Forecast Ski Magazine’s True North BC – Episode 1: Smithers & Hankin-Evelyn

[MUSIC PLAYING] The last couple of weeks, popped in a few vehicles and drove 15 hours north to northern British Columbia. It was just an awesome opportunity to get to see a bunch of new areas of my home province that I haven’t had a chance to but have heard about for years. The crew on this trip […]

Ski & Snowboard Park Contest – Red Bull Innsnowation 2013 Italy

Red Bull Innsnowation is a competition tour. Its motto is: design it, build it, ride it. Today is the final day! Today is the last step of the tour, here in Val Senales. This tour brought us to Chiesa Val Malenco’s Palù park, to trentino at the Monte Bondone and now we’re in the Alps at Val Senales. […]

Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, and Other Recreational Protective Service Worker Career Video

Swimming at the beach or a pool, hitting the slopes at a ski resort, it’s all for fun and fitness. But when an accident happens, or someone needs help, lifeguards and ski patrols come to the rescue. These recreational protective service workers monitor swimming and ski areas to aid and protect the public. Lifeguards and ski patrols look […]

Accessible Adventures: Winter Recreation across the Northwest Region

Hi, I’m John Williams. This Accessible Adventure in the Pacific Northwest is all about Winter Fun! Whether you enjoy the snow from inside a warm cozy Northwest ski lodge or you get right out into the powder and I know you might be thinking really snow accessible? We’ll visit several accessible Northwest ski areas and we’ll meet up […]