Whale Strike!! What if you HIT A WHALE with a Sail boat? (Tips from the Pros #3/P. Childress #53)

hello I’m Patrick Childress this is third in the series tips from the pros and in just a minute we’ll get with Hank Schmitt from offshore passage opportunities and see how he dealt with his whale strike the whale strike that you saw at the beginning of this video happened to my wife Rebecca and I while we’re […]

LIVING ON A SAILBOAT is NOT Easy. We SAIL from Ibiza to Mainland Spain

The Balearic Islands. Resting in the western part of the Mediterranean. The plan. Sail from Barcelona Spain to Majorca and onward to Ibiza. Many boaters would certainly agree that one of the most character building situations in recreational boating… We got issues. We might have just ran aground. This video is sponsored by Google Chromebook. Click the link […]