Traveling Iran Iraq Mehran Border To Ilam City Road Trip 2019

I am traveling in Iraq and Iran. In this video a Road Trip from Iraq Iran Mehran Border to Ilam City It is evening, I’m entering Iran from Iraq. The border crossing between these two countries is very easy. Tonight, I slept well in a Masjid. I paid 2.5 Million Iranian Rials for 100 Km Road Trip. Almost […]

Traveling Balochistan Pakistan Qilla Saifullah City 2019

I am Traveling in Northwest part of Balochistan In this video, Qilla Saifullah City Tour by Bus My bus is passing through the Killa Saifullah District. On N50 Dera Ismael Khan – Quetta Highway Its population is about 350,000. It is famous for its fertile Soil producing fruits and vegetables. The best production of Apple, Apricot, Tomatoes, Carrot, […]

Recreational Trail Preventive Maintenance – Mn/DOT and LRRB Research Project

JAKE: Hey, this is Jake Akervik. I’m the Communication Coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) Research Services. I’m here with Tom Wood. He’s a Research Project Supervisor with the Mn/DOT Office of Materials and Road Research. And we’re here today to talk about a project and topic: Preventive Trail Maintenance. Tom, you want to talk a […]

RV Trip Wizard Review – Best RV Trip Planner App to Create Google Maps RV Routes

Hi this is Taylor Banks from and I want to take just a couple of minutes to do an RV Trip Wizard review and show you some of the things I like best about RV Trip Wizard as well as some of the things I like least about RV Trip Wizard. In one case, one feature actually […]

Jhandi Kagey Jhusing – Wide Screen – Part 3 | NJP Station to Damdim Journey via Gajoldoba Odlabari

At New Jalpaiguri Station Moving out of the town area On Sahudangi Road On Gajoldoba Road The Teesta Canal This is the month of December The water in the canal is green and it looks beautiful The road seems newly built Or may be well maintained We are having a smooth ride We have reached Gajoldoba Gajoldoba is […]