DISCOVERY BAY HONG KONG FULL TOUR (ULTRA HD 4K) | LANTAU ISLAND | 愉景灣 Subscribe Today ————————————–>We start at the DB Plaza and end at DB North Plaza You will see DB Plaza, Tai Pak Beach, Auberge Hotel, The White Chapel, D Deck, Epicland and more… You will see the residential buildings The bus stops, and where the golf carts can park Discovery Bay does not allow private cars Residents take […]

‘Parks and Recreation’: A Revival Could Only Happen for This Single Reason | THR News

“You ever found a dead body in the trash? Or body parts? Like a torso or a head? Please say head.” If you’re anything like me you’ve been mourning the end of ‘Parks and Recreation’ ever since it wrapped in 2015 and maybe you’ve even been keeping an effigy of April Ludgate in your living room and worshipping […]