have different disabilities and improve their quality of life. The Center for Life Skills is a program for people in the community who have experienced stroke, and also a place for therapy students from Ithaca College to practice their skills clinically. We’re fortunate enough to work in this […]

Open house at UT’s Student Recreation Center

Weight-loss and wellness going hand-in-hand when it comes to the Take It Off Toledo! open house at the University of Toledo. Folks got a workout in and even tried their hand on a ninja course. UT also introducing their wellness programs with an open invitation to the Student Recreation Center. People want to come, they’re excited about coming, […]