New Destination For Photography & Sample photos – 4 Photographers Seascape Photography & Shipwrecks

hey guys what’s up I have some friends who are shooting the abandoned ship on the beach so they called me to join them I’ll be joining them I might not take that much shots I would just use my vlogging camera I will take few shots and we’ll see what shooting technique are they using how they’re […]

Keep things SIMPLE to IMPROVE your photography | Fuji XT2 challenge

just doesn’t get any better than this so this week come back in the late district and I’m quite excited about this really I’ve got a challenge that I set up with a photographer Steven Hanna you’ve probably seen his YouTube channel and his photos on the Irish coastline are really amazing and I think he’s just recently […]

Photography Tips – Bokeh Photography Tutorial – Kingston indieHACK EP 5

Hi I’m Khail Anonymous and welcome to another episode of Kingston’s Indie Hack. On today’s episode of indie hack we’re going to be introducing you to a very cool photographic technique called bokeh. So, what is bokeh? The term comes from the Japanese word bokeh which means blur. In photography it is the aesthetic of keeping part of […]

HOW TO MAKE A TRAVEL VLOG – Camiguin Island Vlogging TIPS

– Camiguin Island, a small archipelago surrounded by cerulean blue waters, perfect white sand beaches, and seven very characteristic volcanoes. Hmmmm. Did I mention one of them is still active? Oh good heavens me! The lands are fertile and the sunsets are said to be magical but what else does this island have in store you may ask. […]

Landscape Photography | Conquering the Camera Settings

Hello and here we are again ready to shoot some landscape photography in today’s video what I thought I would do is spend this video talking a little bit more about landscape photography settings it’s something a lot of you asked me about a lot so today I will show you my process. Also today’s episode is sponsored […]

ICELAND TRAVEL GUIDE for first-timers! Travel Budget Tips!

It’s 2019 and you have a very long travel bucket list and on the top might be Iceland and if you’re a millennial it’s so hard to escape all the Iceland photos it’s this beautiful natural landscape you see pictures of the Blue Lagoon and all these waterfalls and you’re itching to go hey guys it’s your girl […]