Traveling Balochistan Pakistan Qilla Saifullah City 2019

I am Traveling in Northwest part of Balochistan In this video, Qilla Saifullah City Tour by Bus My bus is passing through the Killa Saifullah District. On N50 Dera Ismael Khan – Quetta Highway Its population is about 350,000. It is famous for its fertile Soil producing fruits and vegetables. The best production of Apple, Apricot, Tomatoes, Carrot, […]

Building momentum and fighting resistance ~ Innsbruck, Austria

Hello everyone, hello from Innsbruck, in Austria We got here… gosh, almost 3 days ago already I haven’t left the apartment much since then, to be honest And sure, there are good reasons why I haven’t I had a lot of things to catch up on Also, it’s nice to have a break from so much driving, after […]

Hiking through a Lava Tube – Craters of the Moon National Monument – Arco, Idaho

So underneath the ground here the ground was shifting and lava came up and caused all these balsa rocks to come up. When molten lava advances into a forest trees are engulfed in a river of molten rock The trees burn releasing stored water as a stream the stream cools the lava enough to leave an impression of […]

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