Adaptive Yoga for Kids

What is Yoga? Yoga is a healthy exercise that has very popular with men, women, and even kids! It involves tough stretches and movements to help build muscle and provide relaxation. What are some of the benefits of yoga? One is the balance of body and mind, two concentration and focus, three breathing awareness, and four self-confidence and […]

EP 2 インスピレーション | Re:SET

The first phrase “bathed in a sea of magma…” refers to the eruption of Satsuma-Iojima and how Yakushima once got drowned… and started from scratch. From there, Yakushima flourished and became a Natural World Heritage. It’s amazing. [Shigeo Horie, photographer/nature guide] These flowers have a sweet fragrance when they blossom. [Western Laurel Forests] We’re going to the World […]

Jaisalmer City Guide | India Travel Video in Rajasthan

After an 18 hour overnight train ride from Delhi, we finally reached Jaisalmer (जैसलमेर), a city of yellow sandstone that lies in the middle of the Thar Desert (लाइक,कमेंट व सब्सक्राइब करे). This proved to be my favourite stop of our month long adventure in India; now let me take you on a tour and show you why. […]

Travel to French Polynesia (Bora Bora, Mo’orea, and Tahiti) with Nicole Isaacs |

‘Ia ora na! I’m Nicole Isaacs and I am in French Polynesia. I will be exploring the islands of Bora Bora, Mo’orea, and Tahiti, but before we get started, make sure you like and subscribe to Jetsetter’s channels to always be up to date with the latest travel trends. Now let’s go have some fun. It’s my first […]

Long Lens Landscape Photography: Stay Focused with Doug McKinlay

Hi I’m Doug McKinlay and you’re watching AdoramaTV. AdoramaTV presents ‘Stay Focused’ with Doug McKinlay. In today’s segment, we’re going to look at landscapes, but with a twist. Now, it’s often said the best landscape lenses are the wide angles, 21 or 24 or 35mm, and by and large, this is true, but by dismissing all other focal […]

How to travel Iceland: 14 Iceland Travel Tips (Circling Iceland Ep.05)

– Hello, guys! Our road trip in Iceland just ended and we thought we’d make a little video to tell you more about how to travel Iceland with the most common questions which come up when you prepare for a trip which we also had before we were prepared for our trip. (upbeat music) (relaxing electronic music) – […]

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