Super Mario Maker 2 – Trailer Analysis and Speculation!

Ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. Super Mario Maker 2 has finally been announced. Hooray! But not only has the game finally been announced but the short trailer we’ve seen so far looks fantastic and incredibly interesting. So what I want to do today, is to take a look at the trailer, share some of my thoughts, discuss […]

Undertales Combat System Recreated in Super Mario Maker.

So I love undertales combat system! I love how surprising the different encounters are, I love how much humor and charm is packed into it, I love that there are multiple solutions for every fight, I love the small mini games that break the usually so stale turn based combat, I love the jokes. It’s just wonderfully done! […]

Logic Gates, Computer Logic and Calculators in Super Mario Maker !

Hello you lovely mario maker person, my name is Ceave and welcome back. Today we are going to do something slightly different. Recently I was wondering if it is possible to build logic gates in super mario maker, and as it turns out it is. Logic gates are some of the most basic building parts of computers, and […]

Recreating Super Mario Maker Items in Super Mario Maker.

Mario Maker is an amazing tool. While the game may appear to be pretty simple at first glance, it is possible to build insane contraptions. The game allows for gigantic monsters, for crazy gameplay twists, for randomized levels, for really complicated ways to trigger p-switches and for so much more. Usually we are taking a look at new […]

Is it Possible to Recreate Super Mario Maker 2 Features in Super Mario Maker?

So Mario Maker 2 for the nintendo switch is just a couple of months away from being released, and at first glance it looks like the sequel will add many new and awesome things that aren’t in the first game. Custom autoscrolling, fire bros, two state blocks, snake blocks and slopes are just a couple of examples of […]

How to recreate Pokemons Battle System in Super Mario Maker!

I love Mario Maker and Mario games, but sometimes when I play Mario Maker I really wish that I was playing pokemon instead, but whenever I play pokemon I suddenly want to play Mario Maker. That is a real problem! I believed that this is a problem without a solution. But since Turn based combat won the official […]