Dropshot vs Carolina – What Works Best for Perch? (Challenge) | Team Galant

Hello fishermen! It’s a cold day in Autumn and we’ll see what works best during hard conditions, dropshot … or carolina rig. Don’t know how big it is but it feels heavy. Releasing this mini-pig. Hooked up with a big as well! Let’s head upstreams. It’s Autumn and quite cold in the water. Today we’ll be fishing for […]

Tiveden National Park Sweden – Wild Camping and Horse Trails

Hi guys and welcome to our first video of the Scandinavian roadtrip footage and in this episode we tell you about Swedish Tiveden National Park and why to put it on your bucket list and what to expect when you are there. Tiveden national park is located between two big lakes inside the park you can find a […]

Flight Deal ALERT! Using Google Flights to Travel for Less | Cheap flights to Europe Scandanavia

hi everyone so I wanted to do a quick vlog today about how we get our flight deals so I know a lot of people want to do international travel but usually the flight cost like could be up to a thousand dollars or even more and that prevents a lot of people who want to travel from […]

How to fix travel | Doug Lansky | TEDxStockholm

Translator: Annika Bidner Reviewer: Mile Živković Travel has gone from this — brave, uncharted, unique and authentic destinations to this — (Laughter) — safe mass market destinations and big business. And by big business, I mean 1.4 trillion dollars last year, in international travel alone. OK, it’s making money. But let me ask this: are we making travel […]