The Van Allen Belts Are Lethal, This Is How Astronauts Fly Through Them

There’s an invisible, magnetic force field surrounding our planet, protecting us from harmful solar wind that could annihilate Earth. But, this protective blanket is also a swirling ring full of deadly radiation. And to leave Earth’s atmosphere, astronauts have to pass through it. The Van Allen belts are rings of energetically charged particles that have been captured by […]

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

facts first presents most dangerous tourist destinations in the world number one the Danakil desert Eritrea the dimensional desert is a brutal destination that attracts hordes of thrill-seekers the area welcomes visitors with temperatures they reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius it’s also home to a number of fuming geysers that emit toxic gases […]

NASA Technology

Innovation and technology has been required to enable exploration and pioneering throughout the history of the human race and there are challenges cast in three different categories.Our challenge is: we have to get there, we have to land there and we have to live. There is a large logistical challenge in staging the systems we need in orbit […]

What Would You See If You Fell Into Neptune? (4K UHD)

The eighth and most distant planet in the solar system Neptune is a mysterious dark world Because of its colossal distance from the Sun it has only ever been visited by the Voyager 2 spacecraft Back in 1989 which captured the first close-up images of the Neptunian system The planet’s atmosphere is mostly made up of hydrogen and […]

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5 “Impossible” Things That Can Happen On Other Planets

There are some things that are just not possible on our planet. It would certainly be understandable that you would think that if it’s impossible here on Earth, then it would be impossible everywhere else in the universe. But that’s simply not the case. And the universe is far stranger than any of us can actually believe. Let’s […]