Columbine – The Big Picture (Part 1)

[TUNING RADIO] “…school in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Another school shooting in the United States, this one the worst yet. It appears 25 people are dead including two students suspected to have been the gunmen. Witnesses say at least two young men, perhaps three, walked into the school armed with guns and explosives, and opened fire. Police […]

Paul Rudd REALLY Loves Ants | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

– [Laura] This week, New York city bans the sale of foie gras, Ant-Man star, Paul Rudd, explains why he’s kind to insects, and California’s oldest dairy farmer switches to almond groves. All this and more on LIVEKINDLY’s weekly vegan news. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in the bottom […]

How To Pack Carry-On Luggage (With A Pro) | Life Kit Travel | NPR

Are we going to be able to get everything into this bag? Yea. I’m — this is already looking a little daunting. You feel good? I feel great. Okay. Um, do I feel great, Freddie? What’s the construction? Hey, I’m Elise Hu, host of NPR’s Life Kit Guide to Travel. We’re going to actually show you some of […]

Credit Card Concierge Service | Underrated Benefit That’s Useful for Both Travel & Daily Life

I am ashamed to admit that I’ve had the Chase Sapphire Reserve for over three years but have never used one of it’s listed benefits — the concierge service. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I got a chance to try it out and see how well it works. Hey, how’s it going everyone? It’s Ernest […]

Aliens under the Ice – Life on Rogue Planets

Rogue planets are planets that travel through the universe alone. They inhabit the dark and vast space between the stars. Drifting alone through eternal darkness, no light warms their surfaces, and they’re exposed to the freezing cold of outer space. They know no seasons, no days, and no nights, which could give away the passing of time. And […]

Arc’teryx Presents – Who We Are: A Design Company

So how would you describe the product development and design process? Obsessive. [MUSIC PLAYING] For us, what Arc’teryx is about is that meticulous attention to what drives performance. It’s the commitment to a vision of what a product’s supposed to do and the unwillingness to compromise that against anything else, so this ability to focus singularly on what […]

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