Hey guys, welcome to my channel Guess where I am I’m in Moscow. This video will be about top 5 things you don’t know about Russia but you totally should know them if you want to come here or if you’re planning your trip just random facts you wouldn’t find on wikipedia or other sources when you googling […]

Surviving in the Siberian Wilderness for 70 Years (Full Length)

[MUSIC PLAYING] AGAFIA LYKOV: [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] JOHN MARTIN: Agafia Lykov is one of Russia’s Old Believers, an ultra-orthodox sect of Christianity that still exists in small communities around the world today. Fearing oppression and death at the hands of Stalin, Agafia’s father Karp fled with his family into the Sayan Mountains of Siberia in 1936. Agafia was born […]

Курьер (драма, реж. Карен Шахназаров, 1986 г.)

A Mosfilm Studios production The Gagarin Regional District Court of Moscow has studied Civil Case No.2. 688/6: Lidia Miroshnikova vs. Fyodor Miroshnikov. The aforementioned parties were married in 1967 and have one child, Ivan born in 1969. The plaintiff requests the Court to dissolve the marriage on the grounds that her husband loves another woman. The defendant does […]

ابحث عن اجمل فنادق وارخصها في العالم Compare & Save on Cheap Hotel Deals

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