RYLA Youth Leadership Award – Rotary Outdoor Leadership Course – Outdoor Camp Abernethy Ardeonaig

Mysterious drumming music An Alan Taylor Film Crate Building Exercise RYLA, Rotary Young Leadership Award, August 2007, Abernethy Trust Ardeonaig Loch Tay Perthshire African sounding drum music in background Absailing Experience Rope Skills Survival Tent Hillwalking Experience Loud wind noise Uptempo drumming and guitar background music Gorge Walking Experience Kayaking Experience Okay, when you jump off, if you […]

Forecast Ski Magazine’s True North BC – Episode 1: Smithers & Hankin-Evelyn

[MUSIC PLAYING] The last couple of weeks, popped in a few vehicles and drove 15 hours north to northern British Columbia. It was just an awesome opportunity to get to see a bunch of new areas of my home province that I haven’t had a chance to but have heard about for years. The crew on this trip […]

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