How To Catch BIGGEST Lake Michigan Perch Fishing Fish Instruction Video Demonstration

We’re out here Lake Michigan its April 29 in the Perch are finally here good friend the Hewkinator is going to show us how exactly it is that he catches so many of these fish, so follow along, pay attention and he’s gonna show you just exactly how it’s done not only that we got Rosco P here […]

Sesame Street Explores National Parks: Gateway National Recreation Area — Seasons

Sesame Street Explores National Parks. [SINGING] We are park rangers, we take care of the parks. We look at rocks and animals, investigate tree bark. Observe butterflies that flutter, look for fireflies that float, we are park rangers and we explore the park. Yeah! Wanna play park ranger with Elmo and Murray? Great! Come on! Come on! Ooh. […]

Colombia Moda Fashion Week in Medellin | Let’s Roam Colombia with Avianca

Colombian artist, Fernando Botero was born here in Medellin. And his vuluptuous sculptures were intended to inspire women to embrace their natural curves. And while beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, most women here don’t look like Botero’s vision. Especially on the catwalk of Colombia Moda, one of South America’s most important fashion weeks. Travel […]

TURKEY: Evliya Çelebi Way

World without Visas Around the world with Valery Shanin The Evliya Chelebi’s trail hike became a new stage in the “World without Visas” project. Valery Shanin travels only around the visa-free countries for Russians. His fellow companions on this trip are Oleg, Tanya and Mischa Rybkin from Novosibirsk Oleg Shestakov from Yegoryevsk Galya Fileva from Voronezh Denis Rozhkov […]