Top 10: Best Portable Power Stations of 2019 / Best Portable Solar Generators, Backup Power Supply

strong reliable portable power is a must for your upcoming vacations travel and outdoor activities the aim top 300 watt portable power station is the solution for your remote power needs for virtually all of your devices and appliances it’s easy to use and recharge and requires no maintenance and no gasoline it’s perfect to carry in your […]

Real Possibilities For Interstellar Travel!

From special kinds of engines to new technologies that’ll literally warp us across the galaxy, join me as I show you some real potential interstellar travel possibilities. 7. How To Define Interstellar Travel You might think that the term “interstellar travel” means a lot of different things depending on your views of space and the various TV shows […]

Duracell 12V Power Accessories – Power Inverter – DRINVP150 Review –

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at part number DRIMVP150 This is the Duracell pocket-sized power inverter It’s going to provide an AC and USB outlet The unit simply plugs into your vehicle’s power outlet, and then it’s going to provide household power from inside your vehicle The unit is ideal for travel, emergency power, and […]

Value of the River – Flood Control, Irrigation, Navigation & Recreation

Doug Johnson, Public Affairs Specialist, Bonneville Power Administration: Iím Doug Johnson. Today Iím at Grand Coulee Dam, the nationís largest dam on Americaís fourth-largest river, the Columbia River. Now thereís a reason this damís a big dam ó thereís a lot of water behind it that we can use to produce valuable hydroelectricity, but we also need it […]