Top 10 Hilarious Parks and Recreation Running Gags

We are lit-erally laughing ourselves to death, welcome to Ms. Mojo and today We’re counting down our picks for the top ten Parks and Recreation running gags Why do you come here at dinnertime and get takeout from the legendary JJ’s diner? It’s not for me These waffles make great dog laxatives. Before we begin we publish new […]

The Cones of Dunshire – Parks and Recreation (Episode Highlight)

-Are you ready? -Yes! -No, babe. Are you ready? -Yes? -I got fired from running the Sweetums Foundation. -Thanks to me. Sorry, again. -Hey, blessing in disguise. I took a job at this accounting firm. They’ve tried to hire me three times. I finally gave in. But I had a week off in between jobs, and I’ve been […]

Ron Swanson Pulls Out His Tooth – Parks and Recreation (Episode Highlight)

-So, while they repaint the lines in the parking lot, we’re asking everyone to do street parking. -I’m not street-parking my Mercedes. -Well, everyone is. I’m doing it. -‘Cause nobody wants to steal a Saturn. -Alright, uh, moving on to recycling. -[ Groans ] -You okay, Ron? -Just a little tooth pain. I’m fine. Continue. -Okay. Each department […]

‘Parks and Recreation’: A Revival Could Only Happen for This Single Reason | THR News

“You ever found a dead body in the trash? Or body parts? Like a torso or a head? Please say head.” If you’re anything like me you’ve been mourning the end of ‘Parks and Recreation’ ever since it wrapped in 2015 and maybe you’ve even been keeping an effigy of April Ludgate in your living room and worshipping […]

NBC Parks and Recreation in 3 Minutes! | (Parks and Rec Summary)

– [Narrator] This is the story of Parks and Recreation in three minutes. Let’s begin, or should I say, treat yo’ self to three minutes of friends, waffles, and work. Leslie Knope, deputy director of Parks and Recreation, lives to make a difference in Pawnee, Indiana. Ann Perkins demands the pit behind her house to be filled in, […]